Best Stud Welders Review (2023) – Top Picks

Just the other day, a collision left my car with a nasty dent, and that’s when a friend introduced me to stud welding. It seemed almost unreal how the damage mended just so beautifully and quickly.

I had been fascinated with Stud Welding since and carried out in-depth research on the topic and the machines and other accessories available to help you with the welding.

Seems like I am ready to share some of my insights on the best Stud Welders!

What is stud welding?

Welding, in simple language, means the process of joining two pieces of metal through a number of ways that include heating and melting the surfaces, through an electric arc, or in other ways.

Due to its ease of use and finesse, a particular type of Welding – Stud Welding is becoming increasingly popular.

Stud welding typically uses an electric arc to link the surfaces. Be it fixing a car dent, joining different parts, or attaching a nameplate on a wall, stud welding really comes in handy.

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Our Top Picks of the Best Stud Welders

H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud Welder KitH & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud Welder Kit
  • Weight: ‎17 pounds
  • Type: Universal
  • One-handed operation
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Bestauto Stud Welder Kit, 5500 Stud WelderBestauto Stud Welder Kit, 5500 Stud Welder
  • Temp: 95°C (203°F)
  • Weight: 28.5 pounds
  • Best for auto body repair
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Motor Guard JO1050 Magna Stud Welder KitMotor Guard JO1050 Magna Stud Welder Kit
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Made in USA
  • 250 - 2.0mm pins
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Ting Ao 86PCS Truck SUV Stud WelderTing Ao 86PCS Truck SUV Stud Welder
  • Weight: 1.72 KG
  • Thickness: 1.5mm to 2mm
  • Working current: 400 A
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H & S Auto Shot 9000 Welder Stud KitH & S Auto Shot 9000 Welder Stud Kit
  • Weight : 7 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Made in China
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H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud KitH & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit
  • Weight: 23.25 pounds
  • Made in China
  • Weight: ‎2 pounds
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1. Auto Body Stud Welder – H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus

Best Stud Welders Review+

The first one to make it to the list is the Stud Welding Kit from H&S Auto Shot, which happens to be one of the most potent stud welders you will find out there.

Within the kit, you will find a 4550 series powerful stud welder, 1001 Flex pert welding studs, 1004 stud welding pins, and 1016 heavy-duty Slide hammer. Let’s have a more in-depth look into the contents of the kit.

And the best part?

The 4551-starter stud welder has an input of 110 Volts and is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful welders to help you carry out heavy-duty tasks.

Equipped with the Stud Ease Technology, it stops the studs from falling out even if the welder is positioned downwards. That apart, the built-in overload relay system keeps the transformers from overheating.

There are 500 Studs that are of 2.2 mm diameter, and easy to use and remove while the stud-welding tip can be used to weld studs up to 2.6 mm. The slide hammer pin puller with its ‘T’ handle gives a secure grip. So, this kit is a mélange of power and ease of use right there.


  • The Gun is lightweight at only 17 pounds.
  • It only takes a few milliseconds to weld.
  • The instructions are helpful and easy to get a hold of how it works.
  • Can quickly fix dents that are hard to access.
  • Kit contains electrodes.


  • Can burn through sheet metal if you hold it too for a couple of seconds.

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2. Best for Heavy Duty – Bestauto Uni-Spotter Stud Dent Welder Kit

Bestauto Stud Welder Dent Repair Kit 1600A Stud Welder Kit

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and robust stud welder, this is it. This Stud welder kit from Bestauto is designed to deliver instant and efficient performance.

The kit comes with a high-quality welder, a multi-functional pulling hammer, 500 pieces of 2.5 mm studs, 500 2.0 mm studs, and loads of accessories.

The 800 VA Auto Body stud welder has built-in overload protection to protect the device and the user from overheating if the transformer crosses 95 degrees Celsius. The trigger on the welder is extremely sensitive, making it easy to operate singlehandedly.

You will also get a Meson electrode, a Straight pad electrode, and a Wavy-wire electrode in the kit. So, you get a durably designed powerful kit with all the necessary accessories.

This product just gets better and better.


  • Comes with a case to keep the kit contents organized.
  • One of the largest kits available in the market.
  • Flexible use.
  • Comes with a generous supply of pins, pulling rings, and wavy wires.


  • Might not be suitable for professional work since it requires cooling time after three-four Welding.

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3. Best For Low Heat Technology – Motor Guard JO1050 Magna-Spot Entry-Plus Stud welder Kit

Magna-Spot Entry-Plus Stud welder Kit

Well, you can say that this is the ultimate dent-removing tool from Motor Guard! The stud welder included in the kit is constructed to provide heavy-duty performance. It uses low heat technology, which regulates the temperature of the transformer, ensuring user safety, and is lightweight at only 17 pounds.

But you know what else?

You also get a 9-foot heavy-gauge oil-resistant power cord, which further enhances the power and, therefore, the efficiency of the welder. Its high power can remove even a stubborn burn-through dent without much difficulty.

But what really sets this kit apart from the others in the list is its Magna pin system, which securely holds the pins both in the case and on the electrode tip. The slide-hammer that comes with the twist-lock slide feature is also designed for heavy-duty tasks and to firmly hold the pins.


  • Suitable for professional use owing to its heavy-duty construction.
  • Instructions are clear, and along with its ergonomic design, it is easy to use.
  • Hammer has a good grip for a strong pull-force.
  • Very strong to be able to bear rigorous work.


  • The tips can fall out at times, but a strong magnet can fix the issue.
  • Spare parts are expensive.

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4. Best For Lightweight – Ting Ao 86PCS Truck SUV Stud Welder

Truck SUV Stud Welder

With Ting Ao’s Stud welder kit, it is time to say goodbye to dents and damages! The 86 pieces package contains 12 different items, including the stud welding machine, slide hammer, and other dent removing attachments.

Apart from the spot welding gun, you will also find 3-stud welder gun switches that help in applying both heat and pressure to the stud so that you can easily pull it out without having to use a lot of force. 

Still not convinced?

There is also a 7-finger dent pulling claw, a washer holder, 50 dent pulling straight bits, ten dent pulling star pads, graphite rod holder, ten wiggly wires. Both the slide hammer and dent-pulling hook are made of stainless steel, making them rust-resistant and, therefore, durable.

The hook is designed to help you in pulling out any dent without much difficulty.  The double-sided spot-welding tip is made of copper, ensuring higher quality.


  • Extremely Lightweight at ONLY 9.03 pounds.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes like dents, reforms, damages, etc.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Does not include power supply.

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5. Best For Professional Work – H & S Auto Shot 9000 Welder Stud Kit

Auto Shot 9000 Welder Stud Kit

The Uni-Spotter 9000 Deluxe Stud Welder Kit, once again from H&S Auto Shot, is designed to be suitable for heavy-duty, professional work. It utilizes an extremely powerful transformer that helps in catering to high-demand situations.

Just like the other offerings of the H&S Auto Shot Uni-Spotter series, the stud welder machine of this particular kit, too, uses the Stud Ease Technology to hold the stud firmly in its position.

As if that’s not enough, the Deluxe Slide Hammer holds the stud firmly and would not let go unless you release it. Also, the ‘T’ handle makes holding and using the hammer extremely comfortable.

In the kit, you will also find Stud welding tips, side molding rivet tips to attach body side molding, and shrink welding tips, all of which are easy to use and remove. Overall, it makes a very powerful and efficient kit.


  • Helps is reaching and repairing areas that are difficult to access.
  • A true Heavy-duty product.
  • Can be easily carried.
  • Organizing the kit items is easy.


  • The latches in the case might come out loose.

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6. Best For Quality – H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit

H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit

There you go, H&S made it to the list for the third time, which really speaks for its efficiency and quality! This stud welding kit is a mid-range kit with some quality products for commercial purposes.

The 5590 Stinger Welder, with its trigger right on the handle and the Uni-spotter Stud Ease technology, provides makes ease of use. The kit includes Flex pert Copper welding studs of diameter 2.2 mm and also heavyweight studs for heavy-duty activities.

Along with molding rivets, an ergonomic Deluxe Slide hammer, the kit also includes assorted tips, including welding tips, molding rivet tips, and shrink welding tips. A side-by-side eliminator adapter helps in accurately placing the pulling studs.

Finally, there is also a mini puller and a toolbox to conveniently and safely carry all the kit contents.

Also, get this -the dent removal process involves welding the studs into the dented area. Removing paint from the area and exposing the bare metal is likely to give you the best result, that being the case not only with H&S stud welders but will all the welders.


  • Flexible use.
  • The dent puller works well.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use.


  • Might need a little practice before getting an idea about the timing better.

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Now that you have gotten a fair idea about stud welding products and the best stud welder you can possibly get, there are other things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

You might want to consider a couple of things before deciding which one to buy. For instance, the current draw of the stud-welding machine. These machines are heavily dependent on machines, and the higher the current draw, the better. You can also consider the accessories that come along.

Lastly, my recommendation would be to take the necessary precautions. Although most stud welding products discussed here and in the market are safe, taking precautions shouldn’t hurt, right? Goggle and industrial gloves would be sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is a stud welder?

A stud welder will vary in price depending on the type, size, and brand. The average cost for a basic model is around $500.

How strong is stud welding?

Stud welding is a very strong type of weld. It can be used for all sorts of applications, and is often used in the construction industry. Stud welding is also considered to be very fast and easy to use, so it’s a popular choice for many different industries.

Can you use a stud welder on aluminum?

Yes, you can use a stud welder on aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, so it should work well with the stud welder.

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