7018 Welding Rod: Used & Composition

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Are you looking for some core information on the 7018 welding rod? Do you want to learn the uses, thickness, amperage, and other essential information about the 7018 welding rod?

In this article, we will let you know all the necessary information about the 7018 welding rod that you are looking for. I am sure you will get all the expected information on this topic by reading this article.

However, let’s start to learn about the 7018 welding rod without wasting any time.

7018 welding rod: what’s the meaning?

The 7018 welding rod is a highly used electrode. It will give you a crack-resistant welding result.

The number 7018 has a specific meaning. The 70 means strength of the rod. It means the rod can make the weld strong to 70,000 per square inch (psi).

On the other hand, digit 1 represents the position of welding. It means you can weld with this rod in any position. And, the last digit-8 indicates that DC can use the rod.

However, this rod is highly used for high-level polish in welding. (Check details about: 7013 Welding Rod).

What is the 7018 welding rod best used for?

The rod is used in a wide variety of industries. It has a good reputation in structural welding. Welders prefer this rod to build any construction.

At the same time, the 7018 welding rod is the best for pipe welding. Pipe welding is challenging work, and it tends to crack easily. Hence, 7018 is most appropriate for pipe welding.

On the other hand, you can weld low and medium carbon steel with the 7018 welding rod. It works very well against carbon steel because it is coated with low hydrogen.

However, you can use the 7018 welding rod for general welding purposes as well.

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7018 welding rod composition

Many chemical compositions are used to construct the 7018 welding rods. Let’s get to know the chemical composition of the 7018 welding rod.

This rod contains 1.5% Manganese, 0.75% Silicon, 0.30% Nickel, 0.30% Molybdenum, 0.20% Chromium, 0.15% Carbon, 0.08% Vanadium, and 0.035% Phosphorus.

These specific amounts of chemical composition have made this welding rod stronger than any other welding rod.

7018 DC positive or negative

Generally, 7018 welding rods run on the DC positive mode. Now, the question can arise, what are the reasons behind this matter? Well, let’s describe it.

The current usually flows from negative to positive. When you intend to take it from positive to negative, you must force it.

However, a DCEP method is more usable than the DCEN method. Because the DCEN usually generates more spark.

How to store 7018 welding rods?

We know that the 7018 rods contain low hydrogen contents. So it is a susceptible metal. Hence, you have to store this kind of rod properly.

Store the rod in a place where the moisture will not attract them. It is vital to protect the rod. Most importantly, never store the 7018 welding rods besides the water.

However, if you want to get smooth and polished welding, then store your welding rod correctly.

7018 welding rod price & where to buy

Many companies construct this kind of welding rods. They have specific price ranges. Generally, you need to pay 1.10-1.36 USD to buy a Kilogram 7018 welding rod. The price of a ton 7018 welding rod can be 499.00-799.00 USD.

Now the question is, from where will you buy this welding rod? Well, you can buy it from local construction agencies, builder’s companies even from your local markets.

However, the price range can be varied from market to market and based on the quality of the rod. (Read more about: Welding rod ovens)

Is 7018 stronger than the 6013 welding rod?

The 6013 and the 7018  are both highly used welding rods. But the question is, which one is better? Well, let’s explain.

Firstly, the 7018 welding rod contains more tensile strength than the 6013 rods. It is possible because the 7018 welding rod has extra 10000 psi tensile strength. So in this sense, the 7018 rod is undoubtedly stronger.

Secondly, the 7018 rods are manufactured for crack-resistant works, while the 6013 rods are used for welding. As the 7018 is more robust, so you can use it for thin metal.

However, the 6013 welding rod indeed has a lot of uses and benefits. But the 7018 rod is undoubtedly more substantial than the 6013.

7018 welding rod amperage

The correct amperage is highly necessary for quality welding. So, before starting to work on your project, you have to set up the correct amperage that will work well.

The amperage of the 7018 welding rod depends on the diameter of the rods and the thickness of the steel.

However, for a 1/32 rod diameter, you can raise the diameter to 30 amperes. It is a general rule. Now, if the rod’s diameter increases, then the amps will also increase.

So for a 5/32 rod, you have to get 120 amperes. On the other hand, 250 is the maximum amperes for the 7018 welding rod.

Now, make sure that you will weld and measure the condition of the welding rod. At last, set up the amperage based on the kind and shape of the metal.

How thick can 7018 weld?

Generally, welders can weld all kinds of thick metal with 7018 welding rods. If you can weld well, then thickness is not a significant fact for the 7018 welding rod.


The 7018 is a mild steel welding rod. To use this rod, you have to set up the amperage, position, and all other necessary matters.

I guess you have got everything that you had to know about the 7018 welding rod. Now get started with your project. Choose the best metal and then start to weld with the 7018 welding rod.

Good luck!

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