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A career in welding is rewarding because there is plenty of job options within the sphere.

So, if you’re area searching for the best welding schools in Michigan, you are in the right place, with our list of top welding schools for you.

Welding Schools in Michigan

Why you should consider a career in welding 

In case you still have doubts about pursuing a career in welding, you should know that there are plenty of benefits attached. It’s crazy to learn that as a welder you could be involved in some massive projects like:

  • Refinery construction
  • Construction of building and bridges
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace application
  • Gas & Oil field power plant

But here’s the kicker: the average salary of welders in Michigan is $38,400 per year, which means welders earn up to $18.46 per hour.

Top 5 Welding Schools in Michigan

Mid-Michigan College

When we talk about schools that combine the use of the latest technology and state-of-the-art welding laboratory to enhance student’s welding capabilities, then we definitely have to mention Mid-Michigan College.

At Mid-Michigan College, their certificate focuses on the specific skills required by welders to excel in the welding industry, and this can be earned within 12-18 months. In addition to this, you also get professional certifications from highly respected organizations like the American Welding Society, to boost your future employment by vividly showing your potential employer what you have mastered. 

The application fee is $0, and the Tuition is between $80 and $20,000, making it quite affordable.

  • Rank: 1st 
  • Location:  26005, Summerton, Mt. Pleasant, MI. 48858 
  • Website:

United Technical Welding Academy

Established in 2011, the United Technical welding academy is an accredited and qualified professional center that supports lab testing, inspection, consulting, and excellent professional training services.  

The school is an American Welding Society member that provides top-notch training facilities and highly experienced and qualified instructors. The school offers many professional welding courses such as;

  1. Gas metal Arc welding
  2. Plasma Arc welding
  3. Flux core welding
  4. Soldering
  5. Resistance welding
  6. Brazing
  7. Shielded metal welding
  8. Oxy-fuel cutting and Oxy-fuel welding
  9. Robotics
  10. Welding metallurgy
  11. Stamping Due Repair
  •    Rank: 2nd 
  •    Location: United Technical Inc., 
  •    1081 East North Territorial Road,      
  •    Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 
  •    Website:

Alpena Community College

This college is undoubtedly one of the best colleges in Michigan where you can get certified as a professional welder. If you study at Alpena College, you will earn a certificate and an Associate in Applied Science degree program in welding fabrication, which would prepare you for entry-level work as either a general-purpose welder or structural steel welder. 

Here’s the deal, students of Alpena College are not only exposed to a fully equipped modern lab but also get the opportunity to practice on industry-standard equipment with GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, and GMAW welding power sources. 

They also award financial aid for up to 91% of the total number of students. With net Tuition of $3,183 after reduction due to scholarship or other forms of financial aid, makes it a good choice. 

  • Rank: 3rd 
  • Overall Tuition: $15,523 
  • Net Tuition after financial aid: $3,183 
  • Location: 665 Johnson St, Alpena, MI 49721. 
  • Website:

Baker College

We definitely cannot leave Baker College out of the list of good welding schools in Michigan. Under normal standards, Baker College provides students with a fully equipped conventional welding lab and hands-on training to boost their confidence. 

Besides, you get enrolled in certificate programs that you build your career in a broad range of industrial and mechanical fields with the assistance of expert instructors that have vast knowledge in welding, and its techniques. Tuition fees have a peak amount of $9,360. 

  • Rank: 4th 
  • Location: 1717 South Don’t Highway, Flint, MI 48503 
  • Phone: (810) 766 – 2260 

Delta College

Yes! Delta College, too, is among the very best of welding schools in Michigan that you can think of. You might be wondering, why choose Delta College? Here’s why you should;

  • Delta college prioritizes your convenience such that if offers night, weekend, and online classes in a bid to ensure that you learn comfortably. It also has three centers where you can take classes.
  • Free Tutoring at the Teaching Learning Center(TLC), situated in the library for all students
  • Being innovators of technology, they use conventional technological equipment to teach students the latest welding techniques.

The welding program at Delta College features:

  • Hands-on training
  • Welding certificate
  • Small class sizes
  • Experience welding facility
  • AWS certification

Tuition is between $5000 and $20,000 depending on where you choose to attend school and how extensive the welding program you choose is.

  • Rank: 5th
  • Location: 1961 University Center, University Center, MI 48710
  • Website:


Whether you want to become a welder or even a welding engineer, you should consider these Michigan welding schools.

This list some of the top-quality welding schools in the state of Michigan, which exposes you to a master class welding facility where you can learn, engage, and become a professional in the area of welding.

Some of these schools even have multiple training centers and student financial aid programs to make sure you get the very best of educational services. Opt for one of these schools, and I see you becoming a welding pro in a few years.