7 Best Underwater Welding Schools In Florida

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Are you interested in becoming a sub-aquatic welder?

Underwater welding is one of the most commercial diving specializations. Underwater welding requires a great deal of expertise. Underwater welding is also risky.

These include drowning, explosion, electric shock, and hypothermia. It would help if you had the best education and pieces of training to deliver a great job and stay safe.

Some of the best underwater welding schools in the world are in Florida.

Are you ready to travel to the Sunshine State?

Here are the best marine welding schools in Florida!

Why Choose Florida for Underwater Welding Education and Training?

Three reasons why you should choose Florida to fulfill your underwater welding dreams:

A Good Place to Live

Florida has a perfect climatic condition for learning. The cost of living in Florida is also ideal for students. Florida has some of the best art, history, tourist attractions, and culture in America.

Quality Education and Training

Most underwater welding schools in Florida offer intensive education and training. These include learning in the lab, communities, and state projects.

Career Prospects

Underwater welding has high prospects in Florida. Underwater welders are some of the highest-paid individuals in Florida.

Top 7 Underwater Welding Schools in Florida (plus other nearby states)

1. Commercial Driving Technologies

Commercial Driving Technologies

Commercial Driving Technologies in Hudson, Florida offers an intensive 5-month diving program. This includes oxy-arc underwater cutting, first aid training, and underwater welding.

CDT offers DCBC and ADCI certifications, amongst others. They also provide students a real oil platform for pieces of training.

  • Website: www.cdtdiving.com.
  • Tel: 352-209-1234.
  • Address: 17212 US-19, Hudson, FL 34667.


  • Adci entry level diver.
  • First Aid, Cpr, A.E.D. And Oxygen Provider.
  • Dcbc unrestricted surface-supplied diver certification.
  • Diving medic technician ( dmt).
  • Dcbc / Top Ups.
Search Welding Technician Programs

Get information on Welding Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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2. Hydroweld USA

Hydroweld USA is a large underwater welding corporation. Train students in different commercial welding courses and manufacture welding equipment.

Hydroweld is in Miami, Florida. They also train for other companies that need a large pool of welders. Hydroweld offers US Welding Society 3.6 welding coding certifications.

  • Website: www.hydroweld.com
  • Tel: + 1 305 573 8222
  • Address: 12062 NW 27 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33167, United States of America

3. CDA Technical Institute

CDA Technical underwater welding Institute

CDA Technical Institute is a renowned Jacksonville welding institute for preparing future welders. They offer comprehensive welding training that includes an on-campus housing plan.

CDA has a 20-inches deep dive tank for new students. They also have a 165-inches deep water training center for advanced students. They also offer other international certifications.

  • Website: www.commercialdivingacademy.com
  • Tel: 904-600-3019
  • Address: 91 Trout River Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32208


  • Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver
  • AMGCD – Underwater Welding
  • DCBC Assessment
  • DCBC Surface Supplied Top Up
  • Dive Medical Technician
  • Mariners Learning System

4. University of North Florida

The University of North Florida is in Jacksonville, Florida. It has a great campus community with a stunning 19:1 student to faculty ratio. UNF offers comprehensive welding training that happens beyond the classroom.

UNF training also includes community projects and assisted internships. It also tops other state universities when it comes to graduate job placement in Florida.

5. South Central Louisiana Technical College

South Central Louisiana Technical College (SCLTC) is in Morgan City, Louisiana. It is the nearest underwater welding school to Florida.

SCLTC focuses on providing practical experience for its students. They have an actual curriculum and also offer international certifications.

  • Website: www.solacc.edu
  • Tel: 9853805865
  • Email: jerry.shepherd@solacc.edu

6. Divers Academy International

Divers Academy is in Erial, New Jersey. New Jersey and Florida are part of the America East Coast. DAI offers an intensive six months program.

It has two campuses (New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It gives students a stimulator package to practice with hazards. It further provides job placements for her students upon graduation.

  • Website: www.diversacademy.edu.
  • Tel: 18002383483.
  • Address: Lakeside Business Park, 1500 Liberty Place, Erial, NJ 08081.


  • ACDE Commercial Diver Certification.
  • ADCI Entry Level Tender/Diver Certification.
  • Nitrox Mixed-Gas Diving Certification of Completion.
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) Rigging RP-2D Certificate of Completion.
  • American Heart Association First Aid, CPR, and AED Certifications of Competition.

7. Divers Institute of Technology

Divers Institute of Technology

Divers Institute of Technology is about 816 miles from Florida. It is in Seattle, Washington, DC. It is one of the best underwater training institutes for those who want to live in Florida and school in DC.

DIT offers a wide range of commercial diving programs. These include topside and underwater welding. It trains students around Lake Union. It also provides local accommodations very close to the institute.

It also offers a unique training fee package to returning alumni members. It also provides Unrestricted Surface Supplied Air Diver Certification for international opportunities.

  • Website: www.diversinstitute.edu.
  • Tel: (206) 839-5099.
  • Address: 1341 N. Northlake Way, Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98103.


  • Unrestricted Surface Supplied Air Diver Certification.
  • First Aid, CPR, A.E.D., and Oxygen Provider.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Certificate.
  • Kirby Morgan Hat User/Operator Certification.
  • Cylinder Services Fill Station Technician (FST).
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI).


Only four schools offer underwater welding training in Florida. Florida has the highest number of marine training schools in the world.

There are about nine top marine welding training schools in the US. About six of these schools are on the East Coast, and three of four of them are in Florida.

Choosing to study in Florida comes with a lot of rewarding benefits.

Are you ready to become an underwater welder?

Visit Florida today!