Titanium Unlimited 200 Welder — Review, Problems & Accessories

When you ask a welder how many welding machines he owns, he will probably say 2 or 3 as most of the welding machines cannot perform all the welding processes. It is quite common for a welder to own 2 to 3 different welding machines.

However, what if we give you a welding machine that can do almost all your welding needs? You might be shocked that such a welding machine exists.

The Titanium Unlimited 200 Multiprocess Welder is one that can single-handedly take care of most of your welding processes.

Today we will review Titanium Unlimited 200 from top to bottom, including its features, accessories, problems, and many more. So read through this article before buying one for yourself.

Specifications of the Titanium Unlimited 200 Professional Multiprocess Welder

The Titanium Unlimited 200 Professional Multiprocess Welder is a lightweight, dependable, and simple to operate multiprocess welder. TIG (DC), Stick (DC), MIG, and Flux-core welding are all possible with this multiprocess welder.

The power cables that come with the welder can be plugged into any power source. It is capable of welding a wide variety of materials. It is easy to move about the job site due to its modest weight. So, if you’re looking for a welder that can handle practically every welding method at a reasonable price, this is the one.

See below for the basic specifications of the Titanium Unlimited 200 Professional Multiprocess Welder

  • Input Voltage: Dual 120/240
  • Amperage: 120V; 30-140A (GMAW/FCAW), 30-70A (DC SMAW), 20-90A (DC GTAW); 240V; 30-200A (GMAW/FCAW), 30-170A (DC SMAW), 20-200A (DC GTAW)
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 69V
  • Maximum Amperage Output: 50-200A
  • Wire Feed Speed: 80-400 inches per minute
  • Weight: 24 Lbs
  • Power Cord: 8 inches
  • Certification: CSA

What accessories come with the Titanium Unlimited 200?

When you buy Titanium Unlimited 200, it will come as a bundle, including all necessary accessories.

Solid wires of various diameters and flux-cored wire will be available. Along with that, you will also get a TIG torch with a gas valve, a DINSE-style connector, and a Flow-gauge regulator with a gas hose. Moreover, a MIG Gun and a Stick electrode holder with cable will also be included in the package.

The Titanium Unlimited 200 also has an included spool gun which is really helpful and comes in handy. When feeding the wire through the MIG flame with a pistol-grip style gun is tough, this gun comes in helpful.

When working with aluminum, it saves you from having to struggle with the soft wire. With its low feed distance, you’ll be able to deliver a consistent and dependable feed of soft aluminum wire.

A solar-powered welding helmet with an auto-darkening glass is included with the Titanium unlimited 200 components. At 1/25000 second switching speed, it goes from clear to black as soon as you start welding. It shields your eyes while giving you a clear view of your welding area. It also features a resting shade and variable shade control. A comfortable and adjustable ratcheting headband is included to suit it.

What We Think of The Titanium Unlimited 200

We have used the Titanium Unlimited 200, and we will write this review based on our experience with this welder.

Let’s talk about the design first; it is lightweight, weighing only 24 pounds, making it easy to transport. Furthermore, this welding equipment was created with a small footprint in mind. Its small size allows it to be stored in a small place.

It also comes with a welding trolley for added convenience. For mobility, this cart includes rolling legs. The top shelf is slated for convenient access to the controls.

What is more impressive is the dual input voltage. There is no need to change the welder for different voltage outputs. You can use this welder with both 120V and 240V voltage inputs.

Titanium Unlimited 200 is the ideal answer for having two different types of welders in the workplace, one of which sits idle while the other is in use. This welding equipment works well with both 120V and 240V power sources.

As a result, you save money by not having to buy a new one to support the other voltage unit. As a result, introducing this capability dramatically expands the device’s adaptability, mobility, and utility.

It can handle a broad range of welding methods, including TIG, Flux Core, MIG, and many more. You can also use alternative arc welding techniques such as gas metal arc, SMAW, GMAW, and STAW.

Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about the resulting weld’s quality, polish, or strength. It employs the most up-to-date computer-programmed inverter technology to handle numerous welding styles efficiently.

For the power supply, they employed inverter technology. It uses a rectifier to convert AC power to DC power before producing the desired output. As a result of DC power’s consistent current and voltage, a steady arc may be maintained. Choosing the correct power source is critical for achieving the best weld quality and strength.

Steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, cast materials, and aluminum are among the metals that this welder can deal with. It also has the capacity to pierce through metals with thicknesses ranging from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch.

The Titanium 200 has an inductance control option that allows you to fine-tune it to the thickness of the metal you’re working with. It may be really beneficial in terms of improving the aesthetic of your weld while also guaranteeing little spatter.


What are the common issues of the Titanium Unlimited 200 and how do you work around them?

So, far we have seen the good things in Titanium Unlimited 200. But now we will see the common problems that it can suffer with

Weak Arc Strength

This can happen due to many reasons. Insufficient current or incorrect line voltage. Another cause of this issue might be an incorrect gauge or length of cable.

Solution: Check the voltage on the line. This welder should not be used with an extension cord. For this welder, use only one of the included power cables or an equivalent replacement cord. If none of these works, change the current to the right value for the thickness of the metal.

The power indicator illuminates when the power is turned on, but the welder does not work.

The trigger is faulty or incorrectly attached. The machine is set to low- or high-voltage protection or the welder is set to the wrong mode.

Solution: The welder has overheated and shut down if the Alarm Indicator is lighted without an error code. Stop and wait for the welder to cool while keeping the power switch ON.

Shorten the duration or frequency of welding sessions to make the welder last longer. Also, make sure the gun connection on the machine is correctly positioned. Check that the MIG Flux/Spool Gun switch above the wire feed mechanism is set to the proper procedure.

Porosity in the weld metal

This is a really aggravating issue. The shielding gas cylinder may be empty, or the gun may be operated too far away from the workpiece. There is also the possibility of filthy welding wire contaminating the weld.

Solution:  Check the gas cylinder and refill as needed, as well as the gas regulator to guarantee adequate flow. Make sure CTWD is appropriate for the surgery. Ascertain that the welding wire is clear of corrosion and residues.

Titanium Unlimited 200 vs Vulcan Omnipro 220

Titanium Unlimited 200 and Vulcan Omnipro 220 come around the same price range. However, there are a few differences between them.

The first difference is that the MIG gun in Titanium Unlimited 200 feels a bit cheaper than the Vulcan Omnipro 220. However, both of them seems very durable and of good quality

The second difference is the warranty, and the omnipro 220 comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee which means you can return it within a span of a year if you feel dissatisfied using it and get a full refund.

On the other hand, the Titanium unlimited 200 has a 90 days warranty, you can have an additional two years warranty, but you will need to pay some extra bucks.

The LCD display on the Vulcan Omnipro 220 is more user-friendly for beginners. Whereas the Titanium unlimited 200 is more suitable for advanced welders.

The Omnipro has a 220 amp power compared to the 200 amp power of the Titanium.


The Titanium Unlimited 200 is undoubtedly an excellent multipurpose welding machine. You do not need to buy any more welders when you buy this. This single welding machine is good enough to take care of all your welding needs.