12 Best Soldering Projects for Beginners that You Can Try Now!

Soldering projects are fun and engaging, but not every project idea you find online is suitable for everyone. If you’re a beginner when it comes to soldering, you should choose your DIY projects carefully. You want to learn, develop your skills, have some fun… and do something cool, of course!

Now, you might feel somewhat intimidated by the thought of having to work with molten metal and hot iron. But, everything requires practice and can be safely done with proper safety precautions.

If you’re a beginner in soldering, there are a couple of easy soldering projects for beginners that you can start out with!

Before you jump into the below list of beginner soldering projects, however, you might want to first brush up on the basics of soldering:

Best Soldering Projects for Practice

Logic Gates | Practice SolderingLogic Gates | Practice Soldering
  • Learn electronics, and practice soldering.
  • 175 different solder points.
  • 1 9V battery required.
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eLearnTronics Classroom Pack of 15eLearnTronics Classroom Pack of 15
  • 15 boards.
  • Capacitance board.
  • Practice Soldering.
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Elenco AmeriKit Learn to Solder KitElenco AmeriKit Learn to Solder Kit


  • Polish your skills.
  • Includes: solder, soldering iron, and wire cutters.
  • Use for all your soldering tasks.
  • Ages 12.
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Elenco AM/FM Radio KitElenco AM/FM Radio Kit
  • Soldering required
  • 56-page training course.
  • Voltage: 9 Volts
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12 Best Soldering Projects for Beginners that You Can Try Now!

We have picked up some of the easiest electronics soldering projects for people who have just started to show interest in electronics.

Not much prior electronic knowledge is necessary for any of these cool projects, all you need is the soldering project box and some other basic tools.

If the technical aspects are a bit too difficult for you to wrap your head around, you can even ignore that and still produce the same end result if you follow along with the steps correctly.

So, let’s get started with the simple soldering project ideas!

1. Practice Soldering on Perfboards

Perfboards soldering projects

If you’re completely new to soldering, you need to practice with your soldering kit as much as you can to make yourself acquainted. You wouldn’t want to cause a mishap with the soldering iron which might lead to an accident.

That’s why this basic soldering project is perfect for you to practice as much as you want.

2. Learn to Solder Splice Wire

Learning to solder wires is a complicated task for most beginners who work with soldering. You will easily create a bad joint by misplacing the iron.

If you follow the lash splice soldering technique, you’ll get rid of bad joints and all the wire mishaps of soldering wires that might occur.

3. Elenco Soldering Project

Solder Splice Wire

This soldering project for beginners will help you improve your soldering skills, familiarize you with a range of electrical components, and give you with a finished unit that will play the entertaining sound of a two-tone European siren.

A multi-vibrator circuit is demonstrated in this kit. Printed circuit boards are found in almost every gadgets nowadays, and whether you’re putting one together or fixing one, you’ll need to know the basics of dealing with them.

This basic project of soldering will help improving your skills as a beginner and help you make your way through more advanced projects.

4. MintyBoost


This is arguably one of the very popular beginner projects and there are quite some reasons for that as well.

This fun soldering project is very well suited for you if you are just tired of paying a lot of money to be able to charge your USB devices with a portable charger on the go. If you don’t want to buy a charger off of Amazon, then this is it!

With the MintyBoost soldering project, you are able to make your own USB charger that is completely battery-powered for you to be able to use it on the go. Either put it in a tin box or make use of your creativity and create battery packs of your own.

It is quite easy to make and is not too complicated. You are also able to buy this kit online to build it and unlike many other electronic projects for beginners, this one actually gives you something pretty useful!

5. Brain Game

The cool project for beginners is a memory game that is both entertaining and demanding. It’s simple to put together and play. All you need are four LEDs and four push buttons to have hours of fun with your basic tools of soldering.

The goal of this cool project is to replicate a pattern generated by the MK112 at random. The player is shown the pattern both visually and vocally, or simply visually.

It has four difficulty levels that may be chosen at the start. To make the game even more tough, the replay speed steadily rises during the game. 

6. Fume Evacuator

If you are looking for a simple solution to evacuate fumes from your house, then try out this soldering project.
You’ll need a glue gun, soldering iron, flux core, dupont male-female-housings, electro tape or heatshrinks, and scissors.

The steps are simple to follow and easy for beginners. You just need to solder a few wires and attach some tubes to a fan, and you’re done!

7. Tin Stereo Mixer

This project works great with a tin case and they can be very versatile when it comes down to use.

What makes this project pretty cool and interesting is that it can let you use multiple inputs for audio into a car stereo. As far as beginner electronics projects are involved, It’s not much of a complicated project so you don’t need to be worried about that.

This nifty device doesn’t really have a lot going for it but it’s a helpful tool when you actually need it.

8. Tinkercad Badge

This project is perfect for teachers, although anyone can get their hands on it as it’s quite fun! You’ll be able to create cute Tinkercad badges with basic soldering techniques with this project.

You can wear the beautiful pins yourself or use them as positive reinforcements for kids.

9. Etoput DIY Retro Gaming Project

Etoput DIY Retro Gaming Project

The Etoput DIY soldering project is a fun small portable device that includes a few of very simple games. Its primary selling point is that it comes as a kit that you must assemble yourself using your soldering stations. Soldering the kit together might take up to two hours.

It’s a portable gaming device that lets you play arcade games. It comes with 5 classic games from the 51 single-chip games, which is more than enough to keep you entertained.

It features a buzzer that plays a gaming sound in the background. You may check your real-time score to see how many points you can obtain. You can save the highest score at the same time as well. 

It looks fantastic once the kit has been soldered and everything has been put together!

10. MiniPOV v4

This is another exciting little programmable project that you can try with your basic soldering tools.

Now, don’t be too scared because we mentioned programming. You can easily get your way around that if you have no previous knowledge at all.

It essentially involves programming a micro-controller, assembling kits to make blinky stuff.

To get by the programming codes, you can easily just go online and download the program code needed for the micro-controller. You also just need to change around a few lines of code if you really want to program something of your own into the device.

This project can be done with ease as long as you go through the steps carefully and it can be a great introduction to programming micro-controllers since you won’t really be doing that much work.

11. Joule Thief

A joule thief is a device that increases a low DC voltage to higher. You can even squeeze a little more energy out of a battery which other gadgets would believe to be depleted.

You won’t get a lot of current out of it, but it’ll be enough to light up a battery-powered 3 volt LED that’s been depleted to less than a volt.

It’s called a joule thief for this reason. It’s almost as if you’re siphoning power from a battery that’s been dead. For the same reason, some people refer to it as a zombie circuit.

This is a nice circuit to practice soldering if you’re a beginner in soldering.

12. WEmake DIY Radio

WEmake DIY Radio

Lots of projects for beginners in soldering allow you create fun tools. This DIY radio project box allows you to make a functioning radio from the PCB through the soldering to the final!

This kit comes with all of the tools you’ll need to finish the task. After you’re don with all the soldering, you’ll end up having a FM radio that receives FM signals and searches for FM stations using electronic auto-scan.

This scan mechanism uses two button switches: one scans up, and the other restores the tuning position to the beginning. 


Soldering can be a fun way to create new things and experiment with a lot of fun stuff. By following the proper safety tips and finding the proper guidelines, you can enjoy working on soldering projects all day long!

As a beginner, you should start off with easy projects like the ones mentioned in this article and make sure to give it a lot of time and practice to see your hard work come to fruition. We hope our guide on soldering projects for beginners was helpful to you!


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