Our Top Picks for AC/DC TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Combos Reviewed

Excessive project workload often coincides with cutting & TIG welding tasks. And you don’t want the space to get overwhelmed by multiple devices.

Why not try a multi-process combo to deliver an all-around solution? The answer comes with too many options with/without specified features.

Well, an AC/DC TIG welder plasma cutter combo has everything to cover the specs. You should focus on the category to meet the overall satisfaction.

Our expert just prepared the right AC/DC TIG welder plasma cutter combo reviews. Keep scrolling to catch the insights of two popular market options right away.

TIG Welding and Plasma Cutting: Here’s what you need to know!

Can You TIG Weld With a Plasma Cutter?

Manual TIG welding is a two-handed mechanical process. It fuses two or more metal sheets together in a single plate. The high-temperature electric arc enables a steady joint at the molten metal points.

However, plasma cutters cut the metal sheets at extreme temperatures. The heat transforms into inert gas to initiate the plasma state. And it provides full straight metal cuts at absolute precision.

It’s impossible to use an individual plasma cutter for TIG welding. You’ll have to rely on a specified combination of the mechanisms. There are several combos available in the market for the service.

A self-made combo can deliberately perform the welding. But you must remain cautious about fusing the righteous parts to the cutter. Otherwise, the hot flame may cause devastating consequences.

plasma cutter feature image

Pros of Plasma Cutter TIG Welder Combo

A plasma cutter and TIG welder combo can be a great choice for a variety of different reasons.

Firstly, it is a versatile machine that can weld materials in a variety of different positions. In addition, it can be used for cutting material with the plasma cutter component.

Secondly, they are very inexpensive when compared to separate units, thus making an investment in one justified.

Thirdly, they typically have dual voltage power which allows the user to do work anywhere in the world without worrying about compatibility.

Cons of Plasma Cutter TIG Welder Combo

The plasma cutter TIG welder combo unit is a useful device that enhances the welding process by combining features from both a plasma cutter and a TIG welder.

The first disadvantage of these combo units is the price factor. Due to the high demand for plasma cutters, there is a lot of competition among manufacturers that can result in steep prices.

Another downside to the plasma cutter TIG welder combo unit is that it does not offer as much power as a regular TIG welder.

Our Top Picks for the AC/DC TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Combo Machines

1. PowerPro 205Si

AC/DC TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Combo

Absolute versatility meets superb flexibility for Everlast PowerPro 205Si. It’s indeed a great plasma cutter and TIG welder combo with extra features. The multi-process welder lets you enjoy the hard-to-match performance within budget.

Who is the PowerPro 205Si for?

Anyone looking for an AC/DC welder-cutter combo should check it out. The user can even perform stick welding to some extent. Mechanics to require a steady combo should keep it under consideration.

Key Features of the PowerPro 205Si

  • IGBT Infineon Inverter technology.
  • 200Amp AC/DC TIG, 200Amp Stick.
  • Air pressure setting with regulator.
  • DINSE-style 35 Series connectivity.
  • 50A plasma cutter with starter kit.
  • Great cutting thickness for metals.

Why Do We Like PowerPro 205Si?

Good Duty Cycle – Duty cycle stands 50A/100V at 35%, 40A/96V at 60% & 30A/92V at 100% for plasma. And 200A/18V at 60% & 160A/16.4V at 100% counts TIG welding. Meanwhile, 160A/26.4V at 35%, 130A/25.2V at 60% & 100A/25V at 100% counts stick welding.

Excellent Cutting Capability – You can comfortably treat steel as well as aluminum sheets. However, maximum capability concerns stainless steel for low dross cuts. The combo can handle 5/8” or 0.625” up to 3/4” or 0.750” thickness without issues.

Sufficient Workplace Portability – The package itself weighs 60 pounds with all the included parts. Likewise, the assembled weight counts somewhat lower than 60 pounds for sure. There comes a solid handle on top to enable a steady grip for comfortable carriage.

Does the PowerPro 205Si have any drawbacks?

Initial Setup Difficulty – Many separated mechanical parts are present in the package. Assembling the devices or tools using the manual may seem tricky for many users. And poor connectivity can initiate air leaks, poor response, or overloading heat.

What Can I Do with PowerPro 205Si?

  1. Plasma Cutting – Likewise, you can handle clean cuts on metal sheets with the plasma cutter. And you won’t have to worry about thickness on small, light projects.
  2. AC and DC TIG Welding – The combo lets you accomplish steady TIG welds on metal. You can consider reasonably sized stainless steel & aluminum for the job.
  3. Stick Welding – You can treat all the curves on metal plates using the stick welding option. The manual arc welding process stands incredibly good on alloy materials.

The Takeaway

PowerPro 205Si appears more like an all-in-one solution for many projects. Its power, accuracy & performance remains unmatched for an AC/DC TIG welder plasma cutter combo. Supportive built-in features managed to accomplish an impressive rating in the market.


TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Combo

It’s one of the first brands to market multipurpose TIG welder plasma cutter combo. And you can comfortably cover the project using one portable machine. Accomplish the project objectives with the budget-conscious combination without looking back.

Who is the LOTOS LTPDC2000D for?

Anyone to has a small mechanical business should consider the purchase. Also, DIY enthusiasts can save extra expenses on fancy options. Beginner-level welders may sharpen the skills with the combo.

Key features of the LOTOS LTPDC2000D

  • No-Touch plasma cutting technology.
  • TIG welding with Stick/MMA support.
  • Pre-installed parts require no time.
  • Auto dual voltage with dual-frequency.
  • Somewhat simple operational layout.

Why Do We Like LOTOS LTPDC2000D?

Good Duty Cycle – The duty cycle considers 40°C or 104°F to initiate the halt or pause. There’s no specified info on MMA welding or plasma cutting. However, you’ll have 200 Amps at 60% with 150 Amps at 100% for TIG welding.

Excellent Cutting Capability – Built-in pilot arc torch goes through rusty, damaged painted surfaces. You can receive satisfactorily clean cuts up to 0.5” thickness. But it’s easy to push the thickness limit to 0.75” with slight distortions.

Sufficient Workplace Portability – Total weight counts 36.9 pounds with the package contents. But the device assembly weighs 32 pounds for simple portability. There comes a steady handle on top, allowing you to hold the weight.

Does the LOTOS LTPDC2000D have any drawbacks?

Welding Limitations – Leads are noticeably short for stick/MMA welding. Meanwhile, the TIG welding can’t provide AC output. Besides, you can’t weld aluminum plates with the combo.

What Can I Do with LOTOS LTPDC2000D?

  1. Plasma Cutting – Built-in pilot arc saves initial hassle on proper customization. Simple pull in the trigger should start scratching the surface.
  2. TIG Welding – Stainless steel or even iron goes perfectly with the output. But similar input line supports both the TIG gas and plasma air.
  3. Stick Welding – Use the welding facility to fuse dirty, damaged metal together. And the output can reach as much as 199 Amps on the operation.

The Takeaway

Lack of certain info shouldn’t let you turn your back on the combo. It’s a great combination of plasma, TIG & MMA/stick at a suitable power rating. A reasonable initial investment is sure to justify its performance in the long run.


The former combo suits a higher budget whereas the latter holds a somewhat tighter amount. Each one from the TIG welder plasma cutter combo review stands satisfactory from particular aspects. And you’re sure to meet the workload requirements with optimum precision.