A red lunar view! Can I use a welding helmet to view an eclipse?

Are you excited to watch the view of the lunar eclipse?

Yes, surely it will be a stunning view when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are aligned in a straight line. But can’t afford the NASA-recommended eclipse glass?

Don’t give up so quickly.

There is a smart hack. Yes, welding glass is safe for solar viewing, but you can also Use your auto-darken welding helmet as an eclipse viewer.

You start to worry that can I use an auto-darkening welding helmet to view an eclipse as an alternative? Or can you use a welding helmet to look at the sun?

Well, yes you can.

But with a specific shade and there are some things you should maintain to use a welding helmet to view an eclipse.

Stay along.

Can I Use A Welding Helmet To View An Eclipse?

Can you watch the eclipse with a welding helmet?

It’s a question that drives you nuts, right?

I know you have a bit of confusion about the safety and worried about is it safe. Well, let’s face it.

Of course, you can use it. According to NASA, you can only use welder helmets that have a Shade 12 or higher. In a word, you could use it as an alternative to eclipse glasses.

If you are a welder, you know that very well these are much darkening than any typical helmet. On the other hand, some feel the sun is too bright even with shade 12 and sun to din in shade 14 welding glasses. That’s why Shade 13 filters are better. But it’s true that it’s hard to find shade 13.

The darker the better it’s true, but at 14 shade you may not be able to see much. Dark Green Face Shield rated IR5 or IR3 are not going to be safe enough for staring at the sun. Therefore, it can cause eye damage.

What could happen if you try to watch the eclipse without glass or helmet?

You’ve heard the advice a million times that don’t stare at the sun during the eclipse.

It’s not just cautionary tales.

Prolonged exposure on the direct sun’s light may cause “retinal burns.” Meanwhile, exposure can destroy cells in the retina. The Worst part is this damage can be temporary or even permanent. So be careful about it and ensure viewing with protection.

Safety Guidelines for Using Welding Helmets to Observe Eclipses

  • If your welding helmet is old and you don’t know which shade it is, then don’t try to use it to view an eclipse.
  • If the auto-darkening doesn’t come with no flickering, then you are not protected.
  • Always inspect your filter before use; if punctured, scratched, torn, or damaged, discard it. Read and
  • If its shade is less than 12, don’t even think about to use it to look at the Sun.
  • If you normally have to wear eyeglasses, keep it on also. And Put the eclipse glasses on over them.
  • Always supervise children at the time using solar filters.