Common Problems with the Multiplaz 3500 (Plus Safety Tips!)

Multiplaz 3500 is the machine that was invented in Switzerland to perform operations such as arc welding, metal cutting, soldering, and brazing of metals by utilizing plasma.

To realize the output, Multiplaz 3500 main components are plasma torch and electronic module which coordinate towards heating and delivering plasma ionization temperature of 80000c.

The effectiveness of the machine is achieved through positioning the nozzle at a certain distance from the workpiece, modes selection, and voltage control however the machine is still associated with the problems which have to be solved.

What are the common issues with the Multiplaz 3500 and how do you address them?

• Harmful electromagnetic emissions

Multiplaz 3500 emits electromagnetism conforming to Class A of electromagnetic compatibility module which is harmful when used in the residential area. The machine electromagnetism emission is difficult to detect in residential locations thus the main mode that can be used is checking electronic interference from welding.

Upon detecting the electromagnetism emissions, expert personnel should be contacted to determine the control measures taken to avoid this unsafe condition.

• Restrictions on nearby equipment use due to electromagnetic interference

Since Multiplaz 3500 has greatly been associated with electromagnetism emission, the environment shouldn’t contain equipment that also emits electromagnetism as the hazardous surrounding is created due to the merging of emitted electromagnetism.

The equipment which also emits electromagnetism are: computers, radio transmitters and receivers, television signals, and other power and signal supply cables. Thus, provided safety measures in the operation manuals should be taken into account while performing welding activities.

• Power source limitations

As per the manufacturer standards, Multiplaz 3500 power should only be powered by the public power supply. Concerning the manufacturer’s rule, the machine is only limited to the source of power to be utilized.

Safety should be ensured at all times through the use of insulated cables when connecting Multiplaz 3500 to the source of power. Operating the machine as the operational safety health act (OSHA) standards should also be put into account.

• Risk of electric shock from bonded workpieces

Multiplaz 3500 is used to join pieces of metals together during fabrication. The machine is associated with high temperatures and this may make the workpieces to get bonded to other metals.

Electric shock is thus experienced when Multiplaz 3500 machine operator touches both the electrode and the other metals bonded to the workpiece. To enhance safety, machine operators should wear protective gear such as gloves during the welding process.

• Risk of electric shock due to idle voltage

When Multiplaz 3500 idle voltage exceeds 68 volts, there is a risk of electric shock in case the machine operator touches the torch or workpiece with bare hands. To operate in a safe environment, equipment such as a circuit breaker should be installed between the voltage input and output.

Moreover, the manufacturer has designed a protective tip in case the user comes into contact with the torch nozzle electric shock will not be experienced. Thus, machine parts should always be purchased from the manufacture during maintenance.

What are the parts of the Multiplaz 3500 machine?

Multiplaz 3500, consists of components that ease its operations. The major parts are power supply, torch, protective tip, combination wrench, filler holder, syringe, compass, spare part kit, casing, and compartments of operating manual and service certificates.

The assembled and various Multiplaz 3500 parts are shown below.

Multiplaz 3500 parts

While acquiring the equipment, the following are available.

power Supply1
Protective Tip1
Combination Wrench1
Filler Holder1
Torch holder2
MODE II Wire with Clamp1
Specialized Graphite Lubricant1
Ball Support1
Spare Parts Kit1
Clamp Bracket1
Operating Manual1
Service Certificate1


The machine is thus a saving money award when purchased by a company or individual.

Despite its multipurpose usage safety should be adhered to at all times to avoid risks such as Electromagnetism and Electric shock while operating the machine. To enhance machine safety and effectiveness, schedule maintenance and observing the set standards and guidelines are the key factors.