What Is The Ideal Plasma Cutter MIG Welder Combo?

Plasma cutters deal with metal cuts whereas MIG welders deal with metal plating. And the two tasks are right next to each other on many projects.

Therefore, enthusiasts developed multi-process combos using the devices. But not many budget-friendly options are available in the market.

There’s no need to spend extra money on a commercial plasma cutter MIG welder combo. You should check the article to satisfy your demands.

Can an MIG Welder be used as a plasma cutter?

Many budget-conscious customers look for MIG welder conversion to a plasma cutter. And it raises the obvious question with lots of confusion.

The short answer to the troublesome question remains no for most models. The actual challenge concerns the difference in output voltage. Plasma torch operating at 100V remains lower than the necessary WORKING voltage.

Some convertible options will need an air compressor with a carbon electrode to replace the wire. But you must confirm its authenticity for application.

Plasma Cutter and MIG Welder Combo

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What are the advantages of using a Plasma Cutter MIG Welder Combo?

The advantages of a plasma cutter and MIG welder in a single unit are that they can be used in a wide range of metal fabrication jobs. They work well with materials such as aluminum, steel, and even stainless steel. The versatility of the combo is one of the main benefits.

The other benefit is that these welders are less expensive than the pure MIG welders and can be used for both finishing and finishing welds.

What are the challenges of using a Plasma Cutter MIG Welder Combo?

Plasma Cutters MIG Welders Combo is a popular tool for use in construction, but it’s not without its disadvantages.

There are several disadvantages to purchasing a plasma cutter MIG welder combo over a stand-alone device. One of the most common disadvantages is that these machines often lack sufficient power to run both functions simultaneously. This can be especially problematic with thicker metals and larger projects because the welding quality will undoubtedly suffer.

Another disadvantage of this device is its downfall when it comes to size and weight.

Why is the VIVOHOME CUT–50 the best Plasma Cutter MIG Welder Combo?

Not every project or hobbyist requires an expensive, powerful cutter-welder combo. Standard features suited for household uses can suffice the demand. And that’s where VIVOHOME designs a game-changing combination within budget.

VIVOHOME puts special emphasis on home improvement without getting fancy. Its intended CUT – 50 is a great combo to accomplish all the small-scale tasks. It contains minimalistic yet extremely versatile features to make your day.

Key Features

  • 110V input at 50Hz – 60Hz frequency.
  • Maximum 3.6KVA power absorption.
  • PMW technology to generate DC output.
  • Four levels for the current flow settings.
  • Ten different welding feed controls.
  • Integration of convenient flux-core wire.
  • Wide usability to cover standard metals.

Why Do We like the VIVOHOME CUT–50?

  • Input Power – The MIG welder itself holds 110V input at 60HZ frequency. Meanwhile, the plasma cutter checks 110V/220V input at 50Hz frequency. Either device directly comes in standard household electricity rating. Therefore, you won’t need an additional converting adapter to make the combo work.
  • PMW Technology – The plasma cutter generates its DC output using the tech. It imparts about 1.8 times faster efficiency than oxy-acetylene cuts. Step down voltage with rectification current works with the MIG welding. The high-frequency action can comfortably tackle thin metal sheets.
  • Duty Cycle – The output range remains confined to 50 Amps to 120 Amps. It’s the preferable range to enable maximum precision on light projects. However, the duty cycle counts 15% against a steady 105 Amps output. The welding stands constant without slowing down or reducing the efficiency.
  • Heat Protection – Overheat protection goes hand in hand with the duty cycle. Still, you should emphasize the feature for overall working safety. The back section already contains an indicator light to denote heat overloads. You must give the device a break when the light starts to illuminate.
  • Speed Settings – The welder incorporates two distinctive buttons – Min/Max & 1/2. You can control the flow of electricity to change the intended output. Meanwhile, the variable feed control accommodates 10 different settings. However, the cutter isn’t exactly holding extremely wide/broad specifications. It contains a rotary knob to let you adjust the amperage from 20A to 50A. Also, you should check the button to switch between 2.5S & 5S cutting output.
  • Portable Specs – Steel construction definitely contributes to the device’s weight. But you don’t have to struggle carrying the combo using top handles. Reduced size for the rectangular shape actually requires minimal space. And the bottom contains rubberized supports to ensure complete stability.

What are the weaknesses of the VIVOHOME CUT–50?

No Air Compressor – The combo pack lacks any inclusion of an air compressor. You’ll have to make an extra purchase to fire up the devices.

Insufficient Cord Length – Many users may find it difficult to reach the electric outlet. You may need to patch an additional cord to resolve the issue.

No Pro Application – It’s strictly designed for light, small-scale uses only. Any attempt to accomplish a heavy project will affect the precision.

What can I do with the VIVOHOME CUT–50?

Metal Plasma Cutting Strict device usability counts all standard metal sheets. It includes – mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum & others.

Steel MIG Welding – The featured TIG welder is extremely suitable for stainless steel sheets. It also supports mild steel or aluminum on individual working action.

Cutting – Welding Action: Patching the devices will immediately broaden the applicability. You can consider almost all metal sheets for your small-scale project. And you can induce 1mm – 12mm cutting thickness to match the welding plate spec.

What is included in the VIVOHOME CUT-50 package?

The package contains multiple accessories to let you cover all the specs. Likewise, the largest parts concern one MIG welder against one plasma cutter.

Additional pieces count as a welding helmet, a welding wire brush & a welding gun. One grounding clamp comes with a charging nozzle & supporting base.

Multiple small accessories will let you complete the setup by yourself. Of course, a user manual is available to let you know all the essential information.

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Are VIVOHOME Welders Any Good?

In the welding industry, there are a variety of machines that people use to weld metal. Some of those machines are nice and some are not as nice. It is hard to determine which type of welder is more appropriate for a specific job because so many factors come into play.

The VIVOHOME welder is a new type of welder that came onto the market and it has been getting a lot of attention. The company’s current flagship product is the VIVOHOME 801W, which provides powerful performance and convenience for welders. There are only two major drawbacks to this machine, but it still offers excellent value for beginners or intermediate users.

Many consumers are wondering if VIVOHOME welders really work well. These welders are designed for small jobs and may be a good option if you do not want to buy a large, expensive welder. If you’ve been looking for the perfect welder to make some repairs around your house, this might be the perfect option for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What sized spool do I need for the combo?

Answer: A standard 2” spool should match the unit.

Question: What amp outlet is perfect for VIVOHOME?

Answer: A 20Amp outlet works perfectly with VIVOHOME.

Question: Is there any preference for the wires?

Answer: Any brand to market high-quality wires is okay.

Question: Can the combo work on battery power?

Answer: You can consider a 12V/24V DC battery pack.

Question: What does it take to reach the welding temp?

Answer: The welder can reach its temp within 5 secs.

Question: Is there any built-in air-cooling system?

Answer: Of course, the welder contains a cooling fan.

Question: What’s the wire diameter for the welder?

Answer: The wire diameter counts 0.30” for the welder.

Question: What’s the purpose of flux-core wires?

Answer: It prevents oxidation of the welded surface.


The market remains overwhelmed with many conceivable choices. But VIVOHOME can outmatch others in terms of efficiency, budget & portability.

The plasma cutter MIG welder contains everything to accomplish your objectives. Just check the info to confirm its acceptance to secure the outcome.