Optrel Panoramaxx Review — Is It Worth The $300+ Price Tag?

When talking about safety gear for welders, one seldom goes beyond the welding helmet.

Without a doubt, it is essential safety gear. Our Optrel Panoramaxx review will help you make an informed decision on safety, range of welding, a snug fit with a wide viewing range, sensors, crystal clear view in the right color, and many more.   

One of the few high-end welding helmets, Optrel Panoramaxx, can be any welder’s dream safety gear. The safety helmet is one of the most prized creations from the reputed house of Optrel.

It complies with all OSHA regulations and is the perfect blend of technology, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Optrel Panoramaxx Review

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What Makes Optrel Panoramaxx The Best Helmet In Its Class?

The helmet has some of the most notable features that take care of all welders’ needs. It can be ideal for professionals and amateurs alike. For it covers the entire range of welding, cutting, and grinding.

• Expanded view area

With innovative design, the helmet provides a view area that is more than 600% larger than the standard welding helmet. It reduces extra movement and straining of the neck muscles and is a blessing while working in space with constraints.

• Life-like color vision

Viewing the arc and the pool in life-like color is made possible by the Swiss-made UV-IR- protective lenses with more than thirty layers.

The patented crystal-clear lens technology provides a crystal-clear view of natural colors.

It protects the eyes from UV and IR rays.

• Advanced ultra-sensitivity

It provides a complete safeguard against flashes and ensures smooth and strain-free transition in even the most challenging lighting and space constraints.

The patented Shadetronic technology uses five sensors. 

With hi-tech software, it provides the safest and smoothest light adjustments.

• Gradual light transition

The Twilight feature prevents the abrupt transition from dark to light. It delays the lightning in the lenses and provides ample time for the eyes to adjust to the normal light.

• Versatile shade range

Shade adjustments can sometimes be tricky, even in the most efficient auto-darkening helmets.

It can also be time-consuming. But with automated glare detection and shade adjustments in the range of five to twelve, the helmet makes welding safe and comfortable.

The patented Shade Tronic technology uses a hi-tech sensor to track the intensity of the arc. And regulate the darkening of the lens in real-time.

They are thus providing utmost safety for the delicate eyes, reducing strain and stress.

• Effortless grinding mode transition

Changing into a grinding mode is a breeze with the ergonomically placed pressure switch. Making the switch into the grinding way a child’s play. It saves time and improves productivity by enabling one to work uninterrupted.

• Reliable power source

With efficient solar-powered cells, the helmet seldom requires charging. For a less sunny day, a set of lithium-ion batteries with a USB hub can charge the helmet in an instant.

The power cells are highly efficient and are designed to last long working hours.

• Comfortable weight and fit

With the patented Iso-fit, you can adjust the length, height, and width. It also has a cushioned comfort pad and adjustable forehead stabilizer.

It is designed for a snug fit. Weighing a tad more than a pound, the helmet is surprisingly lightweight but durable.

What We Like Best About The Optrel Panoramaxx

1. Optrel Panoramaxx lenses

The lenses of this unique safety gear can be easily replaced and require no tools. Thus, cleaning and replacing the lenses is child’s play. 

2. Areas of operation

It is ideal for all-electric arc welding, Stick, SMAW, TIG, MIG, MAG, High melting rate process, Flux-Cored, Wide Welding, Plasma cutting and welding, Oxygen gas welding, and grinding.

What are the common problems of the Optrel Panoramaxx?

Lenses need delicate handling

The lenses provide the best of vision and protection. But need careful and delicate handling as they can easily crack.

Headgear quality

The headgear’s innovative design is not matched by the quality of the material and requires early replacement.

After-sales service

The high-end product lacks gold standard after-sales service. Arranging a return or finding a replacement part can be demanding. Despite the few shortcomings, Optrel Panoramaxx still is a favorite for most welders.

Optrel Panoramaxx Vs Speedglas

Let’s take a quick look at how these two high-end safety welding helmets stand in the following areas:

1. Viewing area

The Optrel Panoramaxx has a viewing area six times larger than standard helmets.

The Speedglas has a viewing area of 73 mm x 107 mm.

While the latter’s viewing area is more significant than most traditional helmets, the former provides the most expansive viewing area.

2. Shade range

Speedglas has a shade range of five to twelve, while Optrel ranges from four to thirteen and has a starting range of 2.5. The latter also has hi-tech sensors that continuously track light sensitivity and adjust the shade during operation.

3. Delay

Speedglas lacks the Twilight Mode that ensures a safe transition from dark to light.

4. Warranty

Optrel has a warranty period of two years while Speedglas provides a three-year warranty period.

The Speedglas comes a close second to the Optrel Panoramaxx in this review, despite the lower cost and more extended warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does it delay the lightning of the lens?

Ans: The Twilight Mode delays the lightning of the lens from dark to light.

Q: Is it equipped with a USB port for charging?

Ans: Yes, it has a USB HUB for charging.

Q: What is the Warranty period?

A: It comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty of Two years.


With the best clarity, viewing area, crystal clear vision in the right color. State-of-the-art technology for shade adjustments. Effortless change of mode, Optimum power consumption and USB charging make the Optrel Panoramaxx a welder’s dream helmet. 

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