Klutch Plasma Cutter Reviews – Practical Guide

I’ve recently wanted to test out a lightweight plasma cutter because, let’s face it – they’re all extremely heavy, which makes it dreadful for me to transport them anywhere around the house. And the fact that I have clumsy hands doesn’t help the situation either.

However, after researching a bit on the Internet, the klutch plasma cutter reviews have caught my eyes, so I thought, why not give the klutch plasma cutter with built-in air compressor a shot?

Let’s see if it works as good as it sounds.

Klutch Plasma Cutter Reviews

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Who Should Use Klutch Plasma Cutter?

The first and foremost vital reason this was eye-catchy to me was its lightweight nature. At a relatively affordable price, it’s rather rare to attain built-in air compressors, which can cut through mild steel with clean and neat cuts up to 1/8 inches and thicker clean cuts up to 3/16 inches.

Even though it specializes in a particular kind of material, you will understand how powerful this device is in this klutch plasma cutter review.

Fact: Since it has 3 nozzles alternatives, it can give you better-desired results.

It is also claimed as a huge money-saver due to its built-in air compressor technology. So, you don’t have to face the hassle of buying it separately. But, not only that, it is furthermore reliable due to its Touch Start System which is relied upon for its plasma arc initiation.

Note: This feature makes the product efficient for thicker cuts safely.

The inverted power technology is also a great addition as it requires lower power input, thus making the system furthermore efficient. But, I usually felt the laziest when it came to cleaning the plasma cutter after each use. But, with this magic tool, you can easily clean and maintain it. Phew!

The main purpose that this plasma cutter fulfills thoroughly is how easily it cuts through various metallic objects. However, my work with this slicer was made ten times easier due to its status indicator light, which would indicate if and how well the machine was operating.

Fact: It was also equipped with a fire prevention device, so; I knew it was safe too.

Klutch Plasma Cutter Alternative

Lotos CT520D 3 in 1 Welder 3 in 1


  • Automatic dual voltage / Dual frequency
  • 1/2 Inch clean cut
  • Weight:33.1 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Max Thickness: 3/4".

What You Should Know About the Klutch Plasma Cutter

In this klutch plasma cutter review, we will leave no stones turned. Thus, bear with us, as we’ve listed down a few of the most important features that you must know before purchasing this plasma cutter.

  • Touch start system
  • 20A-60A adjustments
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Inverted power technology
  • Mild steel cut up to 1/8 inch
  • Thick cut up to 3/16 inch
  • Built-in internal air compressor
  • Air pressure gauge and pressure adjustment tools
  • 120V, 12Amp, built-in, piston-driven air compressor

This inverted powered plasma cutter has great air pressure and gauge adjustments based on what kind and thickness of metal you’re opting to cut. The perfect adjustment will lead to smoother and cleaner cuts.

Tip: You will not need extra eye gears or air compressors due to the built-in piston-driven air compressor. You will simply have to plug it in, pick the torch, and get to cutting.

But to know more, hop click on the button above.

My First Impressions on the Klutch Plasma Cutter

When I first saw the product in all the klutch plasma cutter reviews that I’ve read, I expected to receive a sleek-looking cutter with a yellow and black colored exterior. It looked hefty, even with the average price point. And that’s what cut the deal for me – it didn’t look cheap or flimsy.

News flash: The money you spent and the quality doesn’t always have to be proportional, especially when it comes to objects that need high safety.

If I rewind back to my first look – it was so much more than what I’ve read, seen and expected. It was shiny, lightweight, built with high-quality materials and ready to cut through any steel. But, my curiosity heightened even more with my first use.

It was simple, like cutting through butter. It was quick and easy with extremely smooth finishes and clean cuts. What more could I ask for?

Using the Klutch Plasma Cutter

The manufacturers are really not kidding when it comes to quality assurance and ease of use with this plasma cutter. You will not only get your money exchanged with great service but for a long time too.

Not going to lie – I took advice from the mighty Internet to use the product at its highest benefits but, that’s a great decision that any mid-level user could take.

Pro tip: Always pay attention to the status indicator lights in order to know the level, unit, and state of operation.

Fast forward to my 2nd week with this real-time life-saver; I’m still chopping through metals with extreme ease and no hassle during or after the cuts. The banger on this deal is how quick and simple it is to clean the machine afterward.

Testing and Performance Outcomes of the Klutch Plasma Cutter

It will take time for you to transform yourself into a pro with a plasma cutter but, if you get your hands on the right tool – it’s a piece of cake. My issue was that I hated the splurge it took on my expense and time while consulting a pro plasma cutter.

But now, I get to do it in the peace of my home!

However, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of this plasma cutter. The one and only con to this plasma cutter are that it isn’t beginner-friendly. If you’re fresh and don’t know the basics, you will have difficulty handling the manuals.

On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate user, you will love how it’s super lightweight, portable, easy to operate for the status indicator, easy to clean, and highly safe to cut various metals.

Hence, if you’re a newbie, it’s safer to avoid this fantastic tool and wait till you reach another level. But, if you’re an intermediate user – what are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are klutch plasma cutters any good?

I have used klutch plasma cutters for years and they are great. They are easy to use, cuts through metal like butter, and the blade is replaceable so you don’t need to buy a new one when it gets dull.

What is the voltage of a Klutch Plasma Cutter?

A Klutch Plasma Cutter has a voltage of 120 volts.

Final Thoughts

This product is definitely your end-game if you’re a mid-range user. It will not only serve you its ultimate purpose but will also benefit you with its top-notch properties and user-friendly features.

I would happily rate this klutch plasma cutter a 5/5.

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