Campbell Hausfeld Welder Review — A Practical Guide

I love doing metal-based projects. And, what could help me more than a good-quality welder? Therefore, I was pretty much always looking through newer options for welding systems. 

Nevertheless, I could not stick with a single product, as I always felt an urge to get a better one. However, I had to stop jumping from one welder to another since I came across this Campbell Hausfeld welder. 

Now, you can also do so. See for yourself as I am going to discuss all the details in this Campbell Hausfeld welder review. So, let us begin.

Campbell Hausfeld Welder Review

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Campbell Hausfeld WS099001AV

If you are looking for a versatile welder that can help you with both light and heavy welding jobs, then you probably won’t find a better choice than this Campbell Hausfeld welder. Yes, this 24-pound welder works perfectly for both hobby and small repairs. 

Again, you will get sufficient flexibility with the welding rods ranging between 1/16 to 5/64 inches. As a result, you can not only work on stronger rods but also weld mild materials like stainless steel. 

Not to mention, the welder gives you the stability to achieve precise and smooth results. Moreover, it comes with a high-quality overload protector. Thus, you remain safe even when the heat exceeds the limit. Nonetheless, you can put it on your house socket and start welding with it anytime you like.

Why should you choose this product?

You see, Campbell Hausfeld has a bunch of attractive features that make it stand out among all the other welders. So, to dig deeper into this Campbell Hausfeld MIG welder reviewlet us start looking at some of its key features. 

Key features

  • The welder comes with a dual heat-setting. 
  • You will get a 6 feet ground-cable with the welder.
  • It is a metal structure that comes with a smart-fit handle. 
  • It offers you a welding range for up to 1/8 inches of material. 
  • You will get a duty cycle of 20% at 50 Amperes. 
  • It uses a 115 Volt current supply as a power source.
  • The welder comes with a thermal overload protector. 

What should you know?

There you saw the facilities that this welding system provides you. But is Campbell Hausfeld a good welder? Well, decide for yourself by looking at these benefits and drawbacks that you will get from this welder. 


  1. Versatile in repair works.
  2. Prevents overheating.
  3. Consistent efficiency and workflow.
  4. Durable and long-lasting.
  5. Offers an easy-starting.
  6. Works excellent for mild steel.


  1. There are no LEDs as start lights.

So, looking at both sides, we can see that this welding system has far too many advantages than disadvantages. And so, we can say that it deserves your money and time without any hesitation.

Parts of the Campbell Hausfeld Welder

The Campbell Hausfeld welder includes a set of super-durable and effective parts. Each of the parts has a specific purpose. Thus, all of these combine and work as a team to give you the best welding experience. So, check out some of the parts below.

  • Clamps and electrode-holder: With these sturdy clamps and holders, you can hold the pieces you want to weld and get the perfect alignment.
  • Drive roller: The drive roller will make sure that you feed the wire into the gun cable.
  • Spool and springs: The spool will ensure you get a precise result, and the springs will help you with the suspension.
  • Contact tips: With the help of these contact tips, you can transfer the current smoothly and create that perfect arc every time.
  • Hoses and torches: The hoses pass gas fuels, whereas the torches deliver the welding current. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It looks like we have gone through all the details. So now, let us wrap things up by looking at some of the frequently asked questions.

Question: Can I use it for welding iron?

Answer: Well, if the thickness of it is not more than 1/8 inches, you should be able to do it.

Question: Does it come with the appropriate protective shield?

Answer: Yes, the welder comes with a hand-held face shield.

Question: Which rods can I use for welding with it?

Answer: You can use sizes from 1/16 inches to 5/64 inches.

Question: Can I fit it into the regular socket of my house?

Answer: Absolutely. You can use a 3-pin grounded socket of 120 Volts.


There you have the Campbell Hausfeld welder review. So, how much will you rate it? Well, if you ask me then, I will give it a perfect 10. And why not? 

The compatibility and protective measures leave me spellbound every time I use it. However, it is still up to you whether you want to go for it or not. So, make up your mind and bring this excellent welder into your workshop.

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