Plasma cutter 101: How to make money with a plasma cutter?

Are you a do-it-yourselfer Hobbist or artist?

If you love plasma cutting and you are slightly artistically minded, there are numerous ways to make money using your plasma cutting skills.

Yes, you read that right.

You got a great skill dude, so why don’t you make it profitable?

Let me show you how to make money with the best plasma cutter for money.

how to make money with a plasma cutter

Awesome Ways to Make Money with a Plasma Cutter

To most people, a plasma cutter is something from a Science Fiction movie. And you love to play with the plasma cutter. So it’s a big advantage.

Designing with plasma cutters: creating art for profit

Plasma cut artwork is quite demanding. Technically all of your plasma cutting artwork will need some form of object cutting. So it could be a great source of your earning. (Read more about plasma cutter projects)

If you plan on doing any amount of Plasma cutter patterns freehand, it’s a great idea to think about a workstation that will make you more passionate about the task. It’s not mandatory that your workstation has to be expensive or elaborate. It could be made of metal or wood.

Metal art crafting

Hi, hobby plasma cutter out there good news for you. You can make money by creating metal art with a plasma cutter.

Metal Artwork is actually a custom work craftsman specializing in elaborate metal artwork. Meanwhile, All metalwork masterpieces are the individualized metal design that stands out in any business, home, or even garden décor. So these Custom designs can be a good option to make money as well as artisan’s experience.

Steel portraits

This easy project is an awesome way to get your kids involved as an enjoyable family project.

What to know the best part?

It is easy to do, only needs a lot of imagination, which artist has an abundance of eagerly waiting to be tapped. So what’s the basic idea?

Well, it’s to use your plasma cutter to cut off the various shape of metal at various widths and attach those strips to design a portrait of someone. Of course, you can make any portrait you wish, a funny cartoon character, a pet’s face, or anything else you are confident enough to create.

Industrial CNC plasma cutter projects

Honestly speaking it’s not for Hobbist, kinda serious job. If you are confident enough about this, you can start a business with a CNC plasma table.

So how the plasma cutter works?

“CNC plasma” is a machine that consists of a plasma torch. You can move that torch in a position or path controlled by a computer. The term “CNC” actually refers to “Computer Numerical Control.” It means a computer is used to control or direct the motion of the machine. That’s why it’s recommended for pro welders only.

Hobby shops

You know how to use plasma cutters, right?

So don’t worry about earning. If you are confident enough to start a new venture, then start a hobby shop. It’s more profitable rather than working for someone else.

There are a fair amount of hobbyist shops that employ metalworkers. As I mention earlier, these metal artwork are quite demanding, so these Hobby Shops try to work on it.

Almost any hobby store that sells a lot of metal goods or modifies metallic products might be able to employ you with plasma cutting skills.

Crafting city silhouettes

The most advanced project of plasma cutting artwork. To complete the project you will need special tools.  If you are fluent with the cutter, this is a project that will test your skills and present you a masterpiece of art in return.