DEKO Welding Helmet Review: Style, Features, and Drawbacks Revealed

If you are a skull fan, this welding helmet from DEKO tools will surely impress you. Despite me being not much of a skull fan, the detailed graphics and the bright yellow and red flames caught my eyes.

It was a visual treat, and as I researched for the specifications and features, the DEKO Welding helmet impressed me with its affordability and features.

Who should use it and why?

In addition to gouging and plasma cutting, the welding hood can be used in MMA, MIG, MAG, and TIG welding. Any welder working in repair and maintenance, overhauling, automobile, construction, manufacturing, and general fabrication can use the hood.

DEKO welding helmet

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The helmet with a medium-sized visor for viewing boasts a clear view of the arc and the pool. With electric light to dark transition speeds, dual operation mode with light sensitivity adjustments, adjustable headgear, and solar-powered lithium batteries, it can fit grinding, cutting, and a few types of welding.

While massive industrial welding operations might be hard to handle, the welding helmet can be handy for workshops with regular stick welds and DIY repair and maintenance.

Product features of the DEKO welding helmet

  • Viewing Lens:  The optical lens is of EN379 and ANSI Z87.1 industrial standards, ensuring a more transparent view than the rest of similarly priced helmets. With optical clarity scores of 1/2/1/2 in terms of visual clarity, color, carat, and cut, the lenses design provides a clear view. 
  • Viewing area: The viewing area is a moderate size with 3.62″ x 1.65″. It is thus providing a total viewing area of 5.97″ square inch.
  • Batteries: Powered by a solar-powered lithium CR2032 battery, it can last up to 5000 hours of operation. The cell does not require any manual charging. Place it under the sun for a few hours to get it charged. However, a low charged battery can be responsible for the erratic behavior of the lens. In the absence of a battery charge indicator, it often needs to be placed under direct sunlight.  
  • Light sensors: The helmet is equipped with three light sensors and has transitions speeds at par with other higher-priced and popular welding helmets.
  • It has a dedicated knob for adjusting light sensitivity according to the operation. Switch between grind and weld mode with a turn of the knob. The knob can also be used to check if the unit is functioning without light sensitivity errors. 
  • Headgear: The headgear comes with two adjustable knobs on the sides and one at the back and can be adjusted to fit according to the user’s comfort and size. The headgear compliments this lightweight hood and measures 5.51″-7.28″ in diameter and has a width of 6.30″-8.07″. 

With lenses offering clear visibility, light sensitivity, delay adjustments, and an eye-catching exterior, the DEKO welding helmet is worth trying.

DEKO Welding Helmet Review

Product information

  • Dark in 1/25000 sec.
  • Working temperature : 23℉-131℉.
  • Batteries capacity: 210mAH.
  • Power Supply: Solar cells+Lithium Battery.
  • UR/IR Protection: DIN16.
  • Dark States: Variable 9-13.
  • Item Weight: 1.45 pounds.

DEKO welding helmet unboxing

  • DEKO welding helmet.
  • Adjustable Headband.
  • Manual.


With some in-depth research and some expert comments from experienced welders, the welding helmet has the following disadvantages:

  • Small viewing area: The viewing area is approximately six sq. inches and far from being wide. 
  • Control knobs: Despite a dedicated knob for changing modes, adjusting light sensitivity, and delay, the helmet can be a bit tricky to tweak. 
  • Hard hat mount: The hood does not have the required hooks for mounting a hard hat and has to be fitted with a pair through outside purchase. 
  • Lack of service centers: The unit depends on DIY repair and maintenance with no designated service centers.


A welding helmet with a style statement!

This welding hood with a loud and bright exterior is, without doubt, eye-catching. Clear vision lenses compensate for the medium-sized viewing area, and the speed of light transition is at par with the best-in-class hoods.

The dual-mode of operation with the help of the light sensitivity adjustment knob is easy and hassle-free. It enables the user to switch from one mode to the other a child’s play.

It can add to the overall productivity by minimizing downtime; if one can master the skills required to make the right adjustments. At a surprisingly affordable price and with more than average features, the welding hood from DEKO is worth trying. 

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