Primeweld Plasma Cutters Review — Here’s what you have to know!

Do you need a cutting machine that is fast and avails clean and smooth cuts? Do you feel like your current plasma cutter has unmanageable maintenance costs?

Allow me to introduce the primeweld plasma cutters that will settle most, if not all, of your troubles. The primeweld plasma cutters have an affordable price range, promises safety and fast cutting speed.

Though, what is unique about these devices is their versatility and robust construction. Thus, they can cut a wide range of materials and can be used for industrial applications.

To avoid more stories, let’s have the primeweld plasma cutter reviews

1. Primeweld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

First is the 50A plasma cutter that incorporates most expectations of a real plasma cutter hobbyist.

Due to its high frequency, it has a fast-cutting speed with minimal workpiece distortion. But what outstand to most people is its economical maintenance and fewer risks.

Features of the Primeweld 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

• Mosfet transistors

To begin, this excellent plasma cutter is optimized to provide high power for thick metals as well as a steady power flow for thin metals.


It has MOSFET transistors, which optimize the power flow and ensure a steady power flow.

As a result, the cuts of this cutting machine are not only smooth but also very clean.

• Robust

Due to the robust construction of this device, it is commonly used for industrial applications.

Its design and crafting make it withstand harsh and rugged conditions. Consequently, it delivers high performance alongside longevity.

• Portable

Besides being fit for industrial applications, this item’s compact design still makes it recommendable for home use.

Let me explain.

It is a lightweight item that makes it less straining to carry.

To top it off, this item has an exquisite handle for transportation.

Lastly, as a result of its compact design, it takes a small floor area for storage.

• A fantastic plasma torch

The manufacturer includes not just a mere cutting torch but of high quality.

This is what I mean-

The cutting torch operates at a high frequency.  Thus, it cuts at a very high speed despite the metal thickness.

What’s more?

Beyond that, due to the high frequency, it has less distortion on the working material.

Primeweld Plasma Cutter Reviews


  • A user-friendly cutting handle.
  • Delivers high power for thick metals.
  • A very lightweight item.
  • Requires lesser cleaning.
  • It produces small amounts of noxious gasses.
  • A fast cutting machine.


  • Not recommendable for extremely lengthy working sessions.

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2. Primeweld 50A, Cut50dp portable plasma cutter

Nevertheless, the 50DP plasma cutter is a portable, durable, and expectation meeting item, making it worth the money.

It is recommendable for industrial use due to its heavy-strength construction as well as home use due to its portability.

Features of the Primeweld 50A, Cut50dp portable plasma cutter

• Non-touch pilot arc

For industrial applications, we might have overly greasy and rusty working materials.

Imagine cutting that dirty-looking piece without necessarily having to touch it.

What do I mean?

This plasma cutter has a non-touch pilot. Consequently, it is possible to cut a working piece without touching it.

Primeweld 50A, cut50dp portable plasma cutter

• Versatile

Do you feel that your current plasma cutter is limiting you on the materials you can work on?

This item has a high level of versatility to increase the number of materials you can work on. That is due to its dual voltage capability as well as the dual-frequency.

Some of the materials it can cut are stainless steel, mild steel, painted metals, aluminum, and many more. 

• Handy

You don’t have to worry about how you will be transporting this fantastic plasma cutter.

Yes! I meant that. It has a carrying handle which is quite user-friendly and gentle to the hands.

To top it off?

This machine is lightweight. Thus, taking its portability to a higher level.


Due to the lightweight nature of this device, it increases the effectiveness of the user controls. Therefore, it is less prone to accidents.

• Environmentally friendly

In addition to ensuring that you have an easy time operating this tool, the manufacturer also ensured it does not pollute the environment.


The machine produces very negligible amounts of noxious gases. Hence, it reduces the levels of air pollution compared to other cutting machines.


  • Can be used on greasy and rusty surfaces.
  • It has up to 3 years warranty.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A user-friendly carrying handle.
  • Dual-frequency and voltage for versatility.


  • The amperage should not be adjusted while the machine is on.

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The primeweld plasma cutters have done nothing less but a positive change to the plasma cutters’ user experience.

Their cutting machines avail very smooth and clean cuts for both thick and thin metals. As a matter of fact, they usually have dual frequency and dual voltage to ensure steady voltage output.

Do you need such items? Check this primeweld plasma cutter review.

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