Lincoln Handy MIG Review – Is It Worth It?

Here’s the deal, the Lincoln Handy MIG gas welding machine is a robust and reliable MIG welding machine.

It is ideal for performing small welding jobs for metal sheets up to 1/8 inch.

It’s famous for beginners as it’s affordable price and handy to carry. But skilled welders also can use it because of its capability in precision and details.

If you are looking for something to do your small welding job conveniently, you should read this article till the end!

Lincoln Handy MIG review

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What are the features of the Lincoln Handy MIG Machine?

Now, here are some of the features of the Lincoln Handy MIG machine, making it such a handy welding machine.

  • The chart: It comes with a chart that makes it possible for users to select an ideal welding setting of their choice. It helps the machine perform optimally on each job.
  • The spool gun: The machine’s spool gun has auto-wiring technology that enables you to sort out your wire before welding. It prevents your wire from getting tangled.
  • Lightweight body: The device has a healthy body that is made of lightweight material.
  • Input power 120 V (standard household power).
  • Output power 80 Amp (max settings).
  • Four voltage settings.
  • Duty cycle; 20% at 70 Amp.
  • Cold contractor.
  • Built-in cooling fan-based cooling system; prevent gradual overheating.

Alternative to the Lincoln Handy MIG Machine

LOTOS 175 AMP Welder with Free Spool Gun, Mask, Argon Regulator


  • Weight: 85.0 pounds
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Weight: 85.0 pounds

What do we like the most?

Any Lincoln handy MIG review will note that the best thing about this Lincoln Electric K21851 welder is pretty straightforward, but here’s the kicker, the MIG welding machine is suitable for executing light and small jobs around your home.

What could be better?

Most customers who performed Lincoln Handy MIG welder reviews reported that it tends to overheat. At the same time, the machine is used for only light welding.

This overheating problem arises when in use for an extended period. It also comes with numerous features that appear cheap and weak, like the connecting cable.

Are Lincoln Handy MIG welders any good?

The Lincoln handy welding machine is packed with numerous options that give it some positive points against other devices. There is an in-built fan which helps to cool it.

This cooling ability enhances the durability of the machine. The machine is also ideal for all entry-level welders. The input current supplied is between 88 amps and 35 amps.

It gets better, the machine is perfect for people who are just starting in the world of welding. This is such an excellent welder as it needs to be plugged in. It is also pocket-friendly since it has a low voltage.

Lincoln Handy MIG duty cycle

The duty cycle of 20% at 70 Amp means this flux-cored welding capable of welding for two minutes over ten minutes. After 2 mins, the welding needs to rest and cool down.

Here’s the deal. The duty cycle is not dependent on the output (80 A). At its limit, Handy MIG has a shorter duty cycle.

Lincoln Handy MIG gas

K2185-1 welder performs the welding by shielding gas with a gas regulator. The solid wire electrodes will produce with clean and slag-free weld. You did not need to stop your welding progress from changing the electrode.

Lincoln Handy MIG parts

The LincolnHandy MIG welding machine comes with four primary parts. The first part is the MIG welding machine power supply, which generates electricity, which creates heat.

Secondly, we have the fire feed system used to feed the wire to the machine from the spool to the welding location.

The third part of the welding machine is the handle, which comes in the form of a trigger. It is used to control the wire feeder used to feed the wire straight from the spool to the welding location.

The fourth part is the shielding gas that is used to shield the welding component from the air.

What are the common problems with the Lincoln Handy MIG?

One of the problems of this Lincoln Handy MIG welder is that it can be used to weld only thin materials. It is not a welding machine to be used for welding thick materials. This machine consumes lots of time when welding.

It has a slow welding speed. Furthermore, it has a minimum deposition rate for the filler.

For its features, the price is relatively high. While suitable for professionals and the like, the machine is ideal for welders highly skilled in the craft.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a Lincoln MIG welder?

Ans: The Lincoln Electric welder is a portable, lightweight, and compact wire feed welder that plugs into a 20amp and 115V.

This welder is exceptionally user-friendly. The best part is that it comes with four different voltage settings plus continuous wire feed speed adjustment.

Q. What is the welding time of the Lincoln Handy MIG?

Ans: Welding time is how long the welding machine can be used before it gets overheated. This welder comes with a 20% duty cycle rated at 70A. Thus, if your welder gets to the 70A level, you could go on for 3 minutes welding without ever stopping.

What is the bottom line?

Handy MIG gives you convenience plus high efficient work. The best part is, this machine is suitable for detailed and precise results without much trouble.

The reasonable price makes it one of the choices for users who want to try it out besides for the pros to perform their job amazingly.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry cause another reason to have this handy MIG welder. Although its price is low, its durability is high and worth your money.

You need to buy this machine if your concerns are details and convenience.

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