Zeny Plasma Cutter Review — Everything you need to know!

After years of struggle with cutting metals at home, I have finally decided to give plasma cutters a shot. I searched far and beyond on the Internet, asked my friends, and read a lot of reviews, and zeroed in on the ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter.

Bear with me and keep reading these zeny plasma cutter reviews, to know why I was thoroughly intrigued by what I researched, and you will want to ride the same wagon as me. Let’s dive right in.

zeny plasma cutter review

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Who Should Use This Product?

As welders, it is vital to invest in a deal that you know will serve you long-term with high efficiency. The zeny plasma cutter made the cut because of its high efficiency, energy-saving feature, compact design, and wide range of applications.

But let’s take a deeper look into its features and see if it’s the perfect match for you too. This appliance suits best in industrial areas, but it also shows remarkable results in DIY-based projects. With DC connectivity and an air compressor, the machine can cut through metals within a range of 1 to 12 mm thickness.

Another bonus is how lightweight the machine is, only weighing 24.4 pounds; it also makes portability easier for users. Fact: If you’re someone who’s on a constant move with your plasma cutter, this will be very handy.

On the brighter side, this zeny plasma cutter will smoothly run on multiple voltages within the range of 110V-120V. It is highly convenient for those of you who are looking for multiple volt outlets as you must be keen on portability too.

It will also provide power-saving options whilst maintaining high efficiency and will serve your limited budget too. The utilization of the inverter further optimizes the stability, power switches, energy consumption, and matureit. If all of these features sound like your cup of tea, and you’re as impressed as I was with the other zeny plasma cutter reviews I’ve read, then you’re hooked.

What You Should Know About The Zeny Plasma Cutter

The goodness of this plasma cutter doesn’t stop here. There are many more features that you must know if you’re considering getting your hands on these.

  • Energy-saving up to 50%
  • Inverter switch power
  • Lightweight, 24.4 pounds
  • Increase in efficiency by 30%
  • 110 or 120V, 60Hz power
  • DC output
  • LCD display
  • Built-in over-heat protection
  • Pilot arc strike system
  • 60% duty cycle, F-class insulation, IP21S – protection class

Let’s talk a little about its energy-saving and maximized efficiency properties.

Fact: The reason that these two properties are effective is because of the inverter technical switch power, which stabilizes and matures it hugely minimizes the weight and dimension of the transformer, which leads to 50% energy save-up and 30% increase in inefficiency.

I also have to talk about the cooling system – thanks to the torch feature. It doesn’t only make cuts endurable but also restricts the plasma cutter from over-heating.

My First Impressions of the Zeny Plasma Cutter

Initially, right after the product arrived, I was thrilled at how monstrous and lightweight it looked and felt. Needless to say that I was thoroughly impressed by its smooth-cutting capabilities.

I’ve spent hours at a stretch with this plasma cutter resulting in finer cuts on various metals and a satisfactory service throughout.

Here’s a side note for those of you looking for ‘all things premium’ – the torch, clamp, cable, and torch lead are relatively cheaply made with no particular premium feel to it. However, all these functions, including the rest, works perfectly fine so, it didn’t bother that I plunged on this zeny plasma cutter.

Fact: I have used it religiously for a couple of weeks now, with no obstruction in operation, cleaner cuts in metals, and no replacements were needed either.

Using the Zeny Plasma Cutter

Even though my zeny plasma cutter has been serving me well for quite some time now, it goes without saying that all machines need proper maintenance and care for it to last long. With my first use, I had seen an enormous change in the way my metals were cut. The slices were neater, leaving out less mess. 

However, after my vigorous use and thorough research, I have gained greater insight into the tiniest tips and tricks that will make your plasma cutter last longer with the lower hassle.

Pro tips: Don’t leave your machine uncovered, as it inevitably accumulates gunk, dust, and rust, leading to higher chances of wear and tear. You must always clean your plasma cutter after each use to avoid accidents and provoke smooth operation.

Zeny Plasma Cutter Alternative

Lotos CT520D 3 in 1 Welder 3 in 1


  • Automatic dual voltage / Dual frequency
  • 1/2 Inch clean cut
  • Weight:33.1 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Max Thickness: 3/4".

Testing and Performance Outcomes of the Zeny Plasma Cutter

I’m relieved to finally know and own a product that gives me the best results to date. No fluff, but earlier I had trouble transporting and getting smoother cuts on my metals. The majority of the reason was that the plasma cutter was either cheaply made or didn’t operate safely.

But with all that being said, let’s clarify a few demerits in this deal. Some parts of the machine are cheaply made, as we’ve said before; however, it doesn’t minimize the service’s quality, and that’s a pointer. Another con could be that often it misses striking the arc during operation. 

You must take into consideration that this plasma cutter will only run-on DC, so you will lack alternatives.

In retrospect, for me, these cons are ignorant as the dual voltage, compact design, and wide range of applications take the winning cup. But does it do the same for you?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Zeny and other brands of plasma cutters?

Zeny is a company that specializes in plasma cutters. They offer a variety of different models and sizes for different needs. One of the best features is their warranty.

They manufacture a wide range of plasma cutters, from hobbyist models to industrial-level cutters. The difference between Zeny and other brands of plasma cutters is the quality of the product.

Final Thoughts

So far, I’m delighted with this splurge. I’m getting back my money in the form of smooth and finely sliced metals, which is different from what I’ve experienced before. Thus, it is no surprise that this product is worth a 5/5 rating from me.

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