YesWelder Reviews (Read Important Facts First & Buy)

In case you are in need of the best welder in the market for home or industrial use, it is important that you get the production fundamentals right. The YesWelder is specifically made for those interested in TIG welders of small size that they can easily carry to their place of work, garage or backyard. 

We watched several videos, read through reviews, and consulted experts before coming up with the best YesWelder reviews list. 

Is YesWelder a good brand and why?

YesWelder is considered by many as a top brand due to its attractive nature. It is also well built and comes with a sturdy metal case and top synergic circuitry. 

Where is it manufactured?

YesWelder is manufactured by Zhejiang Xingyi Appliance Ltd based in China.

Why should you buy their products?

It is an established brand that has gained trust across the world. Anyone will believe in the performance and quality of products.  

These products are also known to be quite affordable hence with the current economic status, most people will opt for an affordable yet high-quality welder. This is why most people tend to trust products. 

Can you weld aluminum with their welder?

Although it is not possible to use a YesWelder to help in welding aluminum, running a solid aluminum wire through a wire feed system is very possible. 

It is not advisable to purchase the YesWelder if you will be welding aluminum the first time. 

If you will be welding aluminum, then a TIG tungsten inert gas will be an excellent choice when compared to a MIG welding machine. Although the MIG machines can be used, most professionals are known to prefer TIG machines. 

How long has YesWelder been around?

YesWelder was born in 2006. However, at first third parties and middlemen were being used in supplying products. Then, there was the idea to make equipment available to many welders.

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After extensive research and analysis, here are our recommended products.

1. Best for experienced welder – Yeswelder 200AMP TIG

YESWELDER 200 is a TIG welder type you will go for whenever you want to purchase a complete unit that will meet all your welding requirements.  It is quite affordable making it an excellent option for people on tight budgets. 

YESWELDER 200 Amp HF TIG Torch/Stick/Arc TIG


  • Input: 110/220V/1phase/60Hz.
  • Output: DC 15-205 Amps.
  • Duty cycle: AC 220V/205A@60% & AC 110V/165A@60%.
  • Processes: TIG, STICK, ARC, MMA.

What are the features of the 200 Amp TIG welder?


Most people are known to prefer investing in 200 Amp HF due to its portability.  The entire welding unit weighs less than 20 pounds making it one of the lightest YesWelder products in the market. 

It comes with a durable and large handle which makes it easier to carry and handle. It measures 18.3 inches long, 13.8 inches wide and 10.7 inches tall. 


Despite its small size, yeswelder 200 is a beast. Its dual voltage potential ensures it can range from 15 amps to 200 amps while using inputs of 110V and 220V. 

Most of the brands in the market do focus on power to weld thick metals, 200 Amp HF allows for small amperage to help in welding thinnest metal sheets. 

However, 200 Amp HF welder only supports DC welding current output. Hence, it will not be in a position of welding tricky metals such as aluminum. 

Ease of Use 

The control panel of this device is a matter of perspective. Its control panel is very easy to use and simple in design. Its high frequency ensures it runs every time you start it despite feeling too simple. 

It is a perfect product for a starter who is interested in making straight cuts to the chase. The control panel comes with a key that makes it possible to switch between TIG welding and other types of processes. 

There is a single knob that helps in controlling the unit’s amperage when operating it. With this, you can view the amperage easily through its mini LCD screen.


  • Great option for people with limited budget.
  • Comes with multiple safety features.
  • Has great amperage range.
  • It is of simple yet great design. 


  • Not that durable. 
  • Control panel limits advanced users.

2. Best for beginner welders – Yeswelder mig-205ds reviews

MIG – 205DS is preferred by most welders since it is a multifunctional machine that can do MIG welding, stick welding, Flux, and TIG welding. It is a lightweight machine that is built to handle different types of welding applications. 

YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder


  • Weight: 33lb
  • Protection Class: IP21S
  • Supply Voltage: 110v/220v
  • Warranty: 1 year

What are the features of the MIG-205DS?


Yeswelder MIG-205DS is a very versatile machine as it is capable of doing Flux, stick TIG and MIG welding.  Its versatility makes it a perfect product for individuals who are not interested in purchasing different machines for different purposes. 


When you consider its price, you will not expect it to have lots of power. However, this MIG welder is capable of providing lots of power at an affordable price. 

This machine offers a duty cycle of 60% and has maximum amperage of 200 amps. 

Ease of Use 

Any welder will enjoy a great LCD display. This MIG-205DS comes with intuitive controls that can easily be accessed at the front panel. 

The machine’s Synergic control settings make it lovable by most beginners who are not familiar with manual settings. All one has to do is key in the material thickness, amperage and the voltage will automatically adjust. 

Build Quality 

When you consider the MIG – 205DS price, the build quality is really perfect. The design is compact and simple and it has an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to move around. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • It is very versatile. 
  • It is of compact design. 
  • Comes with Synergic control settings.


  • Not that durable. 
  • Comes minus some of its accessories. 

3. Best for portable welders – YesWelder CUT-55DS

YESWELDER CUT-55DS is well known for its great quality, ample power that makes it possible to cut through thick metals. 

It has quickly grown in popularity within the short time it has been in the market thanks to its easy-to-use nature and portability. 

YESWELDER CUT-55DS, 55 Amp High Frequency


  • Dual Voltage
  • Powerful 1/2" Clean Cut
  • Max Severance Thickness: 3/4"
  • Warranty: 1 year

What are the features of the CUT-55DS?


YESWELDER CUT-55DS has a maximum power output of 55 amps which makes it among the strongest cutters in the market.  

It is well known for producing clean cuts at ½ inch thickness and has a maximum severance cut of ¾ inches.  This is too much for any welder but enough for a professional welder. The machine also comes with a 60% duty cycle that makes it possible for users to work for longer hours. 

Easy to Use 

Using this CUT-55DS is quite easy. Despite having a few buttons and a wheel for its amperage settings, welders can start cutting with the machine in no time. However, its setup process is not that simple when compared to setting up an ordinary welding machine. 

Build Quality 

In case you are familiar with YesWelder products, you are definitely aware that they put lots of effort into the quality of materials they use. This CUT-55DS is no different as it is made of top-quality materials.  This makes it very sturdy and capable of cutting through thick metals. 


  • Uses a dual voltage input. 
  • Has lots of power. 
  • Very portable. 
  • Uses inverter technology. 


  • Has a small display. 
  • Quite difficult to maintain. 

4. Best for flux welding – YesWelder Flux-135 flux core

FLUX-135 will offer you a decent performance. It comes with a wide range of great features which makes it an excellent option for many people.



  • Lightweight 11 lbs,
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful - Up to 135
  • Energy-saving

What are the features of the Flux-135?


Yeswelder FLUX-135 is lightweight and small in size making it easy to carry around and use. Its portability feature makes it an excellent machine for garage, DIY, and home welding needs. It is also possible to use it for professional works although on thin materials. 


FLUX-135 has a 110V input and great amperage output of 135A maximum. Getting a welding machine with such great output and regular voltage input is not that easy. It has a duty cycle of 60%. 

Build Quality 

This FLUX-135 is made with Synergic MIG auto settings for voltage and wire speed depending on how much amperage you will choose for the output. It means the machine will automatically adjust the wire feed speed and voltage for you. 

It is an excellent welding machine for beginners as they can easily fine-tune the voltage from -5 to 5V. However, its MIG gun is in-built which forces most of its users to open and disassemble it whenever they want to make any changes. 

Easy to Use 

Yeswelder FLUX-135 uses 0.30/ 0.035 flux core wires and uses an infinite voltage and has a wire-speed feed control that enables one to dial in the right weld. 

Setting up this machine is quite easy which makes it suitable for starters. The user manual is well written making it easy to understand hence, you do not have to seek professional help when it comes to using this FLUX-135 welder. I recommended to buy welding wire from manufacturer.


  • It is a gasless welder. 
  • Lightweight making it extremely portable.
  • Quite affordable. 
  • Energy efficient.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty jobs. 
  • Not that durable. 

Buyer’s Guide: Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best YesWelder Products

There are different factors you have to consider to enable you to narrow down your options from the wide variety of YesWelder products currently available in the market. Here are some of the factors you need to put in mind.


No one will want to spend all their life savings purchasing a YesWelder. Although the costly welders are known to be durable and of high quality, it is still possible to purchase an affordable welder at an affordable price that can serve you well. 

Ensure you take your time and get a yeswelder that fits into your budget and can serve you well. 


Light duty welders have voltages ranging from 110V to 150V. These yeswelders are known to offer enough power that can efficiently weld light materials. However, the light-duty YesWelders do find it difficult to weld thick metals due to the low power input. 

There are YesWelders that run at higher voltages with some having up to 250 Volts. Such are known to produce more power and are perfect in welding thick metals. 

Duty Cycle 

The duty cycle refers to the timeout of a ten minutes cycle; the welder can work without stopping before having to be cooled down. The duty cycle is always measured in percentage. 

It is possible to manually switch the plugs depending on the amount of power available. 

Size and Weight 

Just like any other machine, are available in different sizes. There are some which are quite heavy and difficult to carry from one place to another while others are quite light and very portable. 

When you are in need of a YesWelder that you will be carrying from one place to another, then it will be wise to settle for a lightweight welder. With that, you will not have a difficult time carrying it from one working location to another. 

In case the project you will be working on is in a fixed location, purchasing a heavy welder might not be that bad. 

Safety Features 

YesWelders with a digital display are safe to operate since the user can see important information such as power output from the screen.  

When the welder sees such type of information, they will have a manageable task when welding. It also helps in ensuring the welding operation is fast and accurate. 

It is also important for a YesWelder to have safety features like thermal overload protection. This thermal overload protection helps in switching off the welder whenever there is an overheating risk. 

YesWelder vs Titanium

The Yeswelder is known to be very attractive and well-built thanks to its sturdy metal case together with synergic circuitry. However, the instructions are a bit vague hence one will be forced to use a trial and error method. 

In case you are a DIY welder or want a welding machine for doing lightweight welding jobs, then it is appropriate that you go for the Titanium welder. It is known to be very affordable and of high-quality standard when compared to most of the cheap welding machines in the market. 


There you have it! We hope these yeswelder reviews have been of great help to you. The four products above will make it extremely easy for you to get a reliable and performing from the wide variety currently available in the market.  

However, before you settle on a product, ensure that you read through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with some of the important factors to look at when shopping for the best yeswelder in the market.