Things You Must Know About Underwater Welding Jobs In The US

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Underwater welders are underwater divers. They specialize in repairing pieces of equipment underwater by welding it. I know you are wondering how they manage to carry out their tasks in such a dangerous domain.

But here is the kicker; the underwater welding job is lucrative, though with a fair share of risks. It is quite appealing to people with a love for adventures and outdoor activities.

Underwater welding requires aptness in diving and welding. Certification in commercial diving is a prerequisite for working in underwater welding companies.

Are you probing for information about underwater welding and how to get underwater welding jobs in the US?

Of course, securing an underwater welding job is challenging to come by, but yours would be a comfortable ride with the right information. This article will provide answers to your questions. 

Follow me as I guide you through the pertinent things you must know about underwater welding jobs in the US.

Underwater welding jobs in the US

Education And Training Requirements For Underwater Welding

Equipment repairs and oil companies hire underwater welders. Their primary duty is to weld and repair metal equipment and oil lines underwater. Underwater welders are also involved in welding new underwater construction

To become a professional underwater welder, one must have certificates both in diving and welding. Initially, most underwater welders usually begin with one skill and certification. (Read more about underwater welding schools)

They could start with surface welding skills only or professional diving skills only. And then they proceed to complete their certification with the proper training.

The training usually takes place in different settings and at various locations. Everyone serves as diver tenders at the initial stage. They are apprentices and continue to learn new skills.

How To Get An Underwater Welding Job

The initial stage of every project is the assessment stage. The initial duty of underwater welders is to assess the project and the location of the project.

Underwater welders take photographs and identify when the project would be complete. They also recommend the types of equipment and supplies needed for the project. 

Working in the underwater world as a welder requires lots of skills and experience. A plethora of companies prefers to use people who have worked for some years as diver tenders. Getting an underwater welding job depends on the skillset and the preferences of the underwater welder. 

They have the liberty to choose where to work and the type of company to work for. Some big conglomerates usually hire underwater welders as contract staff.

They serve for the execution of a particular contract or when the need arises. But, some companies employ underwater welders as full-time workers. More so, they offer further training and additional certification to their staff.

What Are The Prospects, Career, And Employment Outlook In Underwater Welding?

Jobs are readily available in this field, and the prospect is fair to good. Good enough, of recent, the United States has been hosting massive underwater oil drilling projects.

Interestingly, the availability of jobs varies in seasons and yearly. Besides, several underwater welders work on contractual terms. But others do when needed, while the rest are full-time staff. More certifications are great additions in the field.

Those who wish to boost their employability must be willing to travel to different locations in the world for other jobs. 

Underwater welders can also boost their employability by specializing in many other skills, such as ironworks and outstanding repairs. Some underwater welders can work in private. They can make lots of money by serving as consultants for the more prominent firms on an as-needed basis. 

How Is The Working Condition And Environment?

Underwater welders can work in different environments. They continuously work outside, and they enter and come out of the water with ease. Underwater diving has its fair share of risks and can pose a massive danger to the diver’s life. Meanwhile, the profession has its rules which all professionals must adhere to curb the threats. 

Every aspiring underwater welder should be ready to work in various conditions, such as Stormy waters, cold and rain, calm seas, salty waters, and warm waters. 

The underwater world is like their second home. They can hop in, dive, and weld with ease. Many have the notion that jobs are scarce in the field. 

There are no specified working hours for underwater welding. The work may be sporadic and unpredictable, and the hours of work irregular. 

Underwater welders go along with their companies to various locations in the world. They work mostly on a contractual basis. 

They usually experience intermittent periods of heavy work. The work is tedious when the contract is still active. Meanwhile, there are periods where they are redundant, except for personal life issues. During this period, many of them usually learn new skills or search for new jobs.

Salaries and Other Benefits 

There is no specific amount for salaries or wages in the underwater welding field. Salaries vary greatly. It depends on the location and the skills of the underwater welder. Years of experience are also a factor. 

New underwater welders can make about $15,000 yearly. But the experienced ones can earn more than $200,000 annually. The payment is usually graded based on experience, and it is doled out on a per-job basis. The salary range varies as it also depends on the number of jobs available within the year. 

Benefits are also variable. Big companies offer overtime bonuses. Risk allowances and time-off bonuses are also included, only for welders on their staff list. Meanwhile, welders who work on contracts get a higher salary but fewer benefits. 

You might be wondering: are there specific places to get underwater welding jobs? And the answer is YES! Below are some of the best places to check out.

Ten Underwater Welding Companies To Get Jobs In The USA

1. Bisso Marine

Bisso Marine is in Houston, Texas. They have been in the business of underwater drilling since the 19th century. Their operations have expanded steadily over the years.

They are now an international brand with stations in Peru and Mexico. Their client list is very long, and they have an extensive area of operations. They specialize in shallow drilling, deep drilling, and heavy lifting.

Contact address

  • 26400 Kuykendahl Rd, Suite C-180-156, The Woodlands, TX 77375

2. Midco Diving & Marine

Midco is ideal for you if you are still learning the ropes in underwater diving. Established in 2003, Midco is always expanding.

They now have 20 divers in their ranks, and their offices are in South Dakota and Colorado. They serve as a “quick response” team and can move and travel for work anywhere and anytime.

Contact address

  • PO Box 513, Rapid City, South Dakota 57709-0513

3. American Underwater Services

Sited in Mansfield, Texas, they specialize in hyperbaric welding technology. They provide several underwater and maritime services, such as underwater welding.

They also engage in rig support and metal fabrication. There are many prospects here if they hire you, as their services are portable, permanent, and cost-effective.

Contact address

  • 3008 Joyce Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76116

4. Lake Erie Diving, Inc.

This is a professional Diving firm that offers regular underwater welding jobs. They engage in ROV services and inspection of pipelines.

Commercial diving and water inspections are inclusive. It is a station in the United States but has international coverage.

Contact address

  • 362 Blackbrook Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

5. Lakes & Rivers Contracting

If you are searching for an underwater welding job around Chicago, then Lakes and Rivers might be your destination.

They are an award-winning marine company located in the southwest of Chicago. They are specialists in Marine construction, drainage, waterway structures, etc. 

The five companies enlisted above are job hubs for underwater welding professionals.

Contact address

  • P.O. Box 67, 15480 Canal Bank Road, Lemont, IL. 60439

Meanwhile, other companies that equally have regular underwater welding jobs are: 

6. Liberty diving

They are veterans in underground drainage construction, mooring field maintenance, and general marine constructions.

Contact address

  • P.O. Box 44 San Mateo, FL 32187

7. Land shore

The land shore is a seventeen years old marine engineering firm in Florida. They specialize mainly in shoreline erosion control and restoration.

Contact address

  • 188 Triple Diamond Blvd, Suite A4, North Venice, FL 34275

8. Log and diving

They are a quick response diving enterprise in Florida. They now have worldwide coverage has been in the field of commercial diving and marine construction for 71 years.

Contact address

  • 2815 St. Johns Bluff Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32246

9. Mercommercial diving: 

Mercommercial is a fulltime underwater company with a specialization in underwater construction and inspection. They offer commercial diving services, petrochemical utilities, etc.

Contact address

  • 322 C.C. Lowry Drive, Murray, KY 42071

10. Oil field divers

They are offshore, inland, and subsea professional divers. Having served in the oil and gas field for about two decades, they have expansive coverage.

Contact address

  • 1939 Grand Caillou Road, Homa, Louisiana 70363, US

The bottom line is

Underwater welding is an explorative field, and professionals are always prowling for jobs. However, the jobs are seasonal and periodic. Professionals must be ready to go along with the welding companies to the job site. Most of the underwater welding jobs are contractual. The workload is heavy when the contracts are still active. 

Now, there is a massive availability of underwater welding jobs in the US, as the number of marine-based projects is ever-increasing. If you are searching for an underwater welding job opportunity, you can hop in and check any of the companies listed above.