Lincoln AC 225 Welder Review – Updated Guide

The advent of gas welding, especially inert metal gas (MIG) welding in recent years has caused some controversies between old and young welders. I happen to be a modern-day welder, and I’ve been using a gas welder since I started my welding career.

I use a 3-in-1 gas welder to do all my welding tasks. However, after reading a few arguments about gas welding and electric welding, I decided to try an electric welder, especially for my heavy metals welding.

With a lot of reviews about different electric arc welders and they were all fantastic and convincing.

However, one arc electric welder review caught my eyes; the lincoln electric ac225 welder review. 

Here’s the caption:

Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 arc welder is an exceptional, best-selling, and top-performing welding machine that uses electric current across a filter wire to an extremely high-temperature arc for welding a variety of metals such as alloys, stainless steel, and heavy-duty rusty or dirty metals.

It has incredible features, specifications, user ratings, and customer reviews. It is a portable welder, affordable, and saves you from the need to use a gas shield or gas shielding unit.

It fits perfectly with what I was looking for, and it matches all my preferences and thick metal welding. 

Lincoln AC 225 Welder Review

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What’s included with this package?

  • Lincoln Electric AC-225 AC Arc Welder.
  • Electrode holder.
  • Cable.
  • Clamp.

Who should use this product?

Stick welding has been around for ages, and gas welding has reduced its popularity in most places where electricity isn’t reliable. So, it is difficult to both learn and use, especially in monitoring and maintaining the right arc temperature for every metal.

However, it is easy to learn by anyone, including new, hobbyists, and expert welders who want to take their dirty metal welding to a new level. 


Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welder is used mainly for stick welding. Stick welding uses electricity across a welding stick, or filter wire called an arc welding electrode to create a smooth, heated arc that can deliver up to 6000o C.

This high temperature melts base metals and joins them seamlessly as a single piece. Stick welding or arc welding gives stronger common bonds than other forms of welding. It is more effective on most alloys and when walking on areas that are quite tricky.

Stick welding is carried out on thick metals from 18 gauges and above. However, Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welder can work well on 16-gauge metals, too, with great expertise.

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That’s not all:

Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welders on another level amongst arc welders. It is NEMA rated, UL listed, and CSA approved. It also has a wide welding amperage range from 40-225 Amps. It comes with 6 feet ground cord (input cable) with an attached plug and 10 feet welding cord.

The welding cord is connected to an insulated electrode holder. It is also portable and compact and will fit into your workstation without reducing the space of your work area.

It works on a variety of metals including cast iron, and in almost every review, it gets the job done. I really find this welder fascinating, and it cost nothing compared to what you get from it. 

What you should know about Lincoln AC 225 welder?

Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welder has a few notable features that I will like to let you know too.

1. Full Range Amp Selector

Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welder comes with an amperage selector switch that allows you to choose your preferred amperage from 40-225 Amps. This helps keep your welding current and heat output stable throughout your welding session for smooth welding. 

2. Smooth Arc

The welding arc of this welder is smooth. This makes it easier for you to weld with different electrodes, including stainless steel, low hydrogen, and other hard-facing wires. 

3. Plug-Connected Power Cable

Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welder comes with a 1.8 my input power cable and a NEMA-rated plug that makes it easy for anyone to install and start using the machine without any special skills. 

4. AC Output 

Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225 Arc Welder gives AC output, which makes it economical. Its maximum output at 225 Amps is just perfect for general purpose mild steel electrodes (4.8 mm in diameter), and other wires up to 4.0 mm.

Find more features of this welder here.

My first impression

Simply put: Lincoln Electric AC225 Arc Welder reviews and user ratings were really convincing in almost all the stores I checked. It was not easy to resist the urge to break the bank and purchase this arc welding machine. I am glad that I eventually did.

When I brought it to my workstation, nothing ready changed. It didn’t occupy much space. It was easy to install, and the user manual was written in a natural conversational way. I was impressed, and I’m still impressed with this machine.

My after-use testimonial 

I have been using the machine for a few weeks now, and I can say it is perfect for all my welding needs. I do not think I would need any other device for now. 

Here’s the deal:

Lincoln Electric AC225 Arc welder is durable. Welding is heavy-duty work and is done regularly. It requires a resilient and long-lasting machine, and this welder fits the cap correctly.

In addition to this, it is backed with a solid 3-year warranty to reinforce its durability and reliability.

That’s not all! This arc welder is efficient

Every welder needs a fast-welding machine to get excellent results. Lincoln Electric AC225 Arc Welder works fast and well.

It is also cost-effectiveIt is affordable and keeps your electric bill within your budget limit.

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I got exactly what I wanted—a reliable, top-performing arc welder. 

Final thoughts

This is the bottom line:

Lincoln Electric AC225 Arc welder everything a welder can think of a stick arc welder. It is durable, portable, efficient, easy to use, and affordable.

Everything another thing about this machine is superb. I will give 5 out of 5. Nice product! I recommend it to everyone, including you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Could we weld aluminum with this welder?

Ans: No recommended.

2. Does this machine have a tig welding option?

Ans: No.

3. How many years warranty?

Ans: 3-years manufacturer’s warranty.

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