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Popular Posts is a blog about welding and metalworking. We cover all sorts of tips, reviews and project ideas related to building quality, lasting items with various metals. Welding (and metalworking in general) is a fantastic skillset to have in your arsenal, and it can help transform you into the ultimate “Fix-It Man” (or woman)!

Join us in taking a deep dive into the world of welding and metalworking! Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an eager hobbyist, a potential student or apprentice, or just a “Regular Joe” who is curious about the art and science behind fusing metal – you’ve come to the right place!

Here at the Fix-it Man Blog, we’re passionate about everything related to metal – from the latest welding techniques to the time-honored traditions of metal craftsmanship. Join us as we explore tutorials, tips, insights, and the inspiring stories behind every spark and bead. Let’s ignite your passion and fuel your knowledge about this fascinating industry.

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