What Is The Best Work Light for Welding and How Does It Work?

Working with a weld under low light conditions will surely increase the chance of injury. At the same time, a terrible welding result is confirmed.

So what could be a smart solution?

Keeping the work light for welding in your gearbox is as essential as a welding hood.


You lighten your workstation when working under dim light and keeps you safe from unwanted injuries. And more specifically, consider buying an effective LED work light that meets your requirement.

And a warning:

Don’t consider illuminating the workstation with any light; this will not be a good decision if you do so.

To help you in this regard, we researched extensively and narrowed down a list of 3 best lights for welding.

Let’s check it out.

Quick pick: What is the best lighting for welding?

  • Best welding flashlight: LUTEC 6290Pro LED Work Light
  • Best welding light eye damage: VONHAUS 2-Head LED Work Light
  • Best welding helmet torch for area lighting: Coquimbo Rechargeable LED Work Light
working light

Why does welding hurt your eyes?

As you already learn, welding arcs consist of 3 types of radiation: IR, UV, and visible light; hence, reflected light also includes these radiations. They are responsible for eye damage due to welding if you don’t use the right welding hood.

And the worst part?

Severe damage to your eyes may happen if you don’t follow preventive maintenance when welding.

Your cornea and lens can easily absorb these radiations if you don’t use a proper welding helmet. As a result, you will start feeling pain, swelling in your eyes.

We just wanted to shoot you a quick note that……These pains are not permanent and go away over time. This manner is known as “welder’s flash” or “photo keratitis.”

Now let’s look at the symptoms of eye damage due to welding arcs.

  • Mild to severe pain in both eyes
  • Irritation
  • Blurred sight
  • Watering
  • Bloodshot

What shade lens should be used while using a MIG welder? We highly recommend going for 10 to 13 shade.

Why should you invest in a work light for welding?

Work light offers several benefits. Below are a few advantages of work light which will let you understand the necessity of work light.

  • LED work light reduces discomfort when welding
  • Ensures proper lighting, which helps to achieve the required result
  • Work light increases productivity
  • LED work lights don’t emit UV radiation, which means, it doesn’t possess any health risks.

3 Best Work Lights for Welding

Welding work lights are versatile.

So, you guys know the drill- basically, what we do is review some of our shortlisted items, if they are legit or not legit. And if not legit, we’re gonna show some alternative options that may be better.

P.s: This is not a criticism guide. Rather, I will be just honest about what we like & what irritates us.

So what is this guide all about?

Make your workstation bright, safer, and more efficient by selecting any of the work lights from this review section.

Sound’s great? Then let’s get started……….

Welding Work Light Comparison Table

【Upgraded】LUTEC 6290Pro 9000 Lumen【Upgraded】LUTEC 6290Pro 9000 Lumen
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: ‎11.03 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: ‎93.00 
  • Bulb: LED
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VonHaus Two-Head 10000 LumenVonHaus Two-Head 10000 Lumen
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Material: ‎Aluminum
  • Plug Profile: Tripod
  • Weight: 21.3 pounds
  • Style: Traditional
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4 Pack Flashlights, LED Work Light4 Pack Flashlights, LED Work Light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: About 2.5-3 hours
  • Weight: 140g
  • Voltage: 3.8V
  • Power: 3W
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#1 Best for Wide Area: LUTEC 6290Pro LED Work Light (Disclaimer: Not for everyday use)

The LUTEC 6290Pro Dual-Head LED Work Light comes seems a decent compact designed welding light and ideal work light for a wide area.

But here is what takes it to another level:

Multi-directional LED heads and adjustable height, it illuminates darkness from your workstation efficiently. Moreover, it is installed with an LED bulb, allowing you to save electricity bills.

【Upgraded】LUTEC 6290Pro 9000 Lumen 90 Watt Dual-Head LED Work Light with Telescoping Tripod, Work Light with Stand Rotating Waterproof Lamps and 8 Ft 3-Prong Power Cord


  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • Weight: ‎11.03 pounds.
  • Voltage: 120 Volts.
  • Wattage: ‎93.00.
  • Bulb: LED.

1. What types of work environments is the LUTEC 6290Pro LED Work Light ideal for?

As stated earlier, it is powerful with a 9000 Lumen LED light, letting you see every detail when working.

Here is what we found on our test:

Due to its high power, this fantastic MIG welding light covers quite a wide area. As a result, when working in shafting, mining or any other more expansive areas, this work light provides additional benefits compared to other traditional work lights.

2. Design features and durability of the LUTEC 6290Pro LED Work Light

The work light comes with an exceptional and ergonomic design.

More expansive tripod branches allow it to stay in its position stably with its flip-lock feature. More importantly, you can extend the tripod length from 5’ by 6” conveniently, which means you can use it for nearly any situation wherever required.

Additionally, the heads are flexible, rotated at any angle up to 90° vertically and 330° horizontally according to your preference. The worth-mentioning feature is the portable design.

It consists of quick-release hinges for quick and effortless assembly. Also, the practical handle will let you carry it from one place to another.

But wanna know the coolest part?

It weighs only 11 lbs!

And It is made of premium quality die-cast aluminum. With proper care and maintenance, its robust design will give you many years of service for sure. The cable also can quickly be wrapped for quick storage.

With its compact and foldable design, it is easy to store in any place.

Another impressive feature is its IP54 waterproof rating. It resists the splashing of water which makes it eligible for different lighting projects outdoors.

3. Power, color temperature & brightness

9000 Lumens deliver light of high-intensity level. Also, the color temperature of 5,000K ensures that you will never have a problem seeing any details.

So, gaining the required result will never be an issue.

More importantly, productivity will increase, and you can finish your welding project efficiently before the given schedule.

4. Power source & voltage

We’re really impressed after seeing…….The light is very portable.

It uses 120V. A small generator would be best; you can try a 12v car battery with an inverter. Look up the current requirements and make sure the battery and inverter will carry the load.

5. Cord length & type of bulb

The work light features a patented 8 ft. power cord. This way, you can comfortably reach a power source.

Even if the power source is in a compact area, you will never face a problem reaching there. Furthermore, the cord comes with a convenient wrapping mechanism making the dismantling process easier.

  • Concept: Not bad
  • Execution: A-

So, overall, the quality of the power cord & length seems okay-ish.

6. Safety features

You will love to know that a multiple groove shape is designed on the back for optimum safety when using the work light.

So, what do we think about this?

The first thing we thought was This feature is increasing the air contact area to speed up heat dissipation and reducing the chance of risk.

What makes it unique from others?

  • 9,000 Lumens portable LED work light with stands
  • Adjustable height, making it suitable for any situations
  • Groove shape designed allowing you to use it for different outdoor projects
  • Rotated head at a different angle
  • Easy to carry and store due to its compact design

What could be better?

  • The plastic part is used to cover the LED; it can break over time

#2 Best for the Budget: VONHAUS 2-Head LED Work Light

Temporary sight light is mandatory in many welding projects.

So true!

And we guess the VONHAUS 2-Head 10000 Lumen LED Work Light will surely meet all requirements in the illumination of your surroundings.

So why do we put this stuff on our final list?

Well, it comes at an affordable price (Though we have doubt about longevity); this great lighting system is excellent for every detail work.

VonHaus Two-Head 10000 Lumen LED Work Light with Detachable Metal Lamp Housing, Metal Telescopic Tripod Stand, Rotating Waterproof Lamps and 8.2Ft Power Cord


  • Voltage: 120 Volts.
  • Material: ‎Aluminum.
  • Plug Profile: Tripod.
  • Weight: 21.3 pounds.
  • Style: Traditional.

1. What types of work environments is the VONHAUS 2-Head LED Work Light ideal for?

Whether you work in a garage or construction site, or welding project, this work light is compatible with any workstation since it comes with an adjustable height feature. Also, this feature will not let you limit yourself to floor-level lighting. This is so versatile that you can use this work light for multiple indoor and outdoor projects.

2. Design features and durability of the VONHAUS 2-Head LED Work Light

When the discussion comes about work light design, it is a KING!

No doubt about it.

Providing ultimate flexibility is its focus, and that is why it comes with an adjustability feature. The more important thing is that the telescopic tripod legs can quickly and easily be adjusted according to your requirement.

Whoa, whoa stop right there……..

Despite the fact that the telescopic tripod legs benefit, You can extend its height maximum of 80” without much of a hassle. In fact, you can always compensate to make it steady and even on varied terrain.

Moreover, for quick set-up and easy storage, it features a quick-release lamp. The lamps can effortlessly be released from the stand when storing them in a tight area. Its dimension is 85.8 X 33.5 X 30.3” at a fully extended position, making it easier for you to store it.

Another good news is……..

The LED rotary lamps come with a tilting option, letting you tilt it from 30° down – 90° up. Thus, you can easily get the required and expected light in your working area. Simply install it in your workstation, power it up, and enjoy the work.

The legs are made from aluminum to provide you with long-term service without any problem. Additionally, the die-cast aluminum housing protects the durable LED lamp from water.

What about the glass?

The glass is also impact-resistant, making it a fully long-lasting work light. A durable, water-resistant design allows you to work outdoors in poor weather.

3. Power, color temperature & brightness

It is equipped with 2 X 50W, 1000W LED bulbs, and illuminating low light conditions with 9400 lumens.

In addition, its color temperature rating is 5000K, quite impressive and high compared to other LED work lights.

Why is this a kinda big deal?

It’s still the BEST way to consistently get the bright white light from the dual lamps mimics daylight to enable you to see details and vivid colors.

4. Power source & voltage

The work light is compatible with a regular power source, 120V. Simply plug it into the power source and illuminate the darkness from your work area.

5. Cord length & type of bulb

This electric-corded LED bulb has an 8’2” cord. The lights are too bright that one will light up about a 15- sq. ft. area. If the power source is in a hard-to-reach area, the cord length will let you light up the bulbs quite easily.

6. Safety feature

It doesn’t have an on/off switch to ensure safety from electricity. The work light can only be turned on/off at the power outlet.

But let’s be honest here……

We were extremely unhappy with the absence of an on/off switch(And that’s quite legit we guess).

What makes it unique from others?

  • Versatile work light for any projects with adjustable aluminum tripod.
  • Waterproof aluminum housing and impact-resistant glass.
  • Flexible lamp heads let you position the light accurately in the required position.
  • Bright and powerful light illuminates 15 sq. ft. area quite comfortably.
  • Extra-long 8’2” power cord makes it easy to reach the power source.

What could be better?

  • Unavailability of on/off switch, direct plug into a power source will turn the work light on

#3 Best for Multi-Purpose Applications: Coquimbo Rechargeable LED Work Light

Dreaming for a multipurpose work light (that won’t perform like a toy)?

Look no further; buy this Coquimbo Rechargeable LED Work Light. With all the outstanding features, you can achieve the required efficiency to finish your welding project on time.

Let’s look at the more in-depth discussion about its features.

1. What types of work environments is the Coquimbo Rechargeable LED Work Light ideal for?

You can use this work light for multipurpose applications. Starting from welding projects to the garage, camping, hiking, reading, power failure, multiple outdoor and indoor activities. Its high brightness model makes it compatible with heavy-duty work. Also, the hanging feature allows you to hang it on trees, tents, or other places quite conveniently to illuminate the surroundings.

2. Design features and durability of the Coquimbo Rechargeable LED Work Light

The design of this work light will simply put a smile on your face. Many customers highly appreciated its adjustable brightness between 0 – 360 lumens and 3 modes. On the front side, you will find an ultra-bright COB lamp. On the top, an energy-saving LED light is installed. This way, you can illuminate your surroundings in whatever way you need.  

Phew, isn’t it getting hot?

Controlling the work light is also a breeze.


Click once to turn on the 3W LED headlight. It will deliver a maximum of 140 lumens. The 5W COB LED side light will turn on once the turn-on button receives two clicks. More importantly, both lights can easily be adjusted to high and low brightness levels. Its various forms adapt to your different illumination needs.

Horizontal rotation up to 270° is pretty easy with this work light. Its foldable design and 0.38 kg weight, making it extremely easy to store work light. More importantly, you can carry it in your backpack quite effortlessly and assist you in saving storage.

The most fantastic feature is…….. its strong magnet bottom and hook, making it possible to adhere wherever necessary.

The base magnets are strong enough to hold these horizontally from a vertical (steel) post without loosening and hook over any convenient hang point without damage when you want to do hands-free jobs.

The work light is made of soft rubber, a very textured, comfortable grip. And the lamp bar is made of aluminum alloy and features water-resistant. As a result, you will not have any problem carrying it in your hand on a rainy day.

Coquimbo Rechargeable LED Work Light


  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Charging time: About 2.5-3 hours.
  • Weight: 140g.
  • Voltage: 3.8V.
  • Power: 3W.

3. Power, color temperature and brightness

LED bulbs are super-bright and illuminate dim conditions as per user expectation. It powers the LED light with a maximum of 360 lumens. The work light is lightweight and bright.

4. Power source & voltage

It has a patented replaceable and removable 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Upon buying the work light, you will get 2 micro-USB cable to recharge the light.

What’s more?

Its charging time is relatively faster, and with a single charge, it delivers many hours of service.

5. Cord length & type of bulb

Since it is a battery-operated work light, it doesn’t come with a cord. The work light consists of 1 COB light strip and 1 LED. However, in order to prolong the work light’s lifespan, the lamp head is made from aluminum that efficiently dissolves the heat.

6. Safety feature

The work light doesn’t possess any risk because it is battery-powered.

What makes it unique from others?

  • Adjustable brightness level to meet your requirement.
  • Multipurpose work light for use when hiking, camping, welding, reading, etc.
  • Rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion battery doesn’t take much time to get recharged.
  • Lightweight, only 0.38 kg, making it easy to carry work light.
  • Easy to operate, and the lights are handy in compact areas.

What could be better?

  • The magnet gets weak over time.

What are the three types of light produced in welding?

Welding arcs create wavelengths between 200 nanometers – 1400 nanometers

200nm – 400nm is the range of Ultraviolet radiation. The visible light range is between 400nm – 700nm. 700nm – 1400nm range is defined as infrared radiation.

Again Ultraviolet radiation is divided into 3 different categories.

  • UV-A: 315nm – 400nm
  • UV-B: 280nm – 315nm
  • UV-C: 100nm – 280nm

The true fact is………… Our eye cornea absorbs all kinds of UV-B and UV-C radiation. On the other hand, the eye lens absorbs the UV-A since it easily passed through the cornea.

Moreover, a few infrareds, visible light, and UV radiation reach the retina.

What are the key considerations before choosing a welding work light?

Undoubtedly, a good work light will illuminate your workstation as per your requirement. This light offers many benefits under low light conditions.

Work lights come in a variety of designs, styles, and features. As a result, you can’t use all work lights for all purposes. There are a few things that need to be considered before buying the best work light for welding.

Let’s look at the considerations below.

#1 What is the purpose of your work light?

Before selecting a work light, you will need to understand the purpose of buying it and the place where you will be installing it.

As stated earlier, every work light is distinctive and suitable for different applications, so using the work light will lead you to the right model.

To know the purpose, consider the factors such as the size of the area, worksite type, how much area needs to be illuminated, etc. LED work lights with super-bright characteristics are suitable for welding.

#2 Understand the different types of work light

There are 3 common types of work lights available in the market. These 3 types are used for specific purposes.

  • Base Mount: These work lights are suitable for illuminating a larger area. They come with stands, and you can use different types of bulbs in them. These lights are easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Handheld: From the name itself, you can understand this work light. These work lights can be installed right above the user’s head. The essential feature of handheld work light is – they come at an affordable price range. These are the ideal choices for the automotive sectors.
  • Fixed Mount: The other name of the fixed mount work light is clamp work light. These are easy to install in different workplaces according to the user’s needs.

Although the above-discussed work lights are different, they are ideal for a wide range of needs. All of them deliver sufficient light to illuminate the workstation and ensure comfort when welding or accomplishing other works.

#3 Evaluate bulb types for optimal welding light performance

Ideally, bulbs are the main components of work light since they create brightness. Determining the bulb types is significantly essential because the light intensity depends on the bulb type. You will find 3 different kinds of bulb types in the market.

  • LED: Most common, widely used, and best bulb for work lights because it will not let you break your bank. It doesn’t produce additional heat and provides enough brightness, built for last cost-effective in terms of electricity bill.
  • Incandescent: They are also good enough in producing adequate brightness, but their lifespan is pretty less than LED bulbs. For this reason, periodic change is mandatory.
  • Halogen: Halogen bulbs offer the brightest light among the other 2 types. But the drawback of this bulb type is, it creates unbearable heat.

It would be best to use LED bulbs for your work light. They are affordable and offer numerous benefits.

#4 Assess its portability

We suggest you choose a work light that is lightweight, portable, and handy. It is because you may need to move it to different places. The lightweight feature will ensure that you can carry them effortlessly.

#5 Consider the power source options for your work light

Electric-powered, rechargeable, and battery-operated – work lights use these 3 power sources.

Rechargeable and battery-operated work lights are portable and lightweight. When working with them, you can keep yourself worry-free thinking about the availability of power sources. Simply ensure that the work light has enough charge to operate.

Electric-powered work lights also come with a portability feature, but one restriction is, you have to work with them in the areas where the electric power supply is available.

Safety Measures to Protect Your Eyes and Prevent Eye Injuries

To save your eyes from welding light, mandatorily follow the below points.

  • Wear an ANSI-approved welding helmet.
  • Do put on safety glasses that provide 100% protection from UV rays.
  • When gas welding, take a shield and a glass that has a 3 – 8 shade rating.
  • Wear a face shield over the glasses during arc welding.
  • Ensure “no-flammable” materials in your workplace.
  • Do welding is a well-ventilated area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good work light for welding?

Lighting is crucial when welding. Good work light for welding should be bright, but not too bright. It should also be portable and easy to adjust. This ensures that the weld is well lit, but does not blind you with light. There are many different work lights available on the market.

Is this welding light bright enough?

This welding light is bright enough to use for most jobs. However, if you are working in a dark environment, it may not be the best option because there will be shadows cast by the light.

What is the best way to mount this light?

A welding light is best mounted to the head of the welder. This way, the light can be angled to suit the needs of the welder and their work. The light should not be placed too close to the eyes, but it should also not be so far away that it is no longer useful for seeing what is being welded.

How many lumens do I need for a work welding light?

The answer to this question is highly dependent on the job requirements. The answer can range from 50 lumens up to several thousand lumens. It is also important to consider the type of work that will be done. If welding, then a minimum of 50 lumens is recommended for general use.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have understood that the best work light for welding is highly essential gear that needs to be stored in a welder’s gearbox. The lights are very beneficial in illuminating workstations and help to achieve the required result.

The listed work lights are suitable for multi-purpose applications and deliver consistent results regardless of the weather conditions because of their water-proof feature.

Check out the review section intently and make an accurate purchase choosing any of the work lights.

Alright, guys, I hope you found this article helpful. Leave a comment below if you want me to deep dive into any of these email sequences in more depth.

Until next time, I’m A – ciao for now!

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