AHP AlphaTIG 200X Common Problems & Solutions

If you are searching for a cost-effective welding machine, the AHP AlphaTIG 200X welder is great for you. This machine is versatile, powerful, and portable making it great for professionals and beginner welders. It provides multi-purpose applications so you can use it for stick and TIG welding.

If you have been using this welder for quite some time, you might be dealing with AHP AlphaTIG 200X problems. It is essential to understand what you need to do when the welder starts to act out. I will take you through the common problems and solutions to make your welding process smooth.

AlphaTIG 200x is a TIG welder that has an output of 200 amps and a duty cycle of 20%. The price for this TIG welder is $1000.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X Features

Before we dive into the problems of this welder, it is good to highlight some top outstanding features of the welder. You will love the performance and efficiency of this affordable welder. The features of Ahp AlphaTIG 200x include the following:

• Advanced inverter technology

The manufacturer includes an advanced inverter technology to the welder featuring a pulse width modulation. It makes it a perfect welder compared to other high-priced models without these features.

Ease of use

The welder has a good user-friendly interface with convenient controls. There are some buttons and witches with labels, so it is easy for beginners to understand their uses.

• Dual voltage

Whether your workshop has a 110V or 220V power source, this welder delivers quality output welding for you because it uses dual voltage for good output welding.

• Lightweight

The welder is a lightweight and highly portable device for working in various places. It weighs 50lbs so you can carry it easily compared to other TIG welding machines. 

• Quality performance

You can use this welder to do precise welding on thick and thinner materials. It provides TIG welding on aluminum, stainless steel, and different metals like iron, copper, and magnesium. The machine can weld ¼-inch sheets of aluminum and up to 3/8-inch mild steel sheets.

Parts of the AHP AlphaTIG 200X Welder

The welder is a cost-effective welding machine that comes with many parts included. Therefore, you get many things for the price. The complete kit comes with the following:

  • TIG welding torch
  • Foot pedal
  • Argon regulator
  • A basic consumable kits
  • 110V plug adapter
  • Ground clamp
  • Stick holder
  • User manual

Common Issues of the AHP AlphaTIG 200X and Their Solutions

Once you purchase this machine, it is great to know the welding tips and the post on welding problems you are likely to experience and their solutions. You can experience gas flow issues, power issues, and other problems. Let us check these problems and solutions in detail.

What are some of the issues of the AHP AlphaTIG 200X?

Below are the common problems associated with this welder:

• Can only handle stick and TIG welding

This is one of the main problems you will experience with this welder. You cannot handle other types of welding apart from stick and TIG welding. Therefore, if you would like to perform other types of welding like MIG, then you need to buy a different welder.

• Poor foot pedal ergonomics and front panel

Users also find the foot pedals of this welder not well-designed. This makes the machine inefficient when it comes to its performance. Another problem with this welder is that the front panel switches can be confusing, especially for starters.

• Short instruction manual

Every welding machine comes with an instruction manual. This is crucial to provide beginners with all the guidelines, performance, and safety regarding the machine. The problem with this welder is that it comes with a short instruction manual.

Therefore, some crucial information is not included, and this can make the machine difficult to use, especially for beginners.

• One area display

You can make a few adjustments with this welder because it has only one display to make it easy to read. In addition, this welder also features advanced settings that can be confusing for beginners.

• Made in China

Many welders believe that quality welders are from the US. The welder is made in china so it lacks efficiency and consistency.

• Leaking TIG torch

In some instances, users complain that the torch can leak argon to the point where you plug it into the welder. In addition, the tig torch can get too hot after a few minutes of operation.

• Low-quality accessories

It is impressive that the welder comes with some useful accessories. However, the included accessories are not of quality. For instance, the gas valve doesn’t provide the required argon quantity.

In addition, the regulator pressure gauge doesn’t function effectively. You can expect such problems for the low price. It also comes with a ground clamp, however, it is cheap and you might need to replace it.

How do you avoid problems when working with this welder?

When working with this welder, you can consider a few factors to prevent more problems. The main consideration is your safety when working with any power tool. It is essential to wear protective clothing designed for welding.

Another thing you should do is to ensure the machine’s cooling fan function is great. You can do this by uncovering the tool’s vent. Additionally, check all the gas setups connections are perfect to ensure there are no leaks or gas flow issues.

For low-quality accessories, you can invest in more quality accessories like the pedals, torch, clamp, and regulator. It will enhance the performance of the welder.

Ensure the grounded rod is on the ground when using a generator instead of electricity. You can put a ground pump for a clockwise connection to secure the welder’s work port.

When using the pedal, ensure you connect the five-pin plug for outlet socket control. For stick welding, choose TIG and put the torch or the pedal switch in position.


The Ahp AlphaTIG 200x welder is suitable for stick and TIG welding. While it has its problems, the welder is an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists. It comes at an affordable price and provides enough power to handle various welding jobs.