How To Choose The Best Forney Plasma Cutter? (Our Top Picks)

If you have ever tried to cut metals with traditional tools, you’ll be dazed at how difficult the task could be. But fortunately, there are lots of plasma cutters in the market to make the work easier and have a fine cut and more precision. Sounds good?

So if you are looking for the best Forney plasma cutter to buy, this Forney plasma cutter review is for you!

We’ve come up with three plasma cutters that are the leader of the pack after placing the most plasma cutter in the market on the scale of speed, precision, efficiency, and versatility.

Keep reading to discover the plasma cutter that meets your demand.

The Top 3 Forney Plasma Cutting Machines

We are especially in love with these top 3 plasma cutter that delivers a flawless cutting experience no matter the thickness of your metal. Think I’m exaggerating?

But here’s a small catch. This top 3 plasma cutter can even be assigned to a welding job. Impressive, isn’t it? So let’s get down to it.

Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma CutterForney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter
  • Weight: ‎21.1 pounds
  • Power source: ‎AC
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Forney 303 700P Plasma Cutting MachineForney 303 700P Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Weight: 49.3 pounds
  • Drag torch technology
  • Dual input: 230V or 120V
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Forney 317  Plasma Cutter with Air CompressorForney 317 Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor
  • Dual input 230V or 120V
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
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1. Best for HVAC – Forney Easy Weld 251 20p

Are you a contractor working with restoration, HVAC, and plumping? Or perhaps, you have a farm, an auto body, or metal art, this is your go-to Forney plasma cutting machine. 

It is one of the cheapest high-quality plasma cutters in the market, but hey, before you judge it to be low quality, you should read this to the end.

forney plasma cutter review

Product specifications

  • Output: 20 AMP
  • Input power: 120 V
  • Duty cycle: 35% @ 20 AMP
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weighs 21.5 lbs

Product features

This plasma cutter weighs 21.5 lbs which makes it super light for carrying to job sites. But that’s not all. It has an air dryer and a built-in regulator which makes it easy to use.

The drag touch technology is an amazing function that allows you to get a consistent smooth clean cut. How does it work? Its cutting tip is dragged to have direct contact with the metal to be cut. It really is that simple. And just like the name says, Forney easy weld 251 would make a good welder for you. But that’s another story.

Above all, this plasma cutter is generator friendly and the ideal choice for stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, and mild steel having thickness up to 1/4 inches. This machine also comes with a ground clamp and a 13′ (3.96 meters) cutting torch with a 20A-15A adapter.

What I like?

  • Portable.
  • Rugged and well-built with an all-metal frame.
  • Not pricey.
  • Comes with good accessories.
  • Easy to use.

What could be better?

  • No spot for keeping consumables on-board.
  • Are only practical for cutting thin metals.

2. Best for Plumbing – Forney 700P Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for a top-notch metal cutter, you can’t afford to miss out on this one. You can trust this Forney 700P plasma cutter to get the job done for you in no time.

This plasma cutter also has a good reputation for allowing newbies to handle drag cutting with zero errors.

Forney 700P Plasma Cutter

Product specifications

  • Output: 20-40A
  • Diagnostic LED lights
  • CSA certified
  • Cooling fan
  • Integrated air dryer

Product features

This is a dual voltage input which means you can work on a 120V and a 220V. Additionally, It has a great maximum output of 40A. Here’s a small catch. At 25A, this plasma cutter offers a long working duration of 60%.

In the package, a torch lead, ground cable, and a 15 inches power cable of 6.56 feet are attached to this cutter. These features give a good cut to extremely thick steel, aluminum, and brass materials. It has the capability to cut: 1/2” and up to 3/4”.

But that’s not all. Forney 700P is equipped with a few safety features and automated control. Additionally, it comes with a pressure regulator and a built-in air dryer that allows you to control and keep up with the flow of quality air for your work. 

What I like?

  • Easy assembly.
  • Compact and versatile.
  • Good cutting performance.
  • Well-built unit.

What could be better?

3. Best for Contractors – Forney 317 250 P+ Plasma Cutter

Looking for a 120V plasma cutter with an air compressor, and at a super friendly price? Then this is what you’ve been looking for. You don’t believe it?

Read on and thank us later. But first, let me say this straight. Forney 317 is available in two upgraded versions which are the Forney 325p and the 700 p.

You can check the review Forney 700p plasma cutter and Forney 325p plasma cutter review to see the modifications for yourself.

Forney 317 250 P+ Plasma Cutter

Product specifications

  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Output: 12A
  • Input power: 120V
  • Cuts up to 1/8” mild steel and severs up to 1/4” mild steel
  • 3 diagnostic LED lights
  • 15’ power cable

Product feature

It has a super lightweight inverted power supply and a built-in air compressor. This plasma cutter measures 15×7.5×14 inches in size.

In addition, this machine is equipped with drag touch technology. What does this mean? You won’t be battling on how to position your metal piece for cutting. With the drag touch technology, you can easily move the torch directly across the metal’s surface to get a precise cut.

Here’s the best part. This cutting machine has thermal overload protection and it’s super easy to operate. It also has an air cooling system that will ensure continual operation in even the most extreme conditions.

But the downside is that this plasma cutter is suitable for cutting only conductive metals like steel and aluminum.

Note: Forney 317 draws power from corded electricity and comes with all necessary accessories.

What I like?

  • A simple interface and easy operation.
  • Comes with an air compressor.
  • Very affordable.
  • Fantastic cuts.

What could be better?

  • It would not work with a heavy industrial extension cord.
  • Delays in-between cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the Forney cutter last?

The lifespan of a plasma cutter varies depending on the frequency of use. If the plasma cutter is used every day, it will likely last around 5 years.

What are the benefits of the Forney plasma cutter?

The Forney plasma cutting machin is a tool that is used to cut metal. It has many benefits, such as being able to cut through different types of metals and not requiring a lot of power.

What is the warranty?

1-year warranty.

What is the cost?

The cost of the plasma cutter varies depending on the size and features, but it typically ranges from $300 to $3,000.


Each and every passing day witness the eruption of the plasma cutting machine, and this can be quite a challenge for people who want to buy a good plasma cutter.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you. Whatever your priority is when buying a best Forney plasma cutter, these top 3 centers around them. And guess what.

You won’t have to break the bank to own one of these plasma cutters. Do that and have fun while you cut.

Best regards!