Plasma Cutter Projects – Earn $15k+ in Less Than 15 Days

Are you thinking of ideas to earn money from plasma cutters? At this age of opportunity and technology, there are several ways of earning a living from a plasma cutter or affordable welder.

Numerous basic art designs can come out of the CNC cutting machines to create products that can be sold for money. If you enjoy the idea of a plasma cutter, then you can use your passion and plasma cutting skills to earn money.

Several basic art designs are readily available to generate art, with the following plasma cutter projects ideas allow you to make money.

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What can you do with a plasma cutter?

A plasma cutter is a device that uses a jet of hot plasma to cut through metal. They are often used in industrial and construction settings to cut through metal plates and pipes. These cutters can also be used for precision work, such as cutting out intricate designs in metal.

The plasma cutter creates a high-temperature jet of gas that quickly cuts through the metal. The gas is ionized, meaning that the electrons have been stripped from the atoms. This creates a very hot gas that can easily cut through metal.


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Plasma cutters are amazing machines that can create beautiful pieces of art or be put to use in a number of different projects. Here are twelve of the best projects that you can try your hand at.

1. Hexagon fire pit

plasma cutter projects

This is one of the big plasma cutting projects that can be used to make money. It is possible to create a variety of fire pits for the customers and sell them at a fee. For starters, this plasma cut project entails cutting it out in the desired shape, cleaning it up and painting with high-temperature spray paint and you are done.

In some instances, you can decide to present the product to the customer when it is less unfinished, allowing them the freedom to paint with their desired color and design. As such, this plasma cutting project design does not require cutting or welding.

2. Coffee table build with the plasma cutter

In this video, you will get step by step guide of the coffee table.

3. Corn Liquor Moonshine CNC Plasma Project

Making this product entails cutting out 14 gauge steel then painting them into the desired picture to sell to the customer. The plasma project is a top seller that is purchased use in a home or restaurant décor.

With this product, you can cut at 12 and 14 inches high, which makes it appealing to a broad audience. The product can also be enlarged to fit in a customized window display, as requested by the customer. The plasma project can also be made from polished stainless steel, giving it a different type of appearance. (Want to know about the plasma table review. Let’s check this article).

4. Chiminea fire pit

This design is one of the common plasma cut projects due to being portable, and will quickly sell to people with fire pits. It can be designed in several forms, which can be created rapidly and efficiently.

You can create this plasma project without having to do welding or bolding because of its ease to connect it together. The plasma cut project can also be quickly taken when a season is over to help keep it in shape for an upcoming season. It is ideal for people with an outdoor patio area seeking to contain the mess.

5. Hanging lanterns

Here is the complete and step by step guide to making hanging lanterns. Let’s start…

6. Wild bear clock CNC plasma file

You can make an income from selling this plasma file as it creates beautiful décor for a house wall while doubling as a clock. It is easy to make and design as it only requires cutting into the desired shape.

The plasma file can be developed by drilling a hole in the center of the plasma to allow for easy mounting to the wall.

After that, an additional wall mount to the plasma which does not require any extra labor will be the end of it. The wild bear clock plasma file is one of the easiest projects that can be made quickly and efficiently, and can instantly sell to anyone who is in love with animals.

7. Wine rack CNC plasma file

This plasma file is known for its simplicity in creating and applying the final finishes. The target market for this product are people who want to store wine in their homes or offices that can be custom made.

The advantage of this plasma file is that it is hard to make a mistake since there is little finishing. This is because a design that has more steps makes it easy to mess when producing it. The fact that it is easy and straightforward to make means the customer will get a perfect product.

8. Eagle flag project

The eagle flag plasma table is a popular design for the CNC plasma cutting project. This project is made with 14 inches wide and has a minimum of about 13-inch narrow cutting width. The eagle flag project has been a popular product on the market that can be designed for different sayings.

Like other art files, the eagle flag project is best when made from plasma files as opposed to using a laser. It is easier designing this project into small cuts, which means you have no issues with cutting the file excessively large.

9. Smoking BBQ sign

The BBQ sign is loved for its flexibility that will allow you to make extra cash with the plasma table. The product, once created, is used in bars, restaurants, and home décor, though it can also be customized to meet individual needs.

All BBQ lovers who engage in smoking and grilling meat at home will also love such a plasma cut. When designing the plasma file, you will need to make it three dimensional, while adding several inch spacers.

10. Solar wall or table sconce project

This is a popular outdoor solar wall Sconce that can be used in the house or garage. With this plasma table, custom designs in three dimensions can be made for outdoor sconces and customized to a unique project for home decoration.

You will only need to cut and assemble the material after designing to create a unique design that will appeal to the customer. The flexibility of this solar wall project means you can use different scenes and change them as desired by the client.

The best thing about this sconce project is that it can be made cheaper solar lights, which can be cut from the plasma table.

11. Humorous complaint sign

Another plasma project idea is to make a humorous complaint sign and sell to anyone who has a unique taste in wall décor as well as those in love with vehicles.

This file is designed and made in several different ways to appeal to diverse preferences. This can be a unique idea on the list of plasma cutting projects since due to its ease of design. The project will provide any customer with a good laugh and spice any garage, office, or home décor.

This plasma project can be cut at 16 inches wide, which means you will easily customize it using little material. It is ideal for anyone who likes entertainment and a light time while in office.

12. Shark sign project

This CNC plasma project is another plasma table project that can be added to a home or office décor. The design can be sold to individuals who have a room that is full of items such as beers, darts, pools, and football games.

When placed in the house, it can turn to liven the room and make everything appear pleasant. As such, anyone who comes across the shark sign project will want to buy and own it in their home. When designing this plasma project, you only need to select the desired shape and cut it put, then paint while putting in the final touches.


Several project ideas can be implemented with the CNC plasma table and turned into an income-earning project. With the custom files listed above, you can do the plasma projects and turn them into a product line.

These projects are easy to design and create, which starts by cutting into the desired shape. While it can be difficult deciding on the best plasma project to create, this paper presents an idea of how a person can earn n income out of the files. Most of these projects are done in mild steel, but they can also be done in aluminum, wood, or plastic.

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