Gorilla Glue Air Mattress Repair: How to Fix a Leaking Air Bed?

Using air mattresses turned out to be a valuable prospect over time. From households to camping trips, it is being trusted by the users for super flexibility.

That said, more users are inclined towards using air mattresses for their usefulness and benefits.

But using these mattresses over time will not always be a smooth experience. Often you will notice holes that need an immediate fix. Now, is it possible to repair these holes using gorilla glue?

You will know that soon. We will tell you about the gorilla glue air mattress repair process and help you fix your air mattress through this article. Therefore, let us dive into the fix straight away.

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What kind of glue do you use to repair an air mattress?

Airbeds are excellent alternatives to traditional beds. But at the same time, they aren’t free from any wreckage or leaks. Glues can be handy if you want to seal the holes in your air mattress.

For fixing the leaks, you can try out different types of glues. Some prominent ones are gorilla glue, super glue, epoxy glue, or even trying out rubber cement.

Before you try out any glue, you need to locate every holes present in the mattress. This process is relatively easy to pull off.

Firstly, you must entirely blow up the air mattress and seal it. Then, try to identify whether air is leaking from the mattress. To make the process easier, you can use soapy water and spray it around the bed.

What will happen is the formation of soap bubbles, which will enable you to locate every hole present quickly. Once you have found the spots, deflate the airbed.

Now, it’s time to seal every small and big hole you have located.

To patch up the holes, you can try out the glues mentioned below:

1. Super glue

Superglue will be an excellent option for sealing every hole that you may find in your air mattress. Especially if the gap is small and requires uniting two edges, super glue would be the best retort.

Using superglue, you need to press the adhesive over the holes. We suggest you apply it in a stitch-like motion to cover the entire hole. Lastly, you need to check whether the mattress is leaking air by inflating it.

2. Marine goop glue

You can even use marine goop glue for filling the holes. It is a waterproof sealant that can fix a leaky air bed.

For this, you need to start making the surface rough by rubbing it with sand. Then, apply the goop glue over every hole evenly. Lastly, allow the sealant to cure for almost a day.

3. Hot glue gun

A hot glue gun can also seal the tears in your mattress. It won’t be long-lasting like other glues but will be a handy temporary solution when you don’t have your patch kit.

The process is simple, starting with locating the holes. The next step is to place a glue stick into the glue gun and let it heat.

When heated, you need to push the trigger by placing the gun into the hole. It would eventually seal the tears after the glue cools down.

Moreover, this method is highly successful for small holes that don’t require much patching.

4. Duct tape

Not having the repair kit with you won’t be an issue if you use duct tape to seal any leak. This sealing tape has gluing properties but is not considered a regular adhesive.

For using it, you need to cut it into pieces and then fix every leak by covering them with tape.

However, permanently using duct tape to seal the leak won’t be good. It is suitable as a temporary fix as this tape loses its grip over time.

Can gorilla glue fix an air mattress?

Yes, it is possible to fix the air mattress with the help of gorilla glue. For this, you will only need a patch and glue. Some will say to try out sandpaper, but that’s not required.

The first step to sealing it with the gorilla glue is finding the leak to fill. In this regard, you should apply the glue to the hole’s edges properly. After that, stick the patch carefully so there isn’t any probability of any air leak.

Let the patch sit around the hole for around 24 hours, and then check the air tightness of the patch by inflating the bed.

Can gorilla glue hold the mattress press?

For a leaky airbed, whatever glue you use with the patches, holding on to it is always challenging.

Fortunately, pressure isn’t a significant issue with the gorilla glue holding on to the air.

The gorilla glue isn’t like just glue. It has the elements of urethane glue that gets tough when hard.

The best part about these glues is that they are water-resistive and can similarly handle air pressure well. For the glue, if they are applied around the tear correctly, it can prevent leaking air.

Can gorilla glue seal an air leak?

So, the thing to ponder here is whether gorilla glue will be able to prevent any air passage.

The polyurethane properties of the glue gel up quickly with any material. And the patch also falls in the same category.

After applying the adhesive and setting the patch, the issue with air leakage is alleviated. The glue material works as the perfect adhesive that efficiently acts as an agent between the patch and the bed surface.

Can you use gorilla glue on an inflatable?

Be it an inflatable mattress or any other material with similar characteristics, and it is possible to seal them. The best way to repair them is using gorilla tape, which is easy to use and quite flexible to close anything anywhere.

Let’s say your air mattress has a tiny hole, and it needs an immediate fix as you are carrying it for camping.

This type of seal tape will have the best use here as you can use it in almost every condition. Therefore, carrying an inflatable bed outdoors won’t be risky if you have gorilla seal tape.

7 Useful tips when using gorilla glue for mattress repair

Gorilla glue is known for adhering to surfaces where other adhesives are useless.

That said, here are some of the crucial tips that you should know before using it:

  1. Try to make the place that needs sealing a bit porous.
  2. Drip the glue properly into the hole or gap.
  3. Cover the area to be sealed with masking tape
  4. The space remaining around the tap needs to be filled
  5. Wait for about an hour until the glue fill reaches the masking tape by expanding.
  6. Take out the tape after the glue hardens.
  7. Check whether there is a leak or not by identifying escaping air around the patches.

Bottom line

Having a leaky air mattress is never a delightful experience. You can get rid of this situation with glue, but not all glue will work.

The best solution for air mattresses is gorilla glue, which can effectively hold the air pressure.

We have tried to discuss every aspect of gorilla glue air mattress repair thoroughly in this article, which might help you get a proper fix.

The only thing that matters is you get your desired experience by using an airbed. And we hope that by eliminating the leaks, you will surely get it.