Lincoln 140 Vs Hobart 140 – Which Is Really Better?

Linkon and Hobart, both are the trusted names of the welding industry. And 140 models of these two companies keep them ahead in terms of quality and performance.

Now, Lincoln 140 vs Hobart 140, which one should you buy? I guess you are a little bit confused about it.

Well, you can reach a decision only by comparing the specification and features of both of them. Keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with a detailed comparison between Lincoln 140 and Hobart 140. Let’s see.

  • Input: 20 Amps
  • Duty cycle: 20%
  • Weight: 62.0 pounds
Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder
Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder
  • Duty cycle: 20% @ 90 Amps
  • Amperage: 25-140 A
  • Weight: ‎57 pounds
Hobart Handler 125
Hobart Handler 125
  • Input: 120V
  • Output: 25 – 130 amps
  • Weight: ‎62.9 pounds

Lincoln 140 Vs Hobart 140: A Detailed Comparison

Both Lincoln 140 and Hobart 140 have the edge in individual specifications. In the following article, I have compared these two unique gadgets for welders. This side-by-side comparison will help you purchase your desired welding machine according to your needs.

1. Performance

Using the MIG and Flux-Cored process, Lincoln Electric has built this easy-to-use welder. This package comes with a fully adjustable drive system, which reduces the chance of wire tangling and crushing. Easy MIG 140 serves with a forgiving arc that makes dialing in your application easy.

The rated output of this tank is 90A at 19.5VDC.

However, if money is a big issue for you, I would recommend buying a Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder. That’s because you will not find a welding machine with the same MIG and Flux-Cored technology at such a reasonable price in the market.

2. Usability

You can use both the 140 MIG welder and Hobart handler for versatile welding projects. They can be used to weld mild steel and stainless steel. The drive system makes it prepare for heavy-duty welding.

Since there is a spool gun available for the Lincoln 140 model, you can weld aluminum with it. But Hobart 140 is not spool gun ready. Hence, even if you weld aluminum, the result will not be as expected.

3. Portability

One of the main features that make Lincoln 140 popular among consumers is its portability. This machine weighs only 62 pounds. So, you can take it anywhere anytime, without any carts.

Hobart 140 has a lower price than Lincoln, but it is also lighter in weight than the other. This essential welding machine is only 57 pounds, which makes it easily portable.

4. Power features

To work with Lincoln 140, you need the input voltage of 120VAC. With 60 Hz, 20 Input Amps, this welder will provide you with a 30 to 140A DC output range. Moreover, the brass-to-brass gun connection enhances the conductivity of this welding machine.

Duty Cycle of easy MIG is 20%.

Hobart Handler 140 operates on a standard 115V household current, and 40 to 700 IPM is the range for wire feed speed. Welding amperage range: 25-140A.

Duty Cycle of Hobart 140 is 20% at 90 Amps.

5. Capacity and Type

If the steel you want to weld has a material thickness of 24 gauges to 3/16 In, you can weld it with Lincoln 140 MIG. And for aluminum, the material thickness ought to be 22 to 10 ga.

Besides, you can get a smooth arc with minimal spatter. So, there will be no mess to clean after welding.

When it comes to the welding quality, Hobart offers a 5-position voltage control selector. This selector gives users the freedom to weld any metal thickness with a smooth finish and stable arc. This tank can weld 24 gauges up to ¼ in mild steel.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What size generator is needed to run the Lincoln 140 Easy MIG welder?

Answer: The max amps this welder pulls is 20. So, at least a 2500 watt generator is needed. Watts=volts X amps. 120volts X 20 amps = 2400 Watts. Or 2000i Honda generators can be used to run this machine.

2. What size of wire to use with Lincoln 140?

Answer: The recommended welding wire diameter for this machine is .025 to .045.

3. What size wire is included with the Lincoln 140 welder?

Answer: It comes with 0.030’’ (0.80mm) flux-cored wire.

4. In which one the drive roller have more than two grooves-Miller or Hobart?

Answer: Well, I think it is Miller because Hobart has two grooves only for solid wire and self-shielded flux-cored wire. Miller has the easy drive roll system, having the highest four grooves for sheet metal work.

Final Verdict

I think after reading this comprehensive article, Lincoln 140 vs Hobart 140, you can decide the right one for you. Even though the Lincoln 140 Easy MIG is slightly more expensive, the technology and features are worth it.

On the contrary, Hobart always promises quality and durability in their welding machines. They built a unit that you can use to work at home, workshop, or in the industry at once.