How Long Does Welding School Take?

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Welding is a process of fusing metals using heat, pressure, or both. In fact, this is a very technical skill and needs highly trained personnel to conduct.

It is considered one of the most secure and rewarding jobs. To master this skill, one must need good training and a whole of experience.

If you are planning to enroll in a welding school, the most obvious question may be wondering is how long is welding school.

Well, here I am to let you know everything about welding school and how long this can take. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Discovering the Various Durations of Different Welding Educations Programs

How long welding school depends on the type of degree you are looking for. There are different schools that offer different degrees in welding.

These include bachelor’s, technical, vocational, diploma, and some other hands-on training. Let’s check out one by one and discuss the duration of each one.

1. Bachelor in Welding Technology

Like most other bachelor programs, a bachelor in welding technology takes four years to complete. This degree covers all you need to know about welding.

Successful completion of this degree offers plenty of benefits. With this degree, you will easily get certified by the American Welding Society.

With that degree, only one year’s work experience in this field will allow you to sit for the exam of American Welding Society’s certification exam. And after passing the exam, you will be certified as a welding inspector.

2. Diploma in Welding Technology

Diploma in welding is a 2 years long program. This degree also provides some benefits to get the certification.

With that degree, you need a minimum of 3 years of welding experience to sit for the exam by the American Welding Society.

3. Vocational Welding Program

Vocational welding program usually takes 6-12 months or longer to complete. With that degree, it would get a bit tough to get certified by the welding society. That’s because one must have 4 years of welding experience to sit for the certification exam.

However, you can still work and practice with that degree and earn money. Different community and vocational colleges offer some specialized welding programs. In order to get skilled in welding, it is damn important to choose the right program.

Curious to know the different specialized programs! Here they are:

• Combination welding program

The combination welding program offers the pipe and plate welding technique. This technique is mostly used to repair pieces of metal. Also, this technique is used to create machine parts and equipment.

Duration of combination welding program:

The duration of this type of welding program is 5-6 months. However, some schools may offer a nearly 1-year long program.

If you have time, I would suggest going for the 1 years long program. Because to master professional skills like welding, it’s better to spend more time with it.

• Basic welding program

Every good welding school offers three fundamental welding techniques, GMAW/MIG, SMAW/Stick, and GTAW/TIG. This fundamental program is very essential, to begin with, welding. This welding program may also take 6 months or longer than that. If you feel curious about different welding techniques,

• Program for welding alloys and exotic metals

Well, welding is not just about steel. Some metals such as aluminum, titanium, or some metal alloy can also be welded. This is a more specialized part of welding.

Some schools offer them all other welding techniques. And here, it would make the program duration longer.

Underwater welding program

Underwater welding training is another specialized welding training. This type of training is offered by a very small number of schools.

The duration of this type of training may vary from 6 months to 2 years.

Search Welding Technician Programs

Get information on Welding Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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4. On job training program

Some companies hire employees without any prior welding experience. In that case, they usually provide training that takes 1-3 months.

5. Short term welding program

Some schools offer welding training for the short term. They may seem attractive. But I would say to avoid them.

Because welding is a very technical and professional skill. And this type of school may finish the program very shortly. But you would end up learning very little or nothing. So never fall into these traps.


Welding may seem a very tough job. But with proper training and practice, one can easily master it.

Here I’ve tried to cover everything about welding school and I believe you got an idea about how long is welding school. Now choose a suitable program and start your welding life.