Best Simadre Plasma Cutters Review: A Must-Read Before Buying

How would you feel about paying for an item that meets your expectations and beyond? Fulfilled, I guess. And that is the main aim of this piece.

On the flip side, getting a high-quality item is not as easy as it may seem. Even when we were researching for these best plasma cutters, it resulted in days of no rest.

 The testing was tiresome, like nothing else. Anyway, it is our pleasure to finally present to you the simadre plasma cutter review that has the top 3 cutting machines.

Simadre Dual Voltage 50 AmpSimadre Dual Voltage 50 Amp
  • Duty cycle: 60%
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Air supply: 4.5 CFM @ 75 PS
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Simadre 5200dx Plasma CutterSimadre 5200dx Plasma Cutter
  • Duty cycle: 60%
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Weight: 28 lbs
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Simadre Pilot Arc 3 in 1 CutterSimadre Pilot Arc 3 in 1 Cutter
  • Duty cycle: 60%
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Weight: 32 lbs
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1. Best for automatic protection – Simadre pilot arc 110/220v

Are you a real plasma cutters hobbyist and need an item of your level? The simadre pilot arc cutting machine is likely to surpass your expectations. It has quite a huge continuous duration, longer cutting rating, to mention a few.

Simadre 50r Dual Voltage 50 Amp DC Inverter Plasma Cutter with Power Torch 1/2


  • 110/220 dual voltage.
  • 60% duty cycle & 85% efficiency.
  • 200 AMP Arc.
  • Cutting Thickness(mm): 1-16.
  • Power Frequency: 50/60.

Below are the details of its features.

1. Continuous cutter

The key feature that earns this item positive reviews is its duty cycle. But before we get any deep, let me explain what the duty cycle means.

The duty cycle rating refers to the amount of time a cutter can work continuously. For that reason, the greater the duty cycle, the longer working time without compromising on efficiency.

This simadre item has a duty cycle of 60%. Undeniably, it is even beyond the average. Hence, usable for very extended sessions.

2. Sturdy

Further, this excellent machine is meant for every thick metal. Why?

This is it; it has a 200AMP tig torch, making it possible to handle very tough metals.

Even to take things to a higher level, it is a dual and high voltage item. Do you know what that means? It will cut the metals at a fast speed with very smooth and clean cuts

3. Auto-cutter

Additionally, this machine also incorporates the latest technologies. It has an automatic power sensor that can detect the power supply voltage of 120v/240v and a frequency of 60HZ.

4. Long-living

The longevity of promising features is beyond what you see with your eyes. That is, besides the sturdy casings, more in-depth, it has a cooling fan.

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Let me paraphrase; it isn’t just a mere fan but a massive cooling fan. Consequently, it has a thermostatic protector for an extended life span.

Simadre Plasma Cutter Review


  • A fast speed cutter.
  • Usable for continuous cutting sessions.
  • A perfect cutter for thick metals due to its fantastic tig torch.
  • Constructed for a longer life span.
  • Avails very smooth and fine cuts.


  • The air valves need to be enhanced.

2. Best for high efficiency – Simadre 5200dx 110v/220v plasma cutter

Among the key features that are hard to find in a plasma cutter is the ability to cut in tight places, durability, and a fast cutting device.

Luckily the simadre 5200dx plasma cutter brings a difference.

It incorporates not only all those rare features but also the inverter technology and the SIMCT-5200DX cutter technology, which is essentially the newest in the industry.

Simadre 5200dx 110v/220v 50a Plasma Cutter 200a Tig Arc Mma Welder


  • 85% efficiency & 60% duty cycle
  • 110/220v power supply
  • 0.93 power factor
  • Cut thickness: 1-16
  • Protection class: IP21

And that is not all- below are more details.

1. Compact design

Is your workshop small such that storing the plasma cutter will be an issue? This simadre is of compact design. Consequently, it takes very little floor space.

But wait- there’s something more fascinating.

Due to the compact design of this item, it is superlight. Subsequently, it promises not only portability but also relatively strain-less handling for better control.

2. High working efficiency

Considering this item’s construction, I would be authentic to say that every feature focuses on ensuring a high-efficiency level. Just be patient- below are my reasons.

First is its high percentage duty cycle. Therefore it can cut for many extended periods efficiently.

Next are the cutting rates. Truthfully, it can cut 1″ steel at 3″ per minute and 17″ per minute at ½” thick steel. With that, you would agree it’s a fast-speed tool

Lastly, it has both pre-flow time and post-air time control. Therefore, its adjustments are nothing like you have experienced before.

3. Flexible torch

Before we get to the torch’s flexibility, which escalates the user experience, let’s first examine its working amperage.

The exceptionally high working amperage cuts the thick metals with relatively the same ease as the thin metals. Actually, despite the thickness, its cutting speed remains fast as usual.

Now to the flexibility feature. As a result of the flexible tig torch, it can cut through tight places, which can be problematic with a simple cutting machine. (Read more about klutch plasma cutter reviews).

Simadre 5200dx 110v/220v plasma cutter


  • An extremely light item for portability.
  • An efficiency level of 85%.
  • It comes with a ground cable and ground clamp.
  • Incorporates the inverter technology, which leads to high frequency.
  • It can cut even in tight places.


  • Requires an argon tank for the cutting torch.

3. Best for 3 in 1 – Simadre 50r dual voltage plasma cutter

Do you frequently question if simadre welders are any good? This item settles all the speculations.

It is listed among the most lightweight and portable MOSFET 50r machines.

However, its most outstanding feature is its energy-saving nature. Thus, not only an affordable item but also very economical in the long run.

Simadre Pilot Arc 110/220v 3in1 50a Cutter and 200a Tig/Mma/Arc Welder 520dp


  • 3/4" cutting thickness rating
  • Requires 4.5CFM@ 75PDSI air pressure
  • 60% duty cycle
  • An input voltage of 110v/220v

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Let’s look at its most exceptional features

1. Thermostatic protection

The lack of an efficient cooling mechanism is the greatest threat to plasma cutters. But, you know, we couldn’t list a short living item.

That is why this fantastic cutter has a massive cooling fan to offer thermostatic protection.

Further, it is also of very sturdy materials to increase its life span.

2. Continuous operations

If your workshop is always busy, you should consider this device. It has a very high duty cycle rating. Resultantly, it can cut for extended periods continuously.

3. Wide-range cutter

Which metals do you think are the hardest to cut? Is it alloy steel, aluminum, or copper?

This digital inverter air plasma cutter has no limitation at all. It can handle most of the most rigid metals, including alloy and mild steel, copper, and aluminum.

Besides handling tough metals, it also easily divides the thick metal plates at a fast speed.

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Simadre 50r dual voltage plasma cutter


  • Has immaculate and smooth cuts.
  • Cuts not only tough but also thick metals.
  • Compact design plasma cutter.
  • Energy-saving, hence economical.
  • It has a digital display.
  • Comes with hose clamps.


  • Requires very high air pressure.


To sum up, purchasing a plasma cutter needs a lot of things to be kept into consideration. A few of them are cutting rate, air pressure, power source, cutting torch, and the power cable.

At times, you are likely to be in a dilemma of what to look for and what to ignore. Because, honestly, it is tough to get all those features incorporated. Still, the struggle is likely to result in an underperforming item.

That’s the main reason we considered composing the simadre plasma cutter review, which consists of the top 3 rated cutters. At least, if you don’t get these items, ensure you don’t pay for anything below their level.