Yeswelder Welding Helmet Review — An Editor’s In-Depth Experience

A welding helmet without the green taint is often a rarity, but not with this welding hood from Yeswelder. With accurate color technology, the helmet offers a clear view of real colors.

This was a reason enough for me to delve deeper into the features and specifications of this hood, and the findings were rather impressive.

Who should use it and why?

The welding hood is recommended for all welders’ professionals and amateurs; alike. It can be used by welders dealing with regular Stick welds of both types (short circuit and spray) for general fabrication, maintenance, and repair work.

Yeswelder helmet

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It can be handy in automotive, manufacturing, construction, and other industrial applications with an open or large area of operation. The amateurs can be the ideal start for handling an auto-darkening hood with separate dedicated controls for each operational adjustment. 

The welding hood supports Plasma cutting and welding and MIG, TIG, and MMA welding. With three separate modes for cutting, grinding, and welding the awning is ideal for most work areas.

Product features

  • Right color viewing lens:  The advanced accurate color technology complimented by a high clarity optical lens makes for the unique viewing experience, bidding farewell to the greenish taint common to most welding hood lenses.  
  • Viewing area: The viewing area is large, measuring 3.93″ x 3.66″. Thus providing a total viewing area of approximately 14.38″ sq. in. Which is higher than most welding hoods of its class? 
  • Batteries: The unit is powered by a solar-powered lithium CR2450 battery, with a maximum of 3000 hours of operation. The automatic switching on and off of the lenses ensures that the power consumption is optimum. The helmet does not require frequent taking off owing to the exact color technology as one has real visibility even while wearing the mask. It further minimizes power consumption as one does not require making light sensitivity adjustments after each break. The unit has a LED battery level indicator, which makes for worry-free usage. 
  • Light sensors: The helmet has four highly sensitive light sensors. The auto on and off feature requires high sensitivity to lighting change in the arc for automatic switching on and off the auto-darkening feature. The auto-darkening speed of the lens is high and can be delayed. The hood has dedicated analog knobs for light sensitivity adjustments, setting up each of the three preset modes for cutting, grinding, welding, and setting up the auto-darkening delay. It also has a Reset button for negating all manual adjustments. 
  • Headgear: The headgear is light and can be adjusted for the right fit and angle at various positions. The helmet has a sweatband and has plastic fittings.  

Product technical information

  • Average battery life: 3000 hours.
  • Batteries included.
  • BBattery yype: lithium ion.
  • Power Supply: Solar cells+Lithium Battery.
  • True color view.
  • 4 Premium sensors.
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds.

YESWELDER Welding Helmet unboxing

  • Yeswelder welding helmet.
  • Adjustable Headband.
  • Manual.
  • 2x Replacement Lens.
  • 1x Replacement Battery.
  • Bag.


It’s hard for any welder not to be impressed with this fantastic blend of technology and innovation. The welding hood could have easily been at the top of my list but for the following areas:

  • Headgear lacks durability: The plastic helmet unusually lacks strength and is the first component that requires replacement. The plastic bolts do little to hold the outer case firmly for a snug fit.  
  • Faulty Angular vision: Despite the right color technology, the optical clarity scores of 1/1/1/2 do little to correct the angular diffraction. It can be a bit problematic for welds at odd angles. 
  • Not for the compact workspace: The highly sensitive light sensors are not ideal for welding in dense work areas. Due to proximity to the welding arc, the lenses might give way to flashes. This can be a real nightmare for any welder as it harms the delicate eyes and can adversely affect the weld quality and overall productivity.
  • Lacks hard hat mounts: the unit does not have a hard hat mountable and the headgear does not support any outside fitting for a hard hat mount. It can limit the usability of the hood in operational areas with mandatory hard hat requirements.

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My Final thoughts

The welding hood is the perfect blend of innovation and technology and is, without a doubt, can be an ideal choice for all welders who do not operate in compact spaces or weld at awkward angles.

A few tweaks to the original protective headgear like replacing the headgear with a more reliable and durable set can work wonders in making it the best welding helmet.

The most extensive viewing area is unmatchable despite the hypersensitive sensors, the angular optical faults, and the actual color view.

The is dedicated control knobs for light sensitivity adjustments, auto-darkening delay, three-mode presets, and a button for resetting, and the LED battery level indicator make for the best welding hood

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