Century FC 90 Review – Why Should You Choose This Product?

Are you looking for an ideal device to help you do your welding job?

Century k 3493-1 90-amp fc90 flux core wire feed welder and gun, 120V is the perfect solution! Century FC90 welder gives you high-quality outcomes for mobile and versatile welders.

Its power feature (30A to 90A) and transportability are the main highlights. Century FC90 is a worth-buy flux-cored welder for long-lasting use and handy must-have tools in your workshop.

This century fc 90 welder review explicitly guides you and describes all the features of the welding machine.

Century FC 90 Review

What are the features of the Century FC90?

Some amazing things I like about the century FC90 are-:

  • An innovative product for more efficient welding work.
  • With only fifteen pounds, it is super convenient to carry around.
  • It can be kept easily due to its small size.
  • To use this flux core wire feed welder, plug it into any standard 120-Volt input power.
  • Here’s the best part; it can be run continuously in 3 minutes per 10 minutes with a 30 percent duty cycle at 80 amps.
  • This feature complements its automatic thermal protector components, which prevent it from overheating.
  • The component controls the temperature settings and sets the machine to the average operating temperature automatically.
  • Coming with a small package but great power enables this flux core wire feed to give excellent performance.
  • With 30 A to 90 A output, it has high capabilities to penetrate across steel within a range of 18 gauge to ¼ inch.
  • Infinite welding voltage and an inverter power source.
  • Allow exact power usage with fine-tuning of weld characteristics

What accessories are included with the Century FC90?

  • Shoulder strap,
  • Work cable and food gun with cable,
  • Power cord (all in 6-foot measurement),
  • 120 v and standard 15-amp.

Best Alternative

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder


  • Weight: 25.8 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 14.19 x 19.31 x 11.61 inches.
  • Material: Metal.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

Why should you choose the Century FC90?

Century welder is a product of Lincoln Electric Holdings, a manufacturer’s company based in Euclid, Ohio, since 1895. It is a well-known company in the industry with great innovative products.

It is also acknowledged for its outstanding expertise in producing various types of models with unique features and a broad range of applications.

3 Simple Tips For Century FC90 Users

  • Use correct welding methods for high-quality works and smooth weld beads with sufficient inter-run fusion.
  • Standby wire brush to clean the flux after using it. This is to avoid the formation of slag, which can cause the machine to defect.
  • For precautionary purposes, use at least 20Amp breakers (even 15 Amp may work for you) to avoid it from puffing out and triggering a dangerous situation for you.

What we like most about the Century FC90

We love the Century FC90 welder because it has a standard plug. It can be plugged in at any location with a 120 Volt power supply. This portable & lightweight welder can be taken to anywhere and be used to complete small weld jobs.

We love the automatic thermal protector, which helps shut off the machine output until its temperature comes down to normal. 

It is such a small welding machine that welds like crazy. We love the fact that it does not work with gas.

What could be improved about the Century FC90?

One of the things to be improved with this machine is changing the ground camp to something more superior. 

However, to improve my welding, I would instead choose the more robust and copper teeth. Additionally, it is equipped with low quality but seems to work pretty fine. Moreover, it looks like this machine lacks some filler wire.

Is Century FC 90 any good?

The FC-90 Flux-cored wire feed welder machine comes with a lot more features than most 90A welders in its class. This FC 90 flux cored wired is built with so much quality while integrating a fair number of user-friendly features.

In the FC 90 Flux-cored wire feed welder, you get a light machine that is reasonably cheap, considering its premium welding quality. 

It is such a perfect welding machine for people looking to tackle small welding projects.

The 3/16 inch does not seem like much; however, it can do a sufficient amount of welding jobs to a guaranteed satisfaction level. But, it would be best to get something close to a 140A machine for much bigger projects.

What are the parts of the Century FC90 welder?

  • The Spool Holder: This part of the FC 90 Flux core welding machine supports the spool, which houses the flux core welding wire. It enables the flux core wire to be fed straight to the gun for welding purposes.
  • Adjustable Knobs: This machine features two adjustable knobs used to adjust the power and the wire feed speed for optimum welding.
  • The connecting clamp: This part of the welding machine is connected to the material being welded to enable the welding process.
  • The welding gun: This is an essential part of the FC 90 Flux core welding machine. The welding gun is perfectly angled to allow both horizontal and vertical welding. The welding gun works parallel with the grounding clamp. 

What are the problems of this welder?

The Flux core, because of its mode of operation, comes with its problems too. It uses a wire for its welding operations. The wire is melted during welding to produce a paste for the welding material.

However, this flux paste usually flows out to cover the weld.

This makes welding difficult. The flux core welding method produces lots of smoke and spattering, making the welding process pretty messy and dirty. The spattering reduces transfer efficiency. Due to its welding wire feature, the flux core machine can be such an expensive machine to run in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Does the flux core produce dangerous fumes?

Ans: All welding fumes are toxic. Even if they are gasless fumes, the flux core still produces poisonous and dangerous fumes.

Q. Is MIG better than flux core?

Ans: One difference between the MIG and the Flux core is the welding slags. The MIG welding device slug can be easily cleaned off than the flux core welding slag.

You might be wondering: when is the right time to use the flux core?

The flux core should be used with jobs involving thicker metals or jobs that involve out-of-position situations.

What’s The Bottom Line?

This small and sturdy machine will be worth your money for its longevity and is very ideal, especially for someone needing handy tools.

Its automatic thermal protector, transportability, and high-quality result make it one of the most recommended items and high in demand.

It is also suitable for everyone, including the first-timer, and very convenient to use.

The bottom line is, this machine serves its purpose very well. Never doubt buying it at Amazon for its best value plus good quality.