Pipeline Welding Schools Near Me: Find Your Future Career

It is projected that there will be over 488,999 job openings in the pipeline welding field by 2028. This makes welding among the careers with lots of employment opportunities.  Welders are in demand across different industries like aerospace, construction, automotive and building. 

There are several pipeline welding schools around. However, not all these schools offer top welding education due to the type of facilities they have, lecturers teaching experience and location. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best pipeline welding schools near me.

Demand for Pipeline Welders

The number of vacancies for pipeline welders is always increasing by the day thanks to the increase in development projects. 

Welders will always understand different blueprints and calculate dimensions. They inspect materials and structures that will ensure quality welds. 

There are high performing welders who know the importance of keeping their machinery and welding equipment in good working condition. Welders are in a position to using hand held metal joining tools to join parts permanently together with filling holes, indentations and seams. 

What Do Pipeline Welders Do? 

Pipeline welders are responsible for joining and repairing tubular products together with metallic pipe components together with assembling as part of building, structures, vessels and standalone pipeline construction. 

They use different welding equipment and processes in a wide range of construction, commercial and industrial environments. 

Below are some of the main roles of pipeline welders:

  • Primary welding for the repair, construction and maintenance of pipeline assemblies and systems
  • Cutting, straightening, dismantling and reshaping of sections and components of pipes. 
  • Carrying out welding of live or hot-tapping of the pipelines
  • Welding equipment maintenance

Most of the welders do supervise a team of assistants or helpers and can also be responsible for carrying out training of apprentice welder on the work site. 

Cost of Pipeline Welding Schools 

The cost of tuition you will have to pay to become a certified welder will depend on the school you study.  The tuition fees will vary depending on several factors such as training type, program length and state. There are courses which offer certification when one is done with 7 month training while other courses can take up to four years to complete. 

In most cases, the welding school tuition will start at $5,000 for courses that up to 7 months. A college welding program can cost you up to $15,000 for courses that last for more than 1 year. Depending on what you want to study, a college program can offer lots of benefits when compared to welding training that offers few expenses and does not last long. 

7 Best Pipeline Welding Schools 

Kentucky Welding Institute

The instructors at Kentucky Welding Institute offer immense wealth in the welding industry knowledge right from project bidding, shop fabrication and entrepreneurship.  The experienced staff at Kentucky Welding Institute will work round the clock to ensure you get started with your dream welding career. 

Kentucky Welding Institute strives at getting you out of school within the shortest time, the sessions there last up to 8 hours just like in a work environment.  However, 1 hour is usually devoted to classroom instructions while seven hours is devoted to skill development. 

Western Welding Academy

Western Welding Academy  is one of the few pipeline welding schools that is owned and operated by pipeline welders. At Western Welding Academy employs the best and most skilled welders who are responsible for teaching the students how best to weld pipes. 

The lead instructor who is also the founder of the Western Welding Academy, Tyler Sasse has earned countrywide reputation in the quality and knowledge he possesses.

UA Training Center

UA Training Center has over 30,000 square feet of training space and up to 75 welding booths.  The center has invested in the latest technology and uses modern training techniques.  Most of the experienced welders who are interested in earning multiple in-demand welding certifications are always free to do so at the state of the art training facility.  There are five classroom each having full multimedia potentials. 

Tulsa Welding School 

Tulsa Welding School was founded by two welders back in the 1949 to help meet the rising demand of skilled tradespeople. Tulsa Welding School quickly rose to become a multi campus training student’s skills and knowledge that will help them prosper in the welding industry. 
Tulsa Welding School recently expanded its programs and has opened two campuses to help meet the growing demand for both welding and technicians in the HVAC/R and welding industries.

Elite Welding Academy

Elite Welding Academy has a host of accreditations that will help prepare its students to be successful in the industrial, commercial, and manufacturing industries.   For example, it will take a student up to 1000 hours to complete a structural and pipe welding program.  

The program will help you prepare for structural welding, pipe welding, and manufacturing welding in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial industries.   After every program, you will always be issued a certificate of completion. 

Alabama Pipe Welders Academy

Alabama Pipe Welders Academy has a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. This ensures students get more of one-on-one training. Be sure of succeeding if you register at the academy.  The instructors at the academy treat their students as real craftsmen. 

The academy’s welding booths are fully equipped with everything to ensure maximum efficiency as the students learn the basics.  The instructors have a combined experience of over 50 years. The students will get NDT training that will ensure they are certified and qualify for an inspection job. 

Central Arizona College

Central Arizona College was founded in 1969 and was meant to bring higher education to the Pinal County. The college educates and serves the various community found in Pinal County. There are a total of five campuses and three centers which are strategically located throughout the count. 

Central Arizona College helps in offering accessible, economic, personal growth opportunities for students of different ages. The staffs at Central Arizona College are innovative and talented and strive at fostering a learning spirit.

Career Opportunities for a Pipeline Welder

It is possible to have a career as an assembler, welding inspector, manufacturing welding technician, technical sales or robotics repair and maintenance among other specialized areas. 

There are several career benefits especially for individuals who like using their hands and are mechanically inclined and enjoy using their skills in building tangible creation, structure or project. 

Here are some of the popular welding career opportunities:

  • Sales 
  • Education 
  • Inspection 
  • Robotics 
  • Project management 
  • Engineering 


There are several welding schools in the United States. However, the schools we have listed above are most outstanding for any student.  It is advisable that you first think about the type of education you want in order to make the right choice. There is a possibility that you might be in need of lots of welding time when in school or lots of theory. 

It is also important that you conduct a search on the welding schools in your state. There are top welding schools that are part of the community and have a history of offering efficient pipeline welding programs. 

In case you are not sure which welding school to choose, it is advisable that seek the opinions of previous students or visit the schools and check what facilities they have and how they are managed.  Settle for schools that have been credited by the American Welding Society. There are schools that might not have the biggest facilities but are great at offering quality pipeline welding education.