Does JB Weld Work on Stainless Steel?

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about adhesives? Why are there so many different brands in the market? How do they work? And which one is the best? Some experts out there, who are familiar with J-B Weld, know what it can do.

How about the amateurs or even experts who want to try something new? You are in the right place if you are here, as this article will tell you all you need to know about J-B. And if J-B Weld works on stainless steel.

Does JB Weld adhere to stainless steel?

Let’s dive right into what the article is about– what you want to know. Yes, JB Weld sticks to stainless steel. J-B Weld has a range of products suitable for a specific purpose. And the J-B Weld steelstik is one such product made specifically for gluing stainless steel.

The steelstik is a reinforced hand mixable epoxy that feels like putty that you can use to fix any metallic object quickly. This J-B Weld steelstik comprises a rigid compound called “cold weld.” For use as an adhesive, apply a thin layer of the epoxy on two pieces of steel to hold it together. [/snippet]

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What other types of adhesive will stick to stainless steel?

Several adhesives can stick to steel apart from JB Weld. Below are some of them:

  • Silicone adhesive: the stainless-steel adhesive is of two types: the acetic acid cross-linking and the neutral cross-linking silicones. You can find many kinds of silicone adhesive that stick to metal in the shop.
  • Mma bond or adhesive: this adhesive comprises two components, i.e., methyl methacrylate. An mma adhesive works best when gluing stainless steel to itself or plastic. However, it works well as an all-rounder.
  • Stpu polymer adhesive: this is another adhesive that sticks to stainless steel. It is of 2 types: the 1k and 2k. The significant difference is in their curing process.
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Why is JB Weld good for stainless steel?

Earlier, we mentioned the J-B Weld steelstik as a non-rusting epoxy that enables you to bond anything made of metal. The steelstik forms a polymer compound of industrial strength, which you can patch or repair steel or mold into any shape. It is so strong that you can drill, file, ground, tap, or machine it after setting.

The J-B Weld original is also a good choice for stainless steel quick fix. With a tensile strength of up to 900psi and the ability to withstand a temperature of up to 3000 f, you know you’ve got the right stuff. Another reason why the J-B Weld is good is that you can use the jb weld epoxy to fix lots of metal parts that include:

  1. Exhaust systems
  2. Regular household repairs
  3. Stripped threads
  4. Machine and automotive parts
  5. Damages caused by rust

The J-B Weld adhesive is so versatile that you can use it not only on stainless steel but also on a good number of surfaces like:

  • Metals
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Automotive and even 
  • Underwater or wet surfaces

There are so many reasons you should choose JB Weld for your bonding work. For example, it is 100% resistant to water, gasoline, or any automotive chemical or petroleum product. It can be applied in layers without any problem (wait for the first layer to cure before adding the next layer).


Since its arrival in the market, J-B Weld has been a leading brand when it comes to putties, epoxy resins, thread lockers, and adhesives. It has become a part of every DIY and professional toolbox. It would be best if you gave it a trial for, as they say, “for every problem, there is a J-B Weld for it.”