Best Pipeline Welding Machines Review (Read This First!)

Pipeline welding is the most challenging gig, and the pay reflects that very well. If the handsome paycheck attracts you, then the very first thing you will need is a good machine that is specially designed for pipeline welding. Can’t figure out what is the best pipeline welding machine?

It’s the question you secretly dread, I guess. But hey, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the whole process of becoming a Pipeline Welder.

5 Best Pipeline Welding Machines You Should Own To Stand Out From The Crowd

Are you in search of an engine-driven welder? Here is our review of the top 3 best performance welding machines for the pipeline that may help you to hop from site to job site conveniently.

Lincoln Pipeline Welder 305G MultiprocessLincoln Pipeline Welder 305G Multiprocess
  • Wattage: 10000 watts
  • Peak power: 11,000W
  • Amperage: 50 to 250
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Miller Pipeline Welders, Bobcat 250Miller Pipeline Welders, Bobcat 250
  • Amperage: 40 to 250
  • Gasoline powered
  • weight: 501lbs
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Lincoln Ranger 260MPXLincoln Ranger 260MPX
  • Digital interface
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Low decibel rating
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CANAWELD-MOSA Engine Driven WelderCANAWELD-MOSA Engine Driven Welder
  •  Weight 75 lbs
  • 150 A in 60% duty cycle
  • Honda GX 200 engine
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Lincoln Electric, K2857-1Lincoln Electric, K2857-1
  • 10,500 Watts peak
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Powerful 23 HP Kohler
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1. Best for Beginners – Lincoln Engine Driven Welder

lincoln engine driven welder

The engine-driven welder is a masterpiece for getting your job done. A great choice for farmers or ranchers, industry, maintenance crews, construction contractors, the Ranger welder covers a variety of basic welding jobs.

And you know what? It works great for case sides, a pointed roof, and engine doors.

Engine Driven Welder, Ranger

Product details

  • Item Weight: 6.15 Ibs.
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered.
  • Series: Ranger.
  • Amperage range: 50 to 250.
  • Wattage: 10000 watts.

Why we love it?

“Best Beginner-Friendly Welders”

These awesome machines feature a gas-powered engine that produces 1000 watts to run tools, appliances, motors, and tools. Commercial and industrial-driven welders provide TIG, stick, and wire welding in even extreme environments.

Let’s see some wow features of this machine. Totally Enclosed Case keeps the Engine fully protected. A versatile DC welding it gives smooth welding output for a wide range of stick electrode types.

What’s the difference between Lincoln for pipeline vs engine-driven welder? Honestly speaking, Lincoln 305g is more versatile and can tackle difficult tasks. On the other hand, for high-capacity needs, you have used it as an AC generator. So for better performance, try Lincoln 305g.

What’s in the package?

  1. Ranger Lincoln 305g.
  2. Accessory kits.
  3. Wire feeder.
  4. Gun and cable.
  5. Spool.

What I like most?
  • Rugged Reliability.
  • Easy oil changes.
  • Voltage detecting output.
What could be better?
  • Not good for high-capacity needs.

2. Best-Rated Pipeline Welding Machine – Welder Miller Bobcat 250

Engine Driven Welder, Bobcat 250

Product details

  • Shipping Weight: 509 Ibs.
  • Item Weight: 0.01 ounces.
  • Amperage range: 40 to 250.
  • Engine Brand: Kohler.
  • Warranty: 3 Years.
  • Generator Power: 12,000 watts.

Welder miller bobcat is a portable model that can be set up almost anywhere!

With its intuitive design, the New Bobcat welder takes up less space on trailers — gives more room on pipeline Jobsite for other tools and equipment. In the meantime, they’re easier to move around job sites safely — even with required weld cables and gear attached.

Too true! The daily maintenance of this Bobcat pipeline welder is also way faster and easier because it’s a lightweight design. Wondering how? Front panel displays let you notice when your tool needs to be serviced before it’s getting out of hand.

Why we love it?

As the name indicates, it is a 250 amp gasoline-driven welder along with 11,000 generators in one. The installation process is tig welding. Let’s see the process area:

Revolutionary ten-degree rotor design monitors generator performance for consistent power. Like a generator, the welding portion of this welder is also covered by Miller’s three years warranty.

So the big question is, is it worth $5k?

I was amazed to see that the Bobcat® 250 is surprisingly quiet and fuel-efficient. Then I started to research and found out the significant update in sound level offers better Jobsite communication as well as a more efficient working environment for your crew.

What I like most?
  • Lighter design.
  • Easier maintenance.
  • Long runtimes.
What could be better?
  • A bit pricey.

3. Our Choice – Hobart Engine Driven Welder

Champion Elite 225 Welder/Generator

Product details

  • Item Weight: 493 lbs.
  • Wattage: 9,500 watts.
  • Item Thickness: 6 inches.
  • Wattage: 9500 watts.
  • Warranty: 3 Years.

Hobart engine-driven welder is a portable welder which ensures Better power, better execution.

It’s a beast! Yes, that was my impression when I used it. The champion elite line of welders offers power wherever and literally whenever you need it. However, these versatile welders can have stainless steel weld steel, DC stick, and cast iron.

Want to know a secret? It’s not just a plain welder; you can use it as a generator also.

Hobart Engine Driven Welder

Why we love it?

So, the performance, wow, blew my mind. This fantastic tool works really well on DC deep penetration. And you will see three different core settings. If you need the same specs and performance of Welder miller bobcat 250 in the much cheaper range, these might be a good choice for you.

Sound’s impressive, isn’t it? 9500W continuous auxiliary power is more than enough for your DC welding. 100% duty cycle, the high-quality engine from Kohler makes it trustworthy to move it from here to there with confidence.

How can you beat that? It has a nice 10-gallon tank. The two-cylinder motor is a real beauty, try it, and you will know what I mean. It is made in America (USA).

What I like most?
  • Single Phase.
  • Commercial Brand.
  • Works perfect.
What could be better?
  • Battery replacement is like a pain in the ass.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Pipeline Welding Machine

Pipeline welding procedures are quite different from the rest of the welding. No doubt about it!

No surprise, you will need a particular machine for pipeline welding. If you are a pipeline worker or a supervisor, but you don’t know how to purchase a good pipeline welding machine, then these things you have to consider.

Safety matters!

Safety comes first!

Ideally, invest a little more in quality products that fit the level of work to be done with the welder. Most pipeline welding machines have built-in surge protection. The best level of security is 20-25%. So remember and check its protection level when you are choosing a pipeline welder machine.

But wait – there’s more!

Pipeline welding machines used for specific jobs use the indicator, which tells us if we can work with the machine for long periods or, on the contrary, short times due to overheating, in most cases, in the range of 10-15%. Keep this word in your mind because without knowing it’s overheating, you will face problems.

Does it have enough power?

The power of a pipeline welding machine is measured in output amps, and this number, to a lesser or greater extent, will limit the type of work you want to do, especially when it comes to the thickness of the materials to be welded.

For a welder for domestic use, if you found a welder that is in the range of 120 to 140 amps will suffice. If, on the other hand, you will use it more continuously for larger jobs, the ideal is to use welders like a pipeline that reaches at least 180 amps.

Is it easy to move?

Pipeline welding is not something that is secure in one place. You have to be literally nomad and carry the beast machine with you.

It’s the nature of it, buddy! So make sure the machine you choose is way more convenient and lightweight.

What about connectors?

The cables, hoses, and connectors used by the machine must be made of resistant materials that guarantee the protection and proper functioning of the machine, whether for occasional or prolonged use.

The needle!

The needle or rod is the name that is usually given to electrode bars. There are different materials, thicknesses, and strengths. Each one provides different mechanical properties and should be used according to the powers of the welder and the energy source they use.

What Other Tools Do Pipeline Welders Need?

Of course, a pipeline welder is the main weapon for you. Besides this, you will need a couple of things to do the job properly. Let’s see what they are:

Welding glasses

Glasses are mainly used for autogenously and oxyacetylene welding. As combustion reaches very high temperatures, plasma is generated that emits ultraviolet rays, very harmful to the eyes.

Welding goggles filter this region of the electromagnetic spectrum, leaving only the light intensity necessary to see the work.

Welding masks

Another must-have item for pipeline workers. The mask protects not only the eyes but the whole area of ​​the face. A quick check of the effectiveness of the crystal is to try to see, through it, the sun. If the light is intense, the mask will not protect adequately.

Gloves for the pipeline

As important as the welding mask is the glove. Gloves protect us mainly against any hot scum that may splash, and against the heat produced by the torch or electrode.


To protect the front area of ​​the body against splashes, a welding cloth is a must. The apron allows doing it and, at the same time, offers front pockets where to temporarily store some tools necessary for the operation after or before pipeline welding. Other tools you will need:

  • The Gas filter.
  • Hammer.
  • Metallic brush or card.
  • Welding tables.

Other Side Of The Coin: How Dangerous Is Pipeline Work?

Pipeline works are divided into different pipeline work they are water pipeline, gas pipeline, and oil pipeline. Pipeline workers earn a hell of amount of buck in a year.

Can’t deny it! But the ugly truth is, it can be the reason to lose their life too. Yes, bitter, but the truth is Pipeline works are the most dangerous work.

Why am I saying this? Most of the dangerous pipeline work is the oil pipeline and gas pipeline. Several people lose their life in a year by working on the gas field and oil field.

Sometimes they get trapped in the under of land. Sometimes gas got blast at the gas field then. The scenario gets even worse when the oil field catches fire, then people get burned, and they lose their life.

Life is more precious than money; people bet their life on money and do this work.

I am not here to demotivate you dearly, but before entering into a new sector or career path, you should know the other side of the coin. If you want to know more about pipeline welding information, then read our FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How much does a pipeline welder make a year?

Answer: I found that one pipeline worker earns an average of $47,110 in a year. If you define it into days, they make $543. If you define it into hours, they earn $22.65. It is a considerable amount, and every year they collect lots of money from pipeline welder work. Source:

Question: What is the best starter welder?

Answer: I think Hobart 500559 MIG Welder, Hobart 500421 Stick mate, and Miller Electric MIG Welder is the best starter welder for everyone. If you are a beginner, then try this pipeline welding machine; it will be the best option for you.

Question: What do you need to work on the pipeline?

Answer: If you want to work on the pipeline, then you will require a high school diploma or GED certificate. You can join a vocational training program to prepare for pipeline laborer duties. You can add yourself to a pipeline company as a trainee. (Learn more about top welding schools in Michigan)

Question: How to become a pipeline welder?

Answer: If you want to become a pipeline welder, you will need education and training on the pipeline subjects. You will need licenses, certifications, and registrations also. More you will need detail-oriented, manual dexterity, physical stamina, Physical strength, and technical skills. If you can earn and learn these all things, then you will become a great pipeline welder.

Question: What kind of welding is used on pipelines?

Answer: In pipelines, one pipe durably joins other pipes. And those steel pipes are welded with the MIG process and also TIG or SMAW. MIG process means inert metal gas.

Final impression

Performing as a pipeline welder is not something you can do without training. There is also a high risk of hazards. I want to make sure; you know the goods, the bad, and the ugly before joining this journey.

So if you are really interested in this path, prepare yourself with the mix of technical knowledge and on-the-job training. I have already discussed the finest pipeline machines, which are actually the best of the best.

Good luck y’all!