How Much Weight Can Gorilla Glue Hold? (3 TIPS Included)

Gorilla glue is a polyurethane adhesive that has incredible bond strength. It is one of the strongest adhesives available in the market.

Gorilla glue can bond well with any material like metal, rubber, plastic, etc. But the question is, how strong are these bonds and how much weight can gorilla glue hold?

We’ll find out the answer to that question in this article. Also, we’ll see how strong gorilla glue is and how it compares in strength with epoxy glue. We’ll also give some helpful tips to maximize the bond strength of gorilla glue.

Gorilla Glue

How much weight can gorilla glue hold?

There is no direct data on the gorilla glue website about how much weight gorilla glue can hold. But there are many experiments done by YouTube’s to test the strength of gorilla glue against other types of glue.

The gorilla glue bond was able to take 27.73 kg of force, whereas TiteBond Original and Titebond III couldn’t even cross 20 kgs.

Can super glue hold a lot of weight?

Yes, super glues can usually hold a lot of weight. It’s made up of cyanoacrylate, forming a strong bond and allowing the super glue to save a lot of weight. Every square inch of super glue can hold a lot of weight.

Can epoxy hold more weight than gorilla glue?

The Gorilla glue company has its epoxy adhesive. In general, epoxy adhesive is stronger than gorilla glue. Hence, the epoxy resin will be able to hold more weight than gorilla glue.

Can epoxy hold more weight than gorilla glue?

3 Tips To Increase The Bond Strength of Gorilla Glue

The original gorilla glue is polyurethane glue, and it does a near-perfect job at bonding what it’s supposed to. Using gorilla glue the right way will make sure that it reaches its full potential and it’ll be able to hold the maximum weight.

You should follow some tips to get the best use of the original gorilla glue. These tips are:

1. Dampen the surface area

Since gorilla glue is polyurethane, it requires moisture to form a strong bond. You need to dampen the surface area before applying the glue.

Put water in a spray and apply it over the area where you want to apply the glue. You can also use a dry cloth or fabric and soak it in water to dampen the surface before applying the glue.

Skipping this step is a big mistake. The moisture plays a big role in activating the glue to form strong bonds with the surface.

It’s also important to know the correct cover to apply the glue. Gorilla glue won’t work well with polypropylene or polyethylene material.

2. Apply glue correctly

You should only apply a thin layer of gorilla glue. Many people make the mistake of using too much glue. Remember that gorilla glue expands three to four times. That’s why over applying the glue will cause a lot of wastage, and the bond will be less strong.

3. Clamp glue properly

The right clamping time depends on the project to project. It will change depending on whether you’re using original gorilla glue, gorilla super glue gel, or gorilla wood glue. The gorilla wood glue is only used for gluing wood and nothing else.

Each type of glue has a different clamping time. You’ll know the correct clamping time of each bond by looking at the label.

Apply adequate pressure when you’re clamping the glue. The better the clamping goes, the more pressure gorilla glue will be able to handle.

The glue won’t form a strong bond if the glue isn’t clamped properly. You should also let the glue cure for a minimum of twenty hours without disturbing it. Keep it from the reach of anyone and let it dry correctly to get the best gorilla glue bond.

Gorilla glue cures well when there is heat around it. Cool conditions can slow down the curing of the glow.

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Final words

All variants of the gorilla glue, like clear gorilla glue or gorilla epoxy, are great at doing their job. Don’t worry about the strength of gorilla glue, and pick the right construction adhesive for you.

We hope the tips we shared will help you get the best use of using gorilla glue. And you are clear about gorilla glue weight.