Can You Use JB Weld on an Exhaust Pipe? (For Beginners)

Your car’s exhaust component is one of the most commonly welded places. It can be because of rust or cracks on the entire pipe and you need the right process to fix it. So, which is the best method to weld a car’s exhaust pipe? Can you use jb weld on the exhaust? Welding an exhaust pipe for your car can be challenging.

However, it is relatively simple if you understand what to do and the correct process to follow. In our guide, I will let you know if you can use JB weld on the exhaust pipe and the correct way to do it. I will also cover some tips and warmings you should know when welding the pipe.

Is JB Weld a good choice for fixing exhaust pipes?

If you are on a budget, you can use JB weld to repair an exhaust pipe. It works well to repair small holes on the pipe. You can also use J-B weld epoxy to fix leaky mufflers.

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Is JB Weld the best option for stopping an exhaust leak?

The best exhaust leaks sealant that works well is JB Weld’s extreme heat. It is suitable for handling all types of repairs for pipes, mufflers, engine blocks, manifolds, and fireplaces among others.

If you want to repair a leaking manifold, it is good to check if the seals or gaskets are damaged and need replacement. Use a toolset and a socket wrench to remove the manifold. If you are using J-B weld adhesive at room temperature for repair, you will see a dark hue within 4-6 hours. It will have recovered in 15-24 hours.

It is not recommended to use J-B weld-on exhaust manifold repairs because of the high temperatures of exhaust systems. If the continuous heat reaches 4500 F, you need to look for an alternative method to repair the pipe like using a high heat epoxy glue stick because of the extreme temperatures.

Alternatively, instead of using the standard JB weld, you can use JB Weld Extreme Heat which is designed for high heat repairs. It can withstand the extreme heat of up to 2400 F continuous temperature. Therefore, the repairs last longer regardless of the high heat conditions.

JB Weld Extreme Heat is not an adhesive and it is only made to join two parts together. Unlike JB weld epoxy, you cannot use it to repair holes or cracks on high heat exhaust systems.

What alternatives can I use to weld my exhaust pipe?

Are you planning to weld your automotive exhaust pipe and wondering how you will go about the welding process? What type of welder do you need for the job? You need proper tools to weld the pipe depending on the type of metal.

First, it is recommended to use an MIG welder, which is suitable for welding thinner materials like car exhaust pipes. Most of these pipes are made of steel, aluminized steel tubing, or stainless steel to enhance corrosion properties. There are many benefits of using an MIG welder to weld exhaust pipes. MIG welding is fast, easy to use, and does not produce waste.

In addition, you can use it in many positions, and it works well for various metal types. The only disadvantages are it needs an external gas source, expensive, and works with thin to medium thick metals.

Another alternative to MIG welding is stick welding, which uses the same principle as MIG welding. You can do stick welding indoors or outdoors and you don’t have to worry about rust, paint, or dirt. Flux core welding also works on your exhaust, but it can burn thinner metals. Lastly, you can use TIG welding but this method requires the surface to be thoroughly clean.

Tips and warnings when sealing exhaust pipe

  • When dealing with manifold leaks, it is good to start the engine and check for smoke. It can result from a manifold crack or any part in the exhaust and you can repair it with a sealant or tape.
  • Always check the dashboard to know the signs of a faulty pipe.
  • Strange noise under the car is a sign of a leak.
  • If you are welding a cracked manifold, prepare the surface well for smooth operation.
  • If you have been driving for several hours, avoid touching anything close to the pipe system because it can burn your hands. Wait until it reaches room temperature, then you can proceed with the repairs.


The exhaust tubing is one of the high-heat parts in the car engine that removes exhaust fumes from the combustion chamber. It collects the vapor in the manifold and makes the harmful exhaust smell-less harmful.

Leaks are common and they call for proper exhaust leak repair. The signs of leaks are exhaust noises or bad exhaust sounds. If you were wondering whether JB weld works for repairing the pipe, you have the answer.