Top 2-in-1 Soldering Stations: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Are you a professional electrician or a hobbyist who is learning circuit board repair art or DIY using soldering iron on a regular basis? Then, you will always find the soldering station handy. 

It is an essential tool for anyone dealing with electronics repair or manufacture.  In most cases, you will always make the mistake whenever you are repairing or building a circuit board. There is the possibility of the solder reacting in an abnormal way whenever you are fixing the capacitor or wire. This is where the best 2 in 1 soldering station comes in. 

However, the wide variety of stations in the market has made it quite challenging for interested buyers to identify soldering stations in the market. In this review guide, we will be taking you through the top soldering stations you can always rely on.




  • Temperature: 392~896°F
  • Warranty: One year
  • Power: 750W
  • Voltage: 110V~127V / AC 60H
  • Airflow Capacity: 120L/min

YIHUA 862BD is well known for its high performance, portability, versatile design, and unmatched precision. This soldering station will make it easier for you to control the temperature in either Fahrenheit or centigrade. 

This station also delivered different functions which makes it one of the most versatile stations in the market. 

Most people opt for it due to its advanced temperature control technology. With this, one can always be sure of consistent temperatures that are of great help especially when you are dealing with circuit boards that are a bit delicate. 

This product also comes with protection features that help in protecting you and the user thereby preventing fire accidents. 

This YIHUA 862BD has an intuitive control panel with a vivid digital display. The exclusive air function of this unit enables either automatic or manual utilization. 

This unit is made from heavy-duty and lightweight materials making it perform pretty well yet very portable.  Be sure you will fall in love with its PID temperature control that helps in ensuring the element never overheats. Its digital design allows one to perform all the soldering jobs swiftly. 


  • Comes with a blue LED digital display that displays the right temperature.
  • Comes with a safety and sleep function.
  • Comprises of assorted soldering tips sizes. 
  • Has a switchable centigrade to Fahrenheit temperature readouts.


  • Comes with only a 1 year warranty period. 
  • Does not work with the 220V power supply although you can always get an adapter.


MYPOUOS 750W LED Machine


  • Temperature: 100°C to 480°C
  • Voltage: ‎110 Volts
  • Power source: ‎AC
  • Air flow capacity: 4.24 Cubic Feet/Minute

MYPOUOS is an excellent option for any new user. It comes with a hot air handle and an electric soldering iron that is plugged and switched. Replacing them is not that difficult and you will not require any professional assistance. 

It comes well equipped with a handle induction system and is of a fashionable two-in-one design well made of high-quality ABS plastic shell making it very compact and durable. 

This station is made of a big dual blue LED display screen set and has very accurate control and setting temperature at +1°C. You can make adjustments to its temperature from a range of 100°C to 480°C and has a temperature tolerance of +2°C.

This MYPOUOS is of anti-static design which completely eliminates SMD components damage. There is also a fault self-detection function and fault warning. 

Users are advised to ensure they first read the user manual carefully before they start using this soldering station for the good of their own safety.  Apart from reading the user manual, it is also appropriate that they make sure the power cord is properly connected to the machine until it can be powered on properly. 


  • It is of anti-static design.
  • Comes with a big dual blue LED screen. 
  • Easy to use and maintain. 
  • Comes with a fault self-detection function.


  • Quite expensive.

3. TOAUTO DS882 Station

TOAUTO DS882 Station


  • Voltage: ‎110 Volts
  • Wattage: 90 watts
  • Temp: ‎180-480℃
  • Airflow: 12 cc/min

TOAUTO DS882 is an excellent product that will help you solve all your soldering needs. 

It comes in an easy-to-carry tool case and its lightweight nature makes it very easy to carry around. It comes with a soldering tool, up to five soldering tips, DEsoldering pump, anti-static tweezers, and a stand. 

It has a 65 Watts usage which enables it to heat up quickly ensuring you do not waste lots of your time waiting for it to heat up. It comes with an advanced technology ceramic heater which makes it very easy to use especially for first-timers. 

You can easily adjust its temperatures from 200ᵒC to 450ᵒC. This makes it usable for soldering different parts in relation to withstanding temperatures of different metals.  It uses a very easy technique of switching on a button to start the entire soldering process. Its body is heat resistant and non-resistant to corrosion. 

It comes with a comfortable holder made from rubber that helps in preventing heating rashes when being used for longer periods. 

There is nothing you will have to worry about since the tool kit comes with many tips. The process of changing the tip is very easy.  With the use of a wet damp sponge on the tool together with raising the temperature, the current will always flow automatically. 

It comes with a sturdy and compact plastic case that protects it from any form of damage to its internal components. 


  • It is resistant to heat.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Comes with a complete set of soldering equipment.
  • Temperature is self-adjusting.


  • Only suitable for basic soldering.
  • Quite expensive hence not suitable for people on tight budget.

4. BACOENG 2in1 862d+

BACOENG Soldering Iron


  • Temp: 212-896℉
  • Noise: ≤50dB
  • Weight: ‎6.93 pounds
  • Wattage: ‎700 watts

Are you in the market for the best SDM soldering unit and wondering which product you can rely on? BACOENG station is an excellent option that will never let you down. 

With this BACOENG you can always be sure of enjoying a high end-user experience which you can always maximize on.  It is very easy to work with and most users opt to capitalize on its extended work demand.   

In case you are a starter, this unit can work well with 11V and performs well in a temperature range of between 100 ℃ to 480 ℃.  It produces low noise levels whenever it is in use that will hardly cause any form of disturbance. 

Despite its simple design, this product uses the latest technology of skeleton type that helps in drawing most of the uses to purchasing it. 

 Most people count on it thanks to its high-quality reliability and stability which ensures the user does not experience any form of shock and is anti-strike. BACOENG is very durable when compared to other soldering stations in the market. Its high-end design ensures that it has a very long-lasting touch. 

Finally, this product comes with an air gun heater that uses new technology to ensure it creates an even better air gun. 


  • The steel iron design is long lasting. 
  • Portable hence you can freely carry it around. 
  • Made using high quality and durable materials which makes it long lasting. 
  • It comes with a chrome coated heat resistant soldering holder. 


  • One has to wait for longer times as it takes time to heat up. 
  • It is quite expensive. 

5. X-Tronic’s 5040-XR3

X-Tronic's 5040-XR3


  • Temp: 212° F ~ 896°F
  •  Power: 1270 Watts
  • Weight: ‎15 pounds
  • Voltage: 110 Volts

X-Tronic’s 5040-XR3 is a high-end soldering station that offers you efficiency whenever you are controlling the right amounts of heat to solder the small electric board.  It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner in need of a simple or easy to use, this X-Tronic’s 5040-XR3 soldering station will never let you down. 

This product delivers a very efficient control over the heat which allows for enhanced precision and no burns accident to anyone using it. 

X-Tronic’s 5040-XR3 is an advanced soldering station that comes with brushed aluminum and has a good-looking LED tube display. Its updated look makes it stand out as it still allows you to easily customize the settings that suit your needs well. Its control also comes with a centigrade and Fahrenheit switch that will make it possible for you to choose the right heat metrics. 

The unit also comes with a PID technology that helps in ensuring the soldering iron is maintained at a steady temperature. This helps in ensuring consistent temperature that is handy especially when you are soldering circuit boards that are delicate. 

This product also boasts of a self-test function that helps in preventing overloads over the temperatures together with short-circuiting. 

One great thing about this X-Tronic’s 5040-XR3 is that you can use it for longer periods. It comes with an ergonomic grip with a lightweight head and a long silicone cord. 


  • Comes with up to nine assorted soldering tips 
  • Perfect for heavy duty applications 
  • Its grip is heat resistant and ergonomic 
  • Control front is intuitive and uses a blue LED tube display 


  • Has an excessively slim wipe 
  • It is quite overwhelming to use
soldering station

Buyer’s Guide: Important Factors to Consider When Buying a 2-in-1 Soldering Station

It is never easy to choose a station from the different models and brands in the market. To help you narrow down your options, we will be taking you through some important factors you need to consider. 

• Heat Uptime 

Soldering stations come in different heat-up times. Previously, the traditional models used to take lots of time such as more than thirty seconds to get to a temperature of at least 200 degrees Celsius. This can lead to time wastage and multiple holdups.  

However, modern stations are known to heat up very fast.  To ensure you are on the safe side, always go for a model that gets to maximum temperature within the first 10 minutes. 

• Nozzles Number 

It is advisable that you pick a model with several nozzles.  The more the amount of nozzles the more flexible your soldering station will be.  

Nozzles are made in a way that they can handle different applications. In case you will be tackling complex projects, it is appropriate that you go for models having a high number of nozzles.  

• Airflow Capacity 

Airflow capacity represents the capability of the 2 in 1 soldering station to pump out air. In case the soldering station is not able to deliver enough hot air to the chip or board, then you will have to heat or move the chip to the board.

This can be quite disappointing and can limit your accuracy levels.  It is advisable that you always ensure you settle for a model that can deliver enough flow of air. 

Whenever you are picking the right model, ensure that the unit you settle for has an air capacity of 20L per minute. However, when you will be handling heavy-duty tasks, a model with a capacity of at least 70 liters per minute will be sufficient. 

• Wattage Control 

Wattage control usually varies from one unit to another. It is highly recommended that you go for a model having controls that are easy to operate and have a wide range of temperatures.  

There are units having 40 watts while others have up to 80 watts. Whenever you are analyzing the soldering station wattage, it is highly advisable that you keep this in mind- the higher the wattage, the easier it will be to complete complex tasks. 

• High Thermal Recovery 

Soldering units having high thermal recovery will be great for individuals who solder on a daily basis.  Station units having low thermal recovery are known to experience cold solder joints. However, the heat recovery capability of the soldering station will let you know how long it will take for the soldering tip to heat to the right temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a soldering station preferred than ordinary soldering iron?

The soldering iron that has no temperature control will continuously heat up until it is plugged out. However, a soldering station having a temperature control is much easier to adjust the temperature at different levels to ensure the overheating risk is reduced. 

How can I replace the soldering tip?

First, you have to ensure that the soldering iron is turned off.  Thereafter, get the locking nut which keeps the tip in place. Loosen it. When you completely loosen it, you will be in a position of sliding the tip-off and replacing it with a new one.  You can now lock the nut to get it back to its original state. 

How can I clean the soldering iron?

You will have to clean your tip whenever it turns black. You can clean it by applying the tinning block on the soldering iron while it is still hot. There is ammonia which will melt on the tip and start the cleaning.  Wipe it using a sponge and keep repeating the process till the tip is completely clean. 


There you have it! We hope you are now able to choose the best 2 in 1 soldering station with much ease.  Ensure you take your time and read through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with important factors to consider when shopping for the right soldering tool. 

In case you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. Cheers! 

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