Mystery Unveiled: Why Do Welders Drink Milk? Answers & Guide

Welders drink milk to protect themselves from the toxic products produced while welding. Are you wondering why do welders drink milk? and want to know more about it? Then, let’s get the answer.

It sounds funny to some people as everyone can drink milk. So, why are we emphasizing welders? Well, the work area that welders are in, are very carcinogenic. It can cause severe diseases to them by simply inhaling! They believe drinking milk will save them from diseases. You will learn the surprising connection between welders and milk.

Let’s explore more to know the details, and it is important for them.

AWS Welding Safety News indicates that welders’ eye injuries decreased to nearly seventy percent yearly between 2017 and 2018.


To prevent health problems of welders. Does milk have any protective effects?

Milk is considered one of the healthiest foods in the human diet chart. We all know the health benefits of milk. Milk can be substituted to other proteins we intake daily.

However, welders strongly believe that milk can act as a filter to separate the toxic chemicals like zinc, metal fume, etc. that are produced while galvanizing the steel.  

Is it actually true that milk will save them? Or is it a myth that they believe like the kids believe in the tooth fairy and her blessings?

That they can get calcium from the milk. Thus the consumed calcium enters the body and fills in the spaces where toxic chemicals like zinc oxides or heavy metals might enter while welding.

However, it is not completely true. You will definitely get calcium after consuming the milk, but the toxic gases or metals welders are exposed to, are inhaled and not eaten.

Milk can help you in the digestive system, but it does not matter whether you drink it before galvanizing the steel or not. The respiratory system works separately in the human body.

To prevent metal fume fever. Does milk help with welding fumes?

I hope you are familiar with the term ‘metal fume fever. If you are not, do not worry. Metal fume fever is an allergic reaction that shows if toxic fumes are inhaled into the body.

Welders work in their workplace for hours and they are always exposed to zinc. Moreover, there are other welding fumes they are exposed to. So, naturally they are more susceptible to metal fume fever.

There is no scientific evidence to support the popular belief that drinking milk helps protect welders from the harmful fumes created by welding.

In fact, a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that there was no difference in fume levels between those working in a milk-drinking environment and those who did not drink milk.

It is possible that drinking milk may help some people avoid developing asthma, but this has yet to be proven. Until more research is conducted, it is best to wear a mask when welding to protect yourself from the harmful fumes.

Undoubtedly, milk is healthy food. It is not an antidote to these toxins at all. Well, sometimes it might work but it is not because milk prevents diseases.

To avoid chronic diseases

The people who work as welders, they are always at high risk of getting respiratory attacks, pulmonary diseases, chest pain etc.

While welding, a welder will always be exposed to toxic fumes, zinc metals, and so on. And so it is best to take safety measures to save themselves.

However, when they are exposed to heavy metals like cadmium, nickel, chromium etc. it can cause other serious health issues.

One should not stick to milk solution as their medication. That’s because If drinking milk can save us from these severe issues, we never need any doctor or medicines.

Does milk help to neutralize inhaled dust and toxins?

According to the myth that welders believe, milk helps to neutralize inhaled dust and toxins. However, it does not have any scientific explanation, so the answer is no.

Milk does not have any effect against dust or toxins. Rather it can adversely affect the welders and cause more toxin absorption in the body.

What precautions should welders take instead of drinking milk?

Well, whenever any welder gets exposed to zinc or any other toxic fumes, they should take precautions before welding. A welder should always wear a respirator to avoid inhaling these metal fumes.

The workplace should have proper ventilation so that the place does not create a toxic environment for the welders.

As soon as the symptoms like- fever, chest pain, headache, fatigue are seen, a welder should immediately consult with a doctor. These are the symptoms of metal fume fever and it causes after long exposure to these hazardous metals.

Another thing welders should keep in mind is that welding helmets are a must when they are at work. Welding helmets and welding curtains can protect from inhaling any of the metals or metal oxides.


Drinking milk before welding is nothing but a myth. Nowadays, modern welders are well-known for the issue that milk does not prevent toxicity at any level. However, you know now why do welders drink milk. We need to educate the people who still believe in this myth. Remember, milk is undoubtedly a great source of all nutrients, but it can never be the solution to any severe health issue.