About Us

Hi, This is Brandon.

I have completed a Diploma in Welding from Illinois Welding School. After completing the diploma, I have spent 10+ years in Welding.

In this process, I have learned a lot and got to meet so many people who have taught me to see my work and this world so differently.

Now I love to write about welding and welding products.  I have created this website for tips and tricks on not just welding but also Woodworking, but also Handyman works as well.

Because I feel like every person should learning about other skills will broaden your horizon, and if you feel like picking up a different project, you can do it anytime with the help of this website.

About the Fixit Man Blog

Established in 2017, this website is set to bring a fresh perspective into the world of welding and crafts-related blogs like woodworking and Handyman work.

Yes, there are millions of blogs out there preaching the same. But what makes us so different is our unique takes on how we drive to be a hub of resources.

After having the blissful 10 years of the opportunity of working in welding, now I feel like giving back to society and my fellow men who might not have gathered that much experience but if given a chance can shine and excel.

Our mission

The information doesn’t have any use if they are not presented in a way that based on them you can take action. We aim to share only the information which is practical in use, and we have tried it yourself before presenting it in front of you.

The world of artisans is hard, and sometimes it’s just so hard to find relevant information. It is why we have prepared a few short but quite detailed resources on welding, woodworking, and handyman which won’t just benefit you but if you know someone who has an interest in working in the industry, you can share with them as well. They will definitely appreciate it. Here are a few of the resources you can see.

Contact Us

  • Name: Brandon F. Fox
  • Address: 268 Western Ave Albany, NY 12203 USA
  • Email: contact@fixitmanblog.com
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